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Round Face Layered Low-Maintenance Medium Length Hairstyles

Round Face Layered Low-Maintenance Medium Length Hairstyles

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Styling your hair never goes out of fashion whether it’s an event or simply everyday work. When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, your face shape is one of the factors that matter most. Round faces are not limited to a certain hairstyle, yet low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles are flattering and pretty easy to carry.

The best part is that there is no limit to how you can carry and express these hairstyles. Whether it’s polished lobs, choppy bobs, or shags, you can rock them equally well with a round face. Here are some of the best low-maintenance round-face medium-length hairstyles.

1. The Platinum Wavy ShagThe Platinum Wavy Shag

A pretty yet simple medium haircut with curtain bangs and center-parted gives a nice slim look to your round face.

2. Face-Framing Layer cut with Medium HairFace-Framing Layer cut with Medium Hair

Medium cut hair in layers with a forward brush is just one of the best chubby round face layered low maintenance medium length hairstyles that give your round face a slim look. The neck also seems elongated. Pair with curtain bangs for the best look.

3. Shoulder-Length Hair Cut with Side Parted Shoulder-Length Hair Cut with Side Parted

Shoulder-length hair cut paired with a round face gives a great look. Keep your hair in large waves and side parts deeply to add volume.

4. Straight Hair Bob Cut Straight Hair Bob Cut

With the classy straight bob cut, your face won’t appear as wide as you think. The straight-medium hair down your face gives a perfect lift and slimming effect.

5. Wavy Balayage Blode LobWavy Balayage Blode Lob

One of the best low-maintenance medium-length layered hairstyles is a wavy peek-a-boo balayage bob cut. This style gives your face an oval look with one side covered.

6. Medium Soft Wave Hair with Face-Framing LookWavy Balayage Blode Lob Hair style girl

A medium-cut layered face-framing style perfectly compliments a round face. The middle part of the style gives a great balance. Paired with waves, you can get a voluminous look.

7. Choppy Lob Hairstyle For Round FaceA girl with Choppy Lob Hairstyle

Lob haircuts go very well with a round face and you have many styling options. This one is with razored edges and gives a perfect voluminous look.

8. Side-Parted Curlsgirl with Side parted curl hair style

If you are looking for a thick hair round face layered low maintenance medium length hairstyle, this one works well with its wavy and voluminous look. Side-parted curls go well with a round face, adding a slimmer look to the face.

9. Bangs with Curly Blonde HairA girl with Bangs with Curly Blonde Hair

Medium-level hairstyles with bangs are the best option for round faces, especially when it’s with curls.

10. Curtain Bangs with Brunette HairstyleCute girl with Curtain Bangs with Brunette Hairstyle

Medium-length Brunette hairstyle with curtain-style bangs is just the look you need with a round face. The chunky layered curls bring attention to the face, giving a slim look.

11. Shadow Root Smooth Waves StyleGirl coverd face with hairs

Medium-length smooth waves are ideal for being styled with round faces. You can either choose smooth root waves or a simple straight hair look.

12. Straight Bob Style with Bangsgirl with Straight Bob Style with Bangs

This is one of the best choices for bangs round face layered low maintenance medium-length hairstyles. For a new hair look, flaunt a medium-length hair look with bangs to slim your face.

13. Messy, Choppy Lob CutGirl have Messy, Choppy Lob hair Cut

For a medium-style round face hairstyle, the messy, choppy lob is a great choice. Messy, chopped hair with the center-parted gives a simple yet slim-face look.

14. Bob Cut with Thick Curlsgirl with Bob Cut with Thick Curls hair style

For a medium-length hair length with curls, this thick bob cut adds a perfect voluminous look that doesn’t make your round face seem wider. Comb-over and side part styling make your face seem slimmer.

15. Shag Style Haircut with Choppy Ends and Side Bangsa girl with Shag Choppy Ends and Side Bangs hair style

Who doesn’t love a medium shag cut with side bangs for a round face? This mid-length shag ending with a choppy look and side bangs is a perfect hairstyle for a round face. Blonde shade streaks will make the look more appealing.

