Shoe Size Calculator for Adults and Children

Shoe Size Calculator
Shoe Size Calculator

We often pay little attention to the shoe size we wear; sometimes, it may be a size bigger or smaller. Research results show every three out of four people wear either a smaller or bigger shoe than their actual foot size.

While most wouldn’t have a clue, your shoe size plays an essential part in maintaining your foot health, and wearing the wrong size can result in long-term problems like foot pain, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, etc.

According to a small study in 2017, older adults with HL are linked to wrong footwear choices. Only 14% of the participants wore the shoes right for their feet.

One issue people often face when shopping abroad or online is that shoe sizes tend to be in different units. For example, the UK has a different shoe size system than the US or Europe.

While multiple charts are available, the easiest way is to use our foot size calculator tool! Here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic tool!

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Shoe Size Calculator

The shoe size conversion tool is the perfect option if you need to know your shoe size in a different unit. The simple tool can help you convert your shoe size from one country to another, e.g., from the US to the UK or vice versa.

You can also use it to convert women’s shoe sizes to men’s or children’s shoe sizes. Remember that the calculation values are based on the common standard, and some companies follow their conversion tables for shoe sizes. Try our shoe size calculator today to find the perfect fit shoe for yourself!

How to Use the Shoe Size Calculator?

While the formulas help convert between shoe sizes, it’s always best to refer to the shoe size chart and use online shoe size calculators for more accessible conversions. The best thing about these fantastic tools is that they are simple, so you’d never need to learn about using them.

Open the shoe size calculator tool online and follow the steps given below.

  • To start, decide who you are converting the shoe size for. The options are; Women, Men, or Child.
  • Next, select the country for which the shoe size you already know. In simple words, the country you want to convert from. For example, if you’re converting from UK shoe size to US, select “UK.”
  • Select the country you want to convert your shoe size from the next drop-down. For example, if you want to convert to the UK shoe size from the US, select “US”.
  • Now, enter your shoe size, the one you know already. For example, if your UK shoe size is 8, write “8” in the required field.
  • Once you’ve entered all the details above, press the calculate or enter button. The shoe size finder will convert your size and immediately report the results so you can know your US shoe size.

Conversion Between Shoe Sizes

three pairs of shoes having different sizes
three pairs of shoes having different sizes

Even with different conversion charts on the internet, the formulas used for conversion remain the same. Below, we’ve covered the commonly-used sizing formulas.

Inches = millimeters / 25.4


UK_size = (3 * inches) – 23

UK_child = (3 * inches) – 10


US_male= (3 * inches) – 22

US_female= (3 * inches) – 21

US_child= (3 * inches) – 9.67


EU_size = 1.27 * (UK_size + 23) + 2

We haven’t covered the EU children’s shoe size formulae because multiple versions exist in this case. Similarly, the US and UK shoe sizes for children vary, but we have covered the most popular ones here. Try to avoid using these formulas to find your child’s shoe size. Instead, use an online shoe calculator.

Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US SizesUK SizesEURO SizescmInches

Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US SizesUK SizesEURO SizescmInches

Children’s Shoe Size Chart

US SizesUK SizesEURO SizescmInches

Measuring Your Foot Size at Home

measuring foot size
measuring foot size

If you’ve ever been to a shoe shop, we’re sure you know that they measure your foot size before showing you the shoes. Shoe sizes are measured in different units and different ways. Yet, you can easily calculate your shoe size at home to prevent the hassle of returning the shoe.

Here’s a simple guide on how to measure your feet’ length. Let’s have a look at the steps.

  • Get a piece of paper and set your foot on it. The paper should be bigger than your foot size. Hold the paper tightly.
  • Using a pencil or a pen, go along your foot, keeping the pencil or pen at a straight 90-degree angle. Try measuring your foot size the day because it’s bigger and apply weight. This ensures you get your biggest foot size.
  • Complete the line around your foot. If you can highlight the foot outline, it’ll be best.
  • Now, on the paper, measure the breadth and length of the foot. Start from your longest toe’s tip to the end of the heel.
  • Note these measurements down. You can enter these foot size calculations into the shoe size calculator to find the suitable shoe size.

Why Does the Right Shoe Size Matter?

As humans, our feet are designed to carry the entire weight of our bodies. Hence, to care for them, it’s necessary to wear the right set of shoes that are airy and comfortable.

The right shoe size is essential to care for your feet, mainly if your lifestyle includes a lot of walking. Walking with wrong-size shoes can be very damaging to your feet and result in problems like shoe bites, blisters, achy heels, orthopedic issues, etc.

If that isn’t enough, wearing uncomfortable shoes for extended periods can cause severer problems like diabetes, arthritis, or circulatory or nerve disorders. Moreover, research shows that wearing the wrong shoes doesn’t just have short-term consequences but may lead to worse scenarios in the long run.

While short-term effects are limited to discomfort, blisters, and pain, they can cause severe issues like injuries, hammer feet, and postural problems in the long run. To avoid these issues, it’s always best to find the right shoe size that perfectly fits your feet.

