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Lumps After Thread lift Causes & Prevention

a girl having Lumps after thread Lift

Who doesn’t like having a young, fuller, and more subtle facelift without undergoing complicated surgery? Facelift surgery sounds scary, as any minor mistake may lead to drastic results.

Thread lift is a cosmetic facelift procedure that is minimally invasive and produces visible results. With more advancements in the technique and material that are being used in Thread Lift, this procedure has gained tremendous fame in recent times.

But did you know anything that goes wrong with this procedure may lead to lumps after thread lift?

We have gathered all the important information in this blog post to answer your queries about Thread Lift and its results. So, keep reading to know more about this innovative facelift cosmetic procedure. If done by a skilled skin specialist and under the proper treatment, it stimulates collagen, increases blood circulation, and results in firm and rejuvenating skin.

What is Thread Lift?girl getting thread lift

Thread Lift is lifting sagging skin and facial tissues by inserting medical-grade threading material, commonly known as PDO, into the skin. The skin is stitched up through the temporary sutures to give it a lift and tightness.

Although Thread Lift has been in the cosmetic world since 1990, in recent years, medical advancements have resulted in more precise and effective facelifts under this cosmetic treatment. If you notice any initial signs of aging, you can be a good candidate for Thread Lift as it produces an immediate impact of a facelift.

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive procedure in which dissolvable threads are inserted into those parts of the skin where the aging signs are more visible and the skin has the most sagginess.

Types of Threads used in Thread Lift

Two types of threads are used during the procedure of Thread Lifting. Each comes with its own specifications.

1. PDO Threadsa girl undergoing thread lift with POD

PDO threads are biocompatible and come in different varieties, barbed, smooth, or curved. These threads play a significant role in stimulating collagen and firming the skin. PDO Threads take almost 45 minutes to insert into the skin.

2. Silhouette ThreadsThread Lifting with the Silhouette Threads

Talking about Silhouette, these threads work more effectively in tightening the skin. These threads have cone-like structures, which are more effective in grabbing and lifting the skin.

Although threads effectively boost collagen, this is not a permanent facelift solution, and you will need to take sessions after every few years depending upon the type of thread.

Areas That Can be Targeted Through Thread Lift

Thread Lift is an innovative way to provide a visible younger lift to those body parts that get sagged as you age. These areas include:

  • Jawline
  • Neckline
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Under-eyes
  • Breasts

Key Benefits of Thread Lifta girl with perfect face after the thread lift

Thread Lift deserves all the appreciation for the skin-rejuvenating effects that it holds. For those who do not want to go under complicated facelift surgeries and are scared of all the needles and surgical tools, Thread Lift comes as a savior. The key benefits related to Thread Lift are given below:

1. Instant Results

Unlike Facelift surgeries, the results of Thread Lift are visible soon after you get the treatment. Once the Thread Life procedure is done, you immediately start feeling younger-looking, fresher, and firm skin. The threads which are inserted into the skin are dissolvable and give a tightening skin effect.

2. Fast Recovery,

The best part of Thread Lift, is that you don’t have to worry about the time it will take to heal completely post-treatment. The recovery is fast and you can gather with your friends a few hours after the treatment.

3. Skin Rejuvenation

The ultimate goal of Thread Lift is to get skin that looks and feels younger. The threads inserted inside the skin are pulled upward to give the skin a smoother appearance and reduce facial wrinkles and lines.

4. Long-lasting results

Although Thread Lift is not a permanent facelift procedure, the results last longer and make the whole investment worth it.

Potential Complications Related to Thread Lift

While Thread Lift is a lesser invasive treatment to lift the face, there are still some potential complications attached to it. From bruising, skin tenderness, lumps & bumps, to skin puckering and even facial asymmetry, if thread lift goes wrong, it may produce horrible results.

Most of the commonly caused complication is the appearance of lumps and bumps after facial thread lift. If you feel any lump on your skin after going through this facelift procedure, you must be aware of the causes and the steps to deal with it.

Causes of lumps after Thread Lifta deep lumps on a girl face

1. Improper Technique

One of the major causes involved in lumps after thread lift is the use of improper facelift technique. Lifting the facial skin through threads is an art, so the technique should be properly understood and carefully executed. The lumps caused after Thread Lift can be in the form of skin protrusions or skin indentations. In any case, the complication can be severe.

To avoid any associated complications, it is important to get done the Thread Lift procedure from a certified and experienced clinician to minimize the chances of protrusions. A skilled skin specialist knows everything about the facelift technique, so there are rare chances of him being wrong with this Thread Lift technique.

2. Threads insertion

Another reason that leads to causing skin lumps is poor thread insertion. The thread needs to be inserted at the right angle and if it is inserted too close to the outermost layer of the skin, it can lead to slight inflammation of the rejuvenating skin.

Also, if the thread breaks inside the skin or gets lost inside while inserting, it can lead to a severe skin infection. PDO thread lumps after thread lift usually occur when the thread is tightened with the needle.

3. Vascular pressure

Any thread that goes inside the skin against the facial anatomy or pressurizes the sensitive skin areas may lead to severe skin complications such as lumps and bumps after facial thread lift. An experienced practitioner understands the right facial points where the pressure should be put.

How to Prevent Complications After Thread Lift?beautiful girl face with thread lift syringe

Although the potential complications after Thread lift are controllable, if the practitioner is qualified and uses advanced tools, the chances of lumping after Thread Lift decreases.

  • Through applying local anesthesia, the discomfort on the areas of Thread Lift can be minimized.
  • In case of bruising, swelling or lumping, post-treatment, it is recommended not to go through intense facial movements or massages. You may ice the affected area in order to let the soreness disappear. Do not shave or use harsh chemicals on the skin after the Thread Lift procedure.
  • Skip using moisturizer on the skin for a few weeks after treatment.
  • In case of skin protrusion and extrusion, the practitioner injects the hyaluronic acid-containing fillers.

PDO Threads Before and AfterPDO Threads Before and After result

Threads make your skin tighter through temporary sutures and stimulate skin collagen production.

Bottom line

Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive, advanced, and result-oriented facelift technique that is subjected to better and instant results compared to various other surgical treatments. For the results to last longer, you probably need a couple of sessions after a few years. It is always suggested to ask the skin expert about the potential complication of Thread Lift and to know if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Experienced and well-versed clinicians better know how to minimize the procedure’s potential complications and provide more visible results in a comfortable environment. So, it is crucial to choose a qualified clinician to provide invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments with equal efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the other name for Thread Lift?

Another name for a Thread lift is a Barbed suture lift.

How long do the results of Thread Lift last?

The results of a successful Thread Lift last for 2 to 3 years.

Which is better – Thread Lift or Facelift?

Thread Lift and Facelift both treatments produce results for a specific time period. The results of Thread Lift last for three years while the results of Facelift lasts for many years. Thread Lift is a lesser expensive procedure as compared to Facelift.

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