16. Medium-Layered Lob with Texturized Looka girl with Medium-Layered Lob with Texturized Look

A medium-layered bob with a texturized look and a side-part when coupled with waves pulls off a great look for round faces. Parting your bob cut to one side further completes the flattering look for a round face. You can decide whether you want crumpled waves or loose curls.

17. Tight, Short-Layered Curlsa fat girl with Tight short layered curl hairstyle

If you want to make your round face seem slim, short-layered, tight curls are just perfect for the job. These curls also add volume to your hair, making them seem thicker and more voluminous. A beautiful look for round faces!

18. Natural Waves with an Organic Part at the MiddleA girl Natural Waves with an Organic Part at the Middle

The organic middle-part style with natural waves gives a balanced shape to a round face, making the face look slimmer. Medium haircuts with middle-part go well with natural and loose curls that add a voluminous look. Either go for straight dark hair color or add streaks of lighter color.

19. Modern Simple Hair Highlights with Wavy Medium Hairgirl with Modern Simple Hair Highlights with Wavy Medium Hair

To get a modern yet simple look for a round face, medium wavy hair is a blessing. The softness of the waves adds movement and volume and the medium length complements the round shape of the face. You don’t need much complexity with this style. It’s simple yet beautiful for a round face.

20. Blunt Cut Style with Straight Bangsa girl with Blunt Cut Style with Straight Bangs

For a round face, a medium blunt haircut with front bangs gives a complete yet simple look. The style seems much similar to the historical Cleopatra, making you seem bold and beautiful. While a lot of people would opt for curls, you can always go for something different and choose a blunt straight cut.

21. Polished, Sleek Waves for Round FaceA beautiful girl hair Polished, Sleek Waves for Round Face

Sleek polished waves are just the perfect look for a round face because it adds a slim and classy look. The hair is parted just over the eyebrow, focusing on the large, sleek waves. The polished waves are just the perfect look for a round face. Dark, shoulder-length hair just gives the best, voluminous look.

22. Wispy Bangs With A Medium Shaggy Hair LookChinese girl with Wispy Bangs With A Medium Shaggy Hair Look

Medium shaggy hair with wispy bangs pulls off just the perfect look for women who have round faces and dense hair. When bangs are combined with a shaggy hairstyle, they offer the best stylish and cute look for any event. Medium shaggy hair with wispy bangs offers a fuller face look.

23. Medium-Length Asymmetrical Wavy Layered Hair Looka cute girl with Asymmetrical Wavy Layered Hair Look

This medium-layered cut is perfect for round faces. This classy and sleek style of perfectly edgy with lots of texture. This bob-style cut is very simple to style and works very well with all round faces. Whether it’s a casual look you want to carry or a professional one, Asymmetrical waves are your way to go!

24. The Razor Cut Shag Stylea Japanese girl Razor Cut Shag Style

A layer-heavy short or medium shag is all flattering when it comes to round faces. If you want to give your face a slimmer look, Razor Cur Shag is yours to go. For thin hair, this hairstyle is perfect to add volume and make the face look slimmer.

25. Long Wavy Layers with a Textured Fringegirl with Long Wavy Layers with a Textured Fringe

To elongate a round face, choose a lovely mid-length haircut paired with a simple textured fringe. Add bangs to elongate and slim the face. Women who want to style bangs every day can enjoy this look to get a pretty look.

26. Medium-Length Hair Angled Bob Cutgirl have Medium-Length Hair Angled Bob Cut

The medium-length hair bob cut style is very well suited for straight and well-aligned hair. The ends of the hair are sharp and edgy, adding lightness and volume to round faces. With this haircut style, round faces appear slimmer.

27. Crazy Medium-Style CurlsFunny face girl with Crazy Medium-Style Curls

If you’re tired of straight hair and want to go for a change, medium-style curls are just the perfect choice. Go a little crazy with curls because that’s all you need to make your round face look slimmer and prettier. Messy hairstyles like loose curls are all in for a perfect look on a round face.

