Is the Nutrisystem Diet the best diet plan of all?

When you’re out to lose weight, you are also faced with lots of dilemmas. The dilemma of food taste can be one. The dilemma of being hungry all the time is two. The dilemma of spending too much on the diet is three. The dilemma of foregoing eating out is four. And, the most important one of all, the dilemma of losing weight and maintaining the weight loss.

What are the most nutritious diet plans out there?

The yardstick to measure nutrition in the diet plans are:

  • # of calories per day
  • Nutritional value of the meals
  • Short-term weight loss goals
  • Long-term weight loss goals
  • Drop-out rates

Published clinical studies and research were the measuring sticks in finding out the most nutritious diet plans offered by various diet programs. The top 2 slots were taken by Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

However, a senior program editor of Consumer Reports said that the results do not hold the right answer for the most nutritious plan. Consumers have different thoughts and ideas about dieting and food. One diet may work perfectly for a person but fail with another individual.

Vegetarians who don’t cook fare better with vegetarian diet programs from Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem vegetarian diet plan is the way to go when it comes to convenience and nutrition.

The most convenient diet plans

Convenience can spell a big difference when it comes to diet plans. Diets such as and Jenny Craig were cited as top names when it comes to convenience, taste, price, and nutrition. However, Nutrisystem put one over all of them for being given the top slot as most “easy-to-stick-to plan”.

The CEO of a web-based service and product review center particularly singled out Nutrisystem for the easy-to-follow diet programs. The home meal deliveries and the online tools available for their users make Nutrisystem one of the most effective and convenient diet programs.

The shelf-stable prepackaged meals from Nutrisystem are also diet standouts. Giving this convenience to their dieters ensures that staying on the diet is possible even when traveling. This encourages people to stick to the program instead of cheating.

The least expensive diet plans

There may be a small price difference between prepackaged meals from Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Yet, budget constraints are one of the important things that can persuade a dieter. Based on Consumer Report, Nutrisystem occupies the 7th slot when it comes to the least expensive diet food plan programs. Jenny Craig may occupy the 2nd slot but, the top pick goes to Next Advisor. Their food plans priced at $5.50 a day is incredible.

Yet, this can be inconclusive since published reports to include all diet plans have to be published to show the basis for the rankings. DIY diets can be the least costly of all at a rate of $13.47 a month.

Web-based companies such as give out online recipes based on a customized shopping list. All it needs is to register online to become a member. Diet goals are set for each person based on the answers they give to the questionnaire provided as soon as registration is done.

However, this only works for dieters who have the time to shop, prepare and cook. This will not work for people on the go or don’t want to bother with meal planning and cooking. Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig wins the day when it comes to diet meal plan convenience.

Counseling and support

Dieting becomes doable when there are counseling and support systems in place. Consumer Reports was not able to come up with a study towards the effectiveness of support systems.

However, the different diet programs such as Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig have seen the importance of diet counseling. They all have online forums, meetings, and phone counseling every week as a way to encourage dieters to stay on track. Dietitians and diet experts can act as motivators for the dieters to push hard for their weight goals.

Taste and food cravings

The success of a weight loss program relies heavily on taste, hunger pangs, and expense. Nutrisystem meals have been given an “OK” score when it comes to taste. Consumer Reports say the “OK” score for food taste may work for dieters who can put up with them. Food cravings and hungriness are taken in stride by most dieters. The mindset of “being on a diet” also means going hungry most of the time.

Nutrisystem offers meals rich in fibers and protein as a way to counter food cravings. Making dieters feel full for longer periods drives away food cravings.

Bottom Line

Is the Nutrisystem diet the best diet plan of all? Consumer Report says there is no one-perfect-diet for all. The studies and research done by Consumer Report involving top names in the diet industry makes for an interesting comparison. However, each person is unique which means that there is no perfect diet for all.


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