Living with Menstruation Issues: How to Cope Up with PMDD

Living with Menstruation Issues
Living with Menstruation Issues

No woman gets away with menstruation, and only a few are lucky enough to experience less to none health issues that menstruation brings along since almost all women have some mild premenstrual symptoms that serve as a warning that the monthly blood discharge is about to arrive.

However, some women experience these symptoms severely which makes up to about 5 to 8 percent of menstruating women that suffers the premenstrual syndrome or PMS, for short. Women with PMS have minor mood disturbances caused by the fluctuation in hormone levels, but with PMDD the symptoms are worse that it disrupts their daily activities.

Living with Menstruation Issues: How to Cope Up with PMDD
Living with Menstruation Issues: How to Cope Up with PMDD

How PMDD Works

PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is a menstruation issue that is more than a little bloating and cramping before a period arrives. This is considered a mood disorder which is accompanied with other PMS symptoms such as cramps, mood swings, breakouts, etc.

The PMDD, just like PMS gets severe as menstruation draws near, escalating the sufferer’s state to anxiety, high tension, and aggression. Because of this, it heightens other coexisting mood disorders like depression, PTSD, and anxiety, which makes any treatment complicated for several days during the month.

This disorder is believed to be a malfunction in an individual’s brain chemistry since it is triggered by ovulation due to the fluctuating hormones during this time of the month. Technically, it is almost the same as PMS but in a severe way. What’s frustrating about this disorder is that it repeated every month since it is tied to the changes in the hormones and doesn’t transpire without it as a part of the monthly blood discharge.

So, What Can You Do?

Indeed, the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder causes chaos not only for a woman’s overall well-being, but it also affects the quality of life that she is living since PMDD also creates external problems that can be heard to be dealt with. Thus, here are some ways that you can do to cope with PMDD during that time of the month.

Be Physically Active

Exercising is all-around goodness for one’s well-being since it basically helps fight any conditions that might come into contact with one’s body. One example is the cross-lateral exercises since it helps eliminate lack of mental clarity, which is one of the most annoying features of PMDD.

Since PMDD disrupts one’s focus, this exercise will help to regain one’s concentration and minimizes anxiety. The movements involved for this exercise is crossing one’s arms or legs from one side to another repeatedly. According to a certain fitness association, the cross-lateral movements are believed to be directly engaged with both of the brain’s hemispheres, that energizes any sluggish thoughts which enhance cognitive function.


Meditating is one of the newly scientifically proven ways of alleviating the severe symptoms of PMDD by confronting its emotional and psychological symptoms that put personal and professional relationships at risk.

Meditation fosters mindfulness, which allows women or those who are having mental and emotional issues to cope with extreme mood swings. Meditating can increase happiness and relaxation which also helps the body physically by easing muscle tensions.

Not only that, but it can change the negativity of one’s thoughts which reduces one’s irritability which can prevent straining our relationships with lovers, children, or co-workers, and possibly without depending too much on medication.


Aromatherapy is believed to help in controlling your mood swings through the use of essential oils, which is said to uplift one’s mood. But how does it exactly help you? Well, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, aromatherapy is effective since it directly works on one’s amygdala, which is a person’s brain emotional center.

Essential oils differ in their uses such as lavenders promotes a calming effect while clary sage relieves menstrual cramps and anxiety. In addition to this, other oils like neroli which eases anxiety and relieves PMS is also one of the best essential oil to use against PMDD.

Having a Proper Diet

Don’t have a proper diet—says no person ever. May it be for menstruation issues or other health problems, having proper nutrition significantly helps your body in fighting out symptoms of illnesses.

Eating the right food may help minimize uncomfortable symptoms to make it worse. For example, bloating may be increased through eating salty foods, while diets high in sugar may cause blood sugar fluctuations which will worsen fatigue and mood swings.

To have a proper diet, you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables while frequenting meals to avoid bloating and stomach upset.  Also, avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salt or any salty snacks.


Menstruation is something a woman cannot pass without experiencing it. Thus, what you can do to help alleviate its symptoms or especially if you have PMDD is to make sure that you are taking good care of your overall well-being by doing what was suggested above.

More importantly, go see a doctor to help you out in fighting off the PMDD’s symptoms. The doctor might give you prescriptions such as gianvi which can be bought with a gianvi coupon at some local pharmacies to be of help for you financially.

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