28. Soft Waves on Medium-length HairSoft Waves on Medium-length Hair

When talking about round faces, try experimenting with several textures. Soft waves with medium hair just make the perfect look and texture for a round face. Chin-length hair with soft waves adds volume to the hair which perfectly compliments a round face.

29. Disheveled Textured Bob LookDisheveled Textured Bob Look

The textured bob hairstyle has perfect straight ends that make it suited for round faces. The disheveled hair look improves the look of the forehead and eyes. With medium-length hair, this look is perfect for round faces.

30. Side Bangs with a Choppy Tousled LookSide Bangs with a Choppy Tousled Look

Here you have a cute tousled hairstyle, perfect for round faces. The hair barely reaches the shoulders while the diagonal lines and height add more to the look. With a choppy style bob cut and a side bang, it pulls a perfectly flattering look you’d love. Blonde hair color will add more to the look.

31. Medium or Long Layered Wavy Lookgirl with Medium Layered Wavy Look

A strikingly amazing yet simple-to-manage hairstyle for little longer hairs, reaching your shoulders or below. The length can add a graceful look to a round face. Effortless yet bold, the hair is parted from the center with wisps drawing from the sides. A perfect Hollywood hairstyle for celebrities with a round face.

32. Shaggy Combover Bob Stylegirl with Shaggy Combover Bob Style

Straight, shaggy, and finely chopped hair, what a perfect combination for a round face to pull off the perfect look. Shoulder-length hair works best with this style because it adds a sharp, flattering look. This combover look offers a simple, casual, and freedom feeling, one that will bring out the best in you.

33. Medium-Textured Simple Hairdogirl with Medium-Textured Simple Hairdo

You don’t always need to go to complexity with round-face hairdos. It can be as simple as this medium-textured hair look. The shaggy hairstyle above adds a perfectly flattering and striking look, much effortlessly. The layers add to the beauty of the style.

34. Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangsa girl with Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

This hairdo is a perfect blend of a classy vibe and a fresh look for round faces. Mid-length hair is just the right size for this flair. The fringe and bangs bring attention to the face while the waviness of the hair adds volume and texture.

35. Shoulder-Length, Curls with Bob Cutgirl with Shoulder-Length, Curls with Bob Cut

While medium-length curls can often be a risky choice, they go well with a round face shape. These curls combined with a deep-side part add great volume to your hair, creating a perfectly balanced look. Short curls not just make your hair seem voluminous but also slim your face.

36. Thick-Style Voluminous WavesThick-Style Voluminous Waves in a women

A medium-style voluminous hair look is just what you need for a round face. The messiness of the hair also adds style to a round face, making it seem much slimmer.

37. The Long and Choppy Hair Lookasian girl with long and choppy hairstylr

With medium straight hair, you don’t have a lot to offer. Add a little volume to the equation with some messy waves. Straight-medium hair, when paired with soft waves is a great hairstyle for round faces.

38. Medium-Style Shags with Straight Bangs

Girl looking down with Medium-Style Shags with Straight Bangs

A medium-style shag will never be too edgy for your round face. The layers of the hairstyle will add more style while keeping it easy to maintain. If you want to keep the bangs longer, you can enjoy a more diverse style.

39. The Straight-hair Lob Stylegirl with The Straight-hair Lob Style in red dress

Medium straight hair coupled with wispy bangs is a perfect feminine look for a round face. The ends of the hair lobs are curled, giving your hair the best movement possible. You can go with side or front bangs, just as you desire.

40. Simple and Easy Middle-Parted Chic Hairstylegirl with Simple and Easy Middle-Parted Chic Hairstyle

For a round face, the middle-parted chic style goes perfectly. Messy waves and bedhead styles are trending and this hairstyle combines both. This style is the best for medium-length hair and a round face.

The Verdict

Styling your hair with a round face isn’t as hard as some people make it. You can make your face look slimmer and prettier if you learn the right styles. Here, we have compiled 40 of the best hairstyles for round faces. No need to lose your confidence. You can style your hair and carry yourself equally well even with a round face! Try these hairstyles out to see which one suits your best. We hope you are able to find one that matches your taste.

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