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The Ins and Outs of Nose Piercing | Styles, Cost, Recovery

The Ins and Outs of Nose Piercings | Styles, Cost, Recovery

We love nose piercings and would like to have one. But for some, nose piercing can be extremely painful. For first-timers, getting their nose pierced may raise many questions regarding the procedure, cost, pain, and healing.

In this blog post, we have penned down everything about nose piercing, so if you are going through the process for the first time, you should be aware of everything regarding nose piercing.

What is Nose Piercing?

a girl wearing a nose ring
A girl wearing a nose ring

Ear piercing has been trending for ages, and ear accessories are considered a staple in women’s fashion. But with the nose piercing, the style goes one step higher and more visible. No specific culture is associated with it, as we have seen females worldwide flaunting their nostril piercings as it enhances overall beauty.

A professional piercer performs it on the soft cartilage of the outer nose. The nose shape differs in every person, so it is crucial to determine the side of the nose at which you want the piercing.

During the process, the piercer inserts a tiny needle into the hole depending on the side of your nose you pierce. Afterward, you may wear the nose accessory of your choice, be it a tiny ring, clip, or stud. Since the skin barrier is deformed due to piercing at any body part, skin infections are highly likely.

6 Nose Piercings Types

three girls having different types of nose piercings
Three girls having different types of nose piercings

The nose piercing is enjoying its reign over lip and ear piercings, and with the trend of having these at various spots on the nose, the supremacy is not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you think that nose piercing can only be done on either the left or right side of the nose, welcome to the world of exploring various types of nostril piercings that excite and surprise you.

Although we have seen the majority of females having piercings at the cartilaginous structure of the nose, this is not the only spot to have a piercing.

Following the popularity of nostril piercing. It can be performed at various spots on your nose, including the septum, at the bridge of the nose, or even on both sides.

  • The very common nares piercing is performed on the center of the soft cartilage, either at the left or right side of the nose.
  • Septum piercing is performed at the ‘sweet spot’ of the cartilaginous bone that separates the left and right nostrils. This type of piercing hurts more than the nostril piercing.
  • Bridge piercing is getting immense popularity these days as this small piercing is done on the delicate skin area on the top of the nose and almost in between the eyes. For weak-hearted people, bridge piercing might be scary, like hell.
  • Who said that only one side of the nose is allowed to have pierced? Nassallang piercing takes your piercing game to the next level by allowing you to have both nostrils pierced. This is the most painful type of piercing in which a needle is passed through one side of the nostril and comes out from the other while also passing through the septum.
  • Austin Bar is among the rarest types of nose piercing performed horizontally at the tip of the nose, avoiding any contact with the septum or nostril. If you have never done a piercing before, going for the Austin Bar can be extremely painful.
  • Rhino piercing is famous as a more unusual and rebellious type of piercing in which the needle is passed vertically through the nose tip. As the skin is thicker at this spot, rhino piercing, or vertical nose piercing, takes much time to heal.

Whatever type of nose piercing you intend to have, always remember that the nasal veins are connected to the sinus. Any unprofessional stroke, injury, or infection can lead to devastating effects.

So, for safety concerns, it is recommended to always go to a professional and licensed nose piercer for whatever type of piercing you want to have.

How Much Time Does It Take for the Pierced Area to Heal?

a girl wearing a nose ring
A girl wearing a nose ring

Although the nose comprises strong cartilage bone, it still has several delicate areas which require a lot of time to heal in case of piercing. Every person has a different capacity to withstand pain, but when it comes to piercing, almost all of us have pretty much the same concern ‘How much painful is it going to be?’

Nose piercing can be painful depending upon the spot where you intend to have the piercing. The pain level is different for each spot based on the various types of piercings mentioned above. On a scale of 1 to 10, it would be closer to rank the pain between 2 to 3 or might be 3 to 4.

The pain of the nostril piercing is not of an extreme level. However, it is the healing time that is the major concern. The actual process of piercing is only a few seconds, after which the healing time starts. It takes 6 to 9 months for any type of piercing to heal completely. If the pierced spot is not taken care of properly and carefully, it might lead to infection or swelling.

Minor bleeding can be witnessed, especially during the septum and the bridge piercing, but it does not last long. The nose piercing healing time is increased if you keep touching the spot, pulling, or picking, making it longer for the wound to heal. The ear accessories’ material also significantly impacts the healing site, as the metal nose rings or studs sometimes react with the skin, leading to severe allergic reactions.

Another significant factor determining the recovery time is the tool used to make the piercing. People usually go for piercing guns, but these guns are more likely to stimulate pain, and the pierced spot takes longer to heal than the piercing done through the needle. The piercer’s experience, accuracy, and the needle’s cleanliness matter a lot in determining the healing time of the wound.

