Meet the best foods for strong hair

Food influences many aspects of our lives, from combating diseases to favoring the health of skin, nails and threads. Feeding can directly interfere with the beauty of your skin and thus on your hair as well. Properly ingesting all food groups promotes weight loss and is even able to make your hair stronger, brighter and healthier. A lot of people unfortunately appeal to chemicals like the Instantly ageless to skin, but the truth is that many times the answer lies in nature.

Some foods have nutrients that act directly on the health of the hair, bringing back the brightness and softness. If your desire is to always have stronger and stronger hair, check out our list with the most indicated foods and redo your entire menu!


Carrot and Spinach

The carrot offers a significant amount of vitamin A and beta carotene to the scalp; Vitamin A is responsible for acting on the cells of the scalp, making them more nourished and decreasing the production of oil, since beta-carotene is essential to combat free radicals and consequently avoiding hair loss and loss of color.

Spinach acts by nourishing the hair follicles due to the presence of iron, an important mineral in the formation of red blood cells. For this reason, when the individual is deficient in iron, hair tends to lose its luster, suffer from dryness and also from weakness.

Orange and Strawberry

The orange has some fibers that cleanse the body of the toxins ingested in the day to day that can contribute to the increase of the oiliness and also of the dandruff. It is therefore recommended to eat at least one unit per day or per week. Strawberry, like orange, is rich in vitamin C and also in flavonoids that help activate the microcirculation of the blood in the scalp, contributing to a faster growth, resistant yarns and less likely to fall.

Salmon and Soybeans

Salmon is a food suitable for many things: weight loss, healthier living, fighting diseases and replacing omega 3. As if that were not enough, it is also recommended to fight inflammation and protect the scalp from the sun’s radiation. All this is possible because salmon is rich in protein, selenium and the famous omega 3.

Soy, as well as salmon, is also rich in protein and is present in almost the entire scalp. When there is not enough protein in the scalp, it is not possible to produce new yarn; In addition, lack of protein results in opaque, lifeless and thin wires.

Parsnips and Egg

The chestnut is rich in mineral zinc, important for keeping the threads sparkling, silky, strong and resistant. When you ingest the recommended amount of zinc per day, you can enjoy much better and faster hair growth, as well as reduced oiliness and prevention against scaling of the scalp.

The egg is rich in protein, but also in biotin, an important substance for yarn growth, especially when you are suffering from falling.

Well i hope you liked all of this tips.

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