Tips for the Getting the Perfect Fit

cheetah print shoes
cheetah print shoes

Before getting a perfect-fitting shoe for yourself, here are some tips you’d want to consider!

  1. Measuring your shoe size is always a good idea before buying a new pair of shoes because your shoe size never remains stagnant. Over time, you’ll reduce or gain weight, resulting in a change in your foot size.
  2. Always ask the salesperson to check the size of both your feet because sometimes both sizes are different. So, consider this difference before investing in a new pair of shoes.
  3. Believe it or not, the best time to measure your foot size is in the evening because that’s when your feet are the largest. Also, apply pressure on your to get your largest-possible foot size.
  4. The comfort of your feet isn’t always about the shoe size. The shape of the shoe is also pretty essential. A shoe that doesn’t match your feet’ form, it’s likely to cause adverse effects, pain, or discomfort.
  5. As a common practice, most of us would buy a tighter pair of shoes expecting them to stretch and loosen over time. Don’t ever do that because it can damage your feet.
  6. Always try out the new shoes before you buy them. Walk around the store to see if they are comfortable enough for you.
  7. The best-fit shoes stay put when walking. A good way to check whether a shoe is a good fit is to see how well your feet slip into it.
  8. You should always prioritize shoes with a breathable and soft fabric. If your shoes are made from hard materials, they won’t let the air cross, hurting your feet. Remember to consider this factor if you plan on wearing the shoes for extended hours.
  9. When you try out the new shoes, wear the same socks you plan to wear with them ahead. This will give you a taste of what walking in them will be like.
  10. The shoe length isn’t the only thing that matters. You should also look at the width of the shoe, which is what most people ignore.
  11. The soles of your shoes should always be irritation-free, sturdy, and comfortable.

Issues with Shoe Size Conversions

red casual shoes
red casual shoes

While the shoe size calculator works pretty well in most scenarios, it does have some limitations that affect its performance in fitting everyone’s needs.

Lack of Standardization

One limitation of shoe size calculators is that the system needs to be more standardized. Because shoe sizes vary a bit based on the manufacturing process, measuring methods, and allowances.

Even following the same EU system for making shoes, the US and UK manufacturing companies may make shoe fitting and sizes slightly different.

Only Length is Considered

Another concern is that the shoe size calculators, like the women’s to men’s shoe size conversion calculators, consider shoe length only.

Since some people have narrow feet while others have broader ones, the shoe width also matters, a factor ignored in this tool. Wider feet may translate to larger shoe sizes, even with the same foot length.

Children’s Shoe Size Calculations Vary

One of the most significant limitations of the shoe size calculator is that children’s shoe sizes are calculated differently. Some children’s growth speed is very fast, so these kids may need larger shoes than those with a slower growth rate.

The problem is that these shoe size conversion charts and calculators ignore this aspect. So, in such cases, the shoe size will be bigger than the corresponding foot length.


A shoe size calculator is a fantastic tool for converting your shoe sizes from one country to another. You won’t ever need to be confused about finding the correct shoe size as long as you have this tool! Whether converting from AU size to US or any other, this tool is the perfect option!

The best part; this tool is freely accessible to everyone. Take care of your feet to maintain your overall health and ensure you always get the perfect shoe fit with our tool. But while you do, consider the limitations of the instrument as well.

If you’ve tried our shoe size calculator, don’t forget to explore our other calculation tools like the BSA calculator, BMI calculator, and others!


How do I find my shoe size?

Place a piece of paper on the floor and set your foot on it. Now draw around your foot with a pencil or pen, holding it at a 90-degree angle. Measure the length from the top of your toe to the lowest point of the heel. Similarly, measure the feet’s widest width.

What is the shoe size for a 10-inch foot?

The shoe size for a 10-inch foot varies from country to country. For a 10-inch foot, the US shoe size is 9, the UK size is 7, and the European size is 40.

What size is 39 in shoes?

Shoe sizes vary across countries, so shoe 39 on the EU system corresponds to a foot length of nearly 24.7 cm. This corresponds to an eight ladies’ shoe size in the US shoe size system.

How can I find my European shoe size?

Finding your EU shoe size is pretty simple. You need to add 31 to your US shoe size to convert it to EU size.

Can men wear women’s shoes?

Yes, there’s no harm in men wearing women’s shoes, but it’s essential to consider that these shoes are half narrower in size. Men with narrower feet may find women’s shoes a comfortable choice.

What do you mean by true-to-size shoes?

True-to-size shoes are those that are neither too small nor too big. They have accurate measurements for size, offering the best size fit accordingly.

Is 39 size equal to 6?

According to the conversion chart, the size 39 in the EU shoe size system equals the size 7 in the US system.

What is the world’s largest shoe size?

Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez, Venezuela, owns this world record for the largest shoe size, 16 inches. It equals a shoe size of 26 on the US scale.

What is women’s shoe size nine equal to shoe size in men?

On the US scale, the women’s shoe size 9 corresponds to a size 8 in men’s shoes. The men’s shoe size is always 1 number smaller than the women’s shoe size for a specific length.


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