How to Take Care of Nose Piercing?

a girl having a nostril piercing from a professional
A girl having a nose piercing from a professional

If you want to speed up the recovery time from nostril piercing, following the post-piercing care regime holistically is essential. Initially, becoming habitual with a new piercing gets challenging, especially on the nose. There are high chances of developing infections immediately after the piercing, so it is important not to touch the spot and avoid picking and scratching the crust.

So the secret lies in the aftercare for a smoother piercing experience and a rapid recovery. Here we have enlisted some effective tips on caring for pierced spots to ensure quick healing.

  • Do not touch the piercing sooner after you get it done. Try not to remove the nose pin or nose accessory within 5-to-6-week post-piercing.
  • If you are initially healing and feel discomfort from the nose jewelry, do not twist or change it yourself. Instead, go back to your piercer and let him do the task.
  • Try to skip your skincare routine that requires your nose to come in contact with the serums or lotions. Only use clean water to ensure your hands are clean when touching the nose to minimize bacterial contamination.
  • While removing your clothes, be mindful of your newly done piercing; once it gets snagged into your sweater or shirt, the intense pain can be triggered.
  • Always choose the piercer who is licensed for the job, as even a minor mistake may lead to swelling and bruising. Also, make sure that he uses the sterilized tools to create holes and has put on his gloves before starting the procedure.
  • Soak a cotton swab into the saline solution and gently apply it on the spot for 1 to 2 minutes to ensure quick healing. You may also dip your nose into a bowl of warm water or saline solution to clean the nose. The saline-dipped cotton swab can also be used to clean out the crust or debris around the nose pin.
  • Remember to moisturize the pierced spot; always use a gentle moisturizer on your skin. You may also apply coconut or tea tree oil, as these essential oils have excellent soothing properties.
  • Do not insert fingers inside the nostrils, and avoid picking near the nose ring, as picking and plucking at the site of the wound can lead to serious nasal infections.
  • If you feel the formation of a bump or scarring at the spot of the piercing, don’t forget to visit the doctor, as any negligence may result in extending the size of the bump.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is a nose piercing?

The cost of nose piercing ranges anywhere between $40 to $90.

How much is a nose piercing UK?

In the UK, the cost of a nose piercing starts from £25 and goes up to £40.

How much is a nose piercing in Florida?

In Florida, the cost of a nose piercing starts from $35.

How much is a nose piercing at a tattoo shop?

A nose piercing itself costs around $40 to $90, but this price does not include the jewelry expenses.

Are nose piercings painful?

Nose piercings can be painful, especially for first-timers. There may be some bleeding, swelling, and soreness at the spot of the piercing that takes around 2 to 4 months to recover completely.

What is the correct side to pierce your nose?

It depends upon the person on which side of the nose he wants to get a piercing. There is no scientifically proven right or wrong side of the nose to get pierced.

Are nose piercings haram in Islam?

In Islam, nose piercing is only allowed for women, while piercing is haram for men.

What are the benefits of piercing the nose?

People choose to pierce their noses for their likeliness and peace of mind. In various cultures and countries, nose piercing is related to different beliefs. In Asian countries, women exhibit their cultural values through nose piercing. In India, it is considered that piercing significantly reduces menstrual complications and combat endometriosis.

Is it safe to swim with a fresh piercing?

Although swimming after a fresh piercing is safe, avoiding swimming within 4 to 6 weeks of the piercing is recommended.

What are the causes of bumps at the nose piercing?

Sometimes, a bump is created at the piercing site for many reasons, including using an unsterilized needle, wearing an infected nose pin, not caring for the wound properly, or snagging with the clothes.

How would I come to know if I have developed a nose infection?

If you see the formation of a painful bump on the nose near the piercing spot or feel redness or itchiness inside the nasal cavity, there are chances that you have developed a nose infection.

What kind of jewelry should I wear in my nose to avoid any infection?

To avoid nasal infection, you should invest in nose pieces made of gold, platinum, titanium, or steel.

What are the dangers of nose piercing?

If not taken care of properly, the nose piercing may lead to bleeding, scarring, allergic reactions, and cyst formation at the piercing spot.

Why do girls get their noses pierced on the left side?

The left side of the nostril is somehow related to the female reproductive system. In some Asian countries, it is considered that the piercing at the left side of the nose helps ease labor pain and stimulates a better reproductive system in females.

Which essential oils are recommended to apply to the pierced area?

The oils such as tea tree, almond, and coconut oil have fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so applying these oils to the pierced areas helps quick healing.

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