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Luke Combs’s Weight Loss Journey | Net Worth, Biography

Luke Combs's Weight Loss Journey - Luke Combs before and after weight loss
Luke Combs before and after weight loss

If you’re overweight and want to lose those extra pounds you can get to your ideal weight. Luke Comb’s weight loss journey is a great example for people who want to lose weight and achieve fitness.

Who is Luke Combs?

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Luke Combs is a 32 years old American Singer/Songwriter and a renowned celebrity. His full name is Luke Albert Combs. Luke is a country musician and is very popular among his fans. He has a total of 14 no. 1 hit singles. He is best known for his song “Must’ve Never Met You”. Luke was born and raised in North Carolina.

Luke’s Success Story and Music Albums

Luke Combs’s life is full of struggle and devotion to music. His success story depicts many years of sheer dedication and continuous hard work. Luke Combs started his career at a very young age. He dropped out of college and started working on his career as a musician, for which he moved to Nashville.

In 2014, Luke Combs released his play “The Way She Rides”. Luke Combs’s debut album This One’s for You for his music career was released in 2017. His album became number 4 on the Billboard 200. His second album was released in 2019, named “What You See Is What You Get,” and it also topped the charts.

Luke Combs has won many prestigious awards and was nominated for many. Some of the awards that he won or has been nominated for are as follows,

  • Four Academy of Country Music Awards
  • Two IHeart Radio Music awards
  • Six Country Music Association Awards
  • Entertainer of the Year 2021 Award
  • Two Grammy Award nominations

Luke Combs’s songs have always touched his fan’s hearts. His songs are not just simple love or break-up songs but relate to many relationships on many levels. He promotes and motivates people through his songs. People get a pretty awesome and much-needed change of pace with his songs.

His songs have a classic country music touch with a mix of R&B music as well. His distinct musical sense and positive and humble attitude are reasons for his success and how he made his place in people’s hearts.

Luke Combs’s Biography

Luke Combs was born in North Carolina. At a young age, he performed his first country music performance at a café named Parthenon Café.

He became a full-time country music singer and dropped out of college a month before graduating from college. He graduated from college and moved to Nashville to pursue his singing career.

Luke Combs’s Wedding

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With success in his professional career, Lake Combs was also making advancements in his personal life. He started seeing Nicole Hocking in 2016. It was instant love for them. They had a good relationship and got engaged two years later, in 2018.

Then, after two years, they married in Florida in 2020. Luke and Nicole made a small and cute family with their son, born in June 2022.

Luke Combs’s Struggles

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Now, Luke Combs’s life looks full of luck and success. But Luke Combs has seen his share of struggles and bad times in his life. Luke Combs made it into the music business independently and started his struggle when he was just a kid.

He was always devoted to music and recognized his passion for music at an early age, which led to his effort and hard work starting at an early age. During his struggle and living on his own in a different city, Luke Combs began to suffer from anxiety and primarily obsessive-compulsive disorder.

What is Primarily Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Primarily obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a sub-type of OCD. It runs around having thoughts and urges that physically can’t be expressed but messes up your mind and mentally breaks you down by making you obsess over specific thoughts.

Luke Combs suffered from primarily OCD, and he still sometimes gets suicidal thoughts and gets depressed and disappointed in life.

Luke Combs’s Weight Loss Journey

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Along with anxiety and primarily OCD, one other thing Luke Combs struggled with his whole life was weight loss. His weight loss has been in the news recently as well as he has opened up about his weight loss struggles and his wish to lose his weight “to be around his son.”

In an interview on Apple Music 1, Luke Combs was asked about his worst habit, to which he replied, “I’m wearing a 3x T-shirt. I wouldn’t advise it”. This question led to a deeper conversation about his health and weight loss, and Luke Combs opened up for the first time.

He discussed how losing weight is hard for him and how he knows what he needs to do and what routine he needs to set up but is still unable to keep up with it.

According to Luke Combs, he is addicted to food, and unlike other addictions, one can’t stay away from food; he has to eat eventually.

Here are some natural weight-loss foods you can have during your weight-loss journey. If you can’t stay away from food, try to incorporate these weight-loss foods into your routine diet.

He also shares how he blames no one for him not being able to control his instincts, as it is he who is not able to be consistent. He says he has been dealing with things this way for a long time.

But after his son was born, he started looking at things differently. He revalued things and started taking his health more seriously. This was the moment where he said, and this article quotes, “I want to be around, dude. Do you know what I mean?”

He also emphasized the fact that he is young now (32 years old), due to which he is not having any blood pressure or cholesterol issues. Still, when he is of age, he’ll start facing health problems sooner or later, which concerns him the most. He is afraid not to be there for his son. He wants to be healthy for his son and his family, just like any other father.

Becoming a father, having a child, and caring for your own family are the world’s best feelings. This wholesomeness gives a person a whole new sense of responsibility and perspective. That is exactly what’s happening with Luke Combs.

Luke Combs’s Net Worth

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Luke Combs has many successful songs, with him adding a new pace to the country music genre and becoming the most successful singer and songwriter of country music.

His albums had been on the top charts of the Billboard 200 since the start. His net worth includes the sufficient and huge amount of money he made through his albums and records.

Moreover, his own YouTube channel has over 2.87 million subscribers, with his videos having over 2 billion views.

He gets paid royalty fees by apps like Spotify, Apple, and Soundcloud. Well, adding all these income sources, his net worth, as of September 2022, becomes $5 million, which technically makes him a millionaire.

Lessons from Luke Combs’s Life

Luke Combs with his wife
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Luke Combs’s life is full of lessons. He struggled for his success, faced health issues in between, got his career success, started his own family, and is now struggling and working hard to be present for his family and be there in the long run. Many lessons can be taken with such ups and downs, and twisting turns in one’s life.

Be Faithful

One needs to be faithful in God’s process and timings. If you have faith in Him and yourself, there is nothing you can’t achieve. String faith goes a long way. One needs to be persistent and continue the struggle along the road until one reaches his or her goals.

Small Steps and a Good Start

Make small goals to start. Remember to make the goals achievable as well. Achieve the goals that’ll make one more enthusiastic and have the goals that seem impossible and difficult.

Test Your limits

Luke Combs always tested his limits. He moved out of his city and made it to the music industry independently. He kept fighting amidst his anxiety and obsessive disorder. Moreover, he dropped out of college and focused solely on his music. He even tested the country music genre by mixing R&B music with it.

According to him, one’s limits must be tested as this is the only way to reach new heights and know what new and better things one can do.


How many No.1 songs does Luke Combs have?

Luke combs have many famous chart-buster songs. For the count to be exact, he has 14 singles as the No.1 song on the Billboard 200.

Is Luke the richest country musician?

No, Luke Combs is not the richest country musician. Shania Twain is the richest country musician in the World.

What is Luke Combs’s son’s name?

Luke Combs’s son’s name is Tex Lawrence. He was born on June 19, 2022.

Does Luke Combs have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Luke Combs does have a YouTube channel with over 2.87 million subscribers.


Life can be full of surprises. Success and failure go alongside. One should work every day to be better for the people around oneself and be a better person. This is precisely what Luke Combs is doing. He has struggled his whole life, achieved success in his career, and is now working to be better and present for his family.


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