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Nicole Byer and the Weight Loss

Nicole Byer and the Weight Loss

You must have seen the most famous show on Netflix, “Nailed It!” You already know much about Nicole Byer, who has somewhat more weight than the usual people. So, what do you think, if she has lost any weight till now? Or is she making an effort to lose some weight?

This post has all the answers about Nicole Byer. So without further due, let’s get started.

Who is Nicole Byer?

Who is Nicole Byer

We can’t trust anyone if they say they don’t know about Nicole Byer because of her weight. She runs a show on Netflix, “Nailed it!” and is undoubtedly nailing it for years. Whenever a new episode comes on Netflix, the show becomes the talk of the town.

Nicole Byer was born in America on 29th August 1989 and got fame when she started hosting a show in 2018. Not only that, but she is known as a comedian too. People say that she can spread laughter everywhere she goes and keeps people happy around her.

She has been hosting the “Nailed It!” for more than 3 years, and luckily she got two Primetime Emmy Award Nominations in such a short span. People love her not only for her hosting skills but also for her confidence in herself and how she talks about her weight so humorously.

She inspires people by addressing all the weight loss issues and motivates them to stay happy in what they are. She spreads a unique and important message of “Body Positivity” around the globe.

Nicole Byer’s Opinion About Weight Gain

Nicole Byer’s Opinion About Weight Gain

Remember, staying happy with what you have is important rather than thinking about what you don’t. Every person is perfect in who or what they are. So, Nicole Byer is a healthy and happy woman. We don’t recommend her or will always discourage the idea of asking someone to lose the weight unless they want to lose the weight.

Nicole Byer did not go through any weight loss surgery, and people love her because of the confidence she carries about her figure. She always promotes body positivity.

Many people have asked her about her weight loss journey and how she feels about her weight, but this strong woman stays with the same answer: Body Positivity.

While hosting the show, this outstanding woman never cares for anyone who may think about her weight. She never gets nervous when eating chocolate cakes and even half-baked iced cookies in her show.

Not only that, but she never gets fearful of how she looks; she confidently wears a bikini and posts her pictures on her social accounts. Usually, when a woman gains some weight, she starts cutting herself from meeting people as she knows, people would ask her to lose her weight. But Nicole turned the norms down and is frequently posting her bikini pictures so that women know that they are beautiful in the way they are.

Nicole Byer book Be Fat Be Brave

She is not only hosting and is working as a comedian but has also penned down many beautiful books. All the books address the dilemma of a woman being “Fat” and how society outcasts a woman for this.

In one of her books, she talks about the love of wearing bikinis and how she took her shots in a bikini and later converted them into a calendar and a coffee table book.

Her famous books include #VERYFAT #VERYBRAVE, Melancholy, The Fat Girl’s Guide to Being #Brace, and Not a Dejected, Down-in-the-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini. In her book, she talks about her weight and accepts that she is fat, but this is how she is, and she loves herself. Moreover, she says that she has accepted herself the way she is without making any effort to lose weight.

She also motivates women to accept themselves and live happy life. Such a wonderful and confident woman she is!

Exercise and Daily Routine

Exercise and Daily Routine

When the people and society are taking so much time to look better from the outside instead of spending time to look better from the inside, Nicole Byer is the most inspiring lady. She doesn’t recommend anyone go through strenuous exercises and lose weight.

What she does is she asks people to do anything that they find fun in. She does only those things that she likes and feels comfortable doing. She also denies the news about her weight loss.

For example, if you have ever gone through Nicole Byer’s Instagram, you will find her pictures and videos of dancing, eating, sometimes roller skating, and wearing a bikini.

She keeps talking about how she learned to roller skate and how bad she was the first time. She clearly says that she is doing something in which she feels joy and inner happiness.

In one of her shows, she talked about her breakfast and dinner, and you will be surprised knowing it. She takes eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, and a frittata in the morning and then takes a Nature Valley Peanut Cereal Bar and a La Croix Sparkling Water for lunch.

Her dinner includes spaghetti, sometimes a cheesy, creamy sandwich, fries with a heavy salad. Moreover, she loves having carbonara, pizza, and sweet potato pie.

She is unapologetically herself, and we love her the way she is.

Nicole Byer believes that being herself and owning herself is her biggest strength and inspires millions of people to accept themselves and grow.


What is Nicole’s net worth?

Nicole has been doing Television and shows since 2009, and she has a net worth of $1 Million. She has been making a handsome amount for many years and is a very confident lady.

Is Nicole Byer married to Jacques Torres?

No! She is now single, but according to some reports, she got married once to Canon O’Brien. She tied the knot in 2016. The story is so dramatic, she married him to pay the debt, and he married her for the green card.

Has Nicole ever done a comedy show?

Yes, you can open your Netflix and search through the stand-up comedy, and there you can find a show named “Aptly called Comedians of the World.” She is definitely an amazing comedian.

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