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Sebum Comes Out When I Squeeze My Nose Pores

Ever wondered what the white stuff that comes out of nose pores is? This white substance is called sebum, a naturally occurring substance in the skin

Every hair follicle just beneath the skin has a sebaceous gland with it which produces this sebum. These glands lie just below the skin surface and produce this oily substance regularly to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Too little of this will result in dry scaly skin and too much of it results in hardened pores. 

sebaceous gland with it which produces this sebum

In the case of nose pores, this substance tends to accumulate because nose pores are larger than those in skin on the rest of the body. These pores get larger if sebum continues to accumulate and ultimately might become permanently enlarged. So, when you squeeze your nose pores, this sebum come out as small tubes of a white substance. This condition is called sebaceous filaments. These filaments, usually yellow and white in color, are made of dead skin cells and sebum and from strand-like structures in the pores. 

This is different from Acne Pus

Acne pus is not the same. This pus and pus in general, contains dead bacteria, dead white blood cells that fought against this bacteria and debris. Sebum on the other hand is a normal and not a problem.

 It’s not look like Blackheads

Difference between blackhead/whitehead and normal skin

Blackheads are actually clogged pores and not just normal sebum accumulation. They are black in color and bumpier than sebaceous filaments. Blackheads appear black because air has changed the color of sebum. 

Whiteheads different from Sebum

Whiteheads are also clogged pores, unlike sebaceous filaments. These are just like blackheads. The only difference is that the pore is not open so the sebum is not exposed to air and does not turn black. 

Sebaceous filaments are not a condition that needs treatment but if you do wish to do something about it, try these gentle remedies:


  • Use Clay Masks

Clay masks help keep the skin dryer for longer by absorbing excess oils. This way, it prevents the pores from filling too quickly.


  • Use Products containing BHA or Zinc

These substances also reduce oiliness by absorbing excess sebum. BHA exfoliates the pores to keep them dry and clean, preventing outbreaks.


  • Use Mineral oils

    Use of Mineral oil for sebum

Minerals oils are also used as a remedy for blackheads. Mineral oils help prevent the accumulation of debris around the follicle and also the colonization of harmful microorganisms. This thereby prevents sebaceous filaments from forming. 

Scrubbing your skin will not help because it is the pores that are filled and scrubbing cleans the external layer of skin only.  The above-mentioned remedies will help but only temporarily. It is natural for sebum to accumulate in pores and you cannot stop that permanently.

Therefore, if you face such a condition, it is not really something to worry about. It is absolutely normal and experienced by many around the globe. 

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