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If you’re a soda lover, you might think that you’ve tried it all. Original recipe, diet formula, limited edition flavors like cherry and vanilla–all the different recipes that your favorite brands have tried over the years.

But did you know that the world is full of bizarre soda flavors that go far beyond the usual citrus and vanilla? Salt, black garlic, grapefruit, bird’s nest–you probably won’t find these flavors in your local grocery store. But if you’re interested in trying some international cuisine, you can start by sampling these unique flavors that are scattered across different countries.

Salt might not sound like an appetizing flavor for soda–and yet, you can buy special salty drinks in Vietnam and India. Japan also sells salty watermelon Pepsi, for those looking for a drink that’s salty and fruity.

For something a little spicier, try the black garlic soda of Switzerland or the tarragon soda of Russia. Japan also serves up a curry lemon soda if you’re looking for a drink that packs heat.

And if you really want to broaden your palate, several Asian countries sell a bird’s nest drink made with pieces of real bird’s nest and white fungus. This might not sound like your ideal flavor, but you won’t know if you like it or not until you try it!

In addition to these unusual flavors, most countries also sell more traditional flavors like cherry, strawberry, and root beer.

If you want to get a little adventurous, try the cucumber soda available in the US, the UK, and Japan. Or try one of the delicious fruity flavors available around the world, including mango, papaya, passion fruit, apple, and raspberry.

If you’re tired of the plain cola flavor, these tasty treats can offer a whole new spin on your soda drinking habits. Check out these unique flavors today–you’ll probably be glad that you did!

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