Steps to Prevent Sunlight Entering Through Windows

Windows are a vital architectural element in every room design and house structure. However, if you don’t like the awful glare of the sun, windows can become a terrible nuisance. They are essential for the aesthetic appeal of our interiors, but the awful sun glare comes with heat and humidity.

In summer, blocking out sunlight and heat can become a grave challenge. If you are sensitive to the harmful UV rays of the sun, you find yourself avoiding windows and verandahs. Luckily, there are multiple solutions to prevent sunlight from penetrating through windows.

You can experiment with various contemporary window treatments. For instance, adequate window treatments can help you reduce your heating and cooling expenses. They also help reduce the penetration of sunlight and heat. The best Straight drop awnings in Sydney are the ideal fit for a pleasant décor and a charming aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we will explore multiple strategies to block out harmful UV rays and horrid sun glare. We will walk you through multiple window dressings and treatments to achieve the look that you seek.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Thick DraperiesUse Thick Drapes

Heavy drapes and curtains are an excellent strategy to block out sunlight without depriving your windows of charming decoration. Thick draperies with an elegant appeal and rich fabric can completely transform your space with their beauty. You need to choose the right color palettes and designs to complement each room and space.

In order to block out the sunlight completely, you need a thick fabric and richer, darker color palettes. Black, burgundy, maroon, navy and wine red are great colors to block the sunlight. While you must consider thick fabrics, such as velvet, cotton polyester, jacquard and suede, amongst others, remember, the thicker and darker the drapes, the more effectively they will be at blocking the sunlight.

Linen and lighter-colored fabrics are a bad idea as they won’t help you block out sunlight. Paneled blackout curtains made with thick fabrics are ideal to completely block out the sun. Be sure to take accurate measurements of the height and width of your windows. Then, order the fabric and size accordingly.

If you want to spread out the curtains to completely block out the sun, be sure to take accurate measurements of the length. It is advisable to add in additional fabric for a total blackout effect. If you want to keep the drapes closed in the middle, invest in some Velcro strips. These can be added to the inner edges of the curtains.

If you want to play around with the sunlight as per your preferences, here’s a terrific idea. Create your drapes with a thick and dark-hued fabric, and an upper lining in a lighter color and fabric. For instance, with velvet drapes, you can create a flimsy lining in tulle. This way, you can enjoy the sunlight if you want to by opening the drapes, without the awful glare.

Window BlindsUse Window Blinds

Another fabulous investment to keep out the awful glare of the sun are window blinds. They are low maintenance, easy to install, and much more affordable than drapes. You can invest in a wide variety of blinds, including wooden, aluminum, metal, vinyl, and more. They also tend to vary in terms of colors, designs, and styles. Vertical blinds are ideal for low-ceiling windows, while high ceilings look better with horizontal blinds.

They are relatively more affordable to block out sunlight and heat from entering through the windows. However, the mounting process tends to be a bit more complicated, especially if you intend to do it yourself. It involves the installation of a headrail, brackets, and measurements of the window where you intend to install the mount.

Blackout blinds are an excellent investment to completely block out the UV rays of the sun. You can invest in different color palettes, but black is considered the most effective. Many believe that vinyl blinds are the ideal investment for those who want no sunlight in their room. Truth be told, cordless fabric window blinds are much more effective and attractive.

Blinds are a great option as you simply have to twist the blind wand if you want to enjoy some sunlight.

Window ShuttersWhite Window Shutters

Much like blinds, window shutters are another affordable and efficient investment to block out the sun. You can choose between interior plantation shutters for a farmhouse-style décor. Or you can invest in exterior shutters, and create a little outdoor seating arrangement. Both are ideal to block out the sun and reduce your overall heating and cooling expenses.

In order to choose the right fit, it is important to take appropriate measurements. You can explore a wide range of choices, designs and materials in interior and exterior plantation shutters. For instance, wooden, steel, vinyl and aluminum are all excellent choices that will keep out sunlight.

Window FilmWindow Film

Window film has emerged as one of the most affordable and effective strategies to reduce sunlight penetration. They are effective at reducing the penetration of UV rays and sun heat by an impressive 80%. The best part is, that you don’t need to hire a professional to do the job. You can easily install this product by yourself.

However, professionally installed window films are widely recommended for a wide range of benefits. They may be expensive but they are worth it, considering the reductions in your electricity bills. They are considered a better choice as opposed to drapes, blinds, and shades. This is primarily because they do not change the aesthetic and interior appeal of your windows.

They make sure you enjoy the same view without the awful glare of the sun. However, if you completely want to block out the sunlight, this is not your best option.


Window awnings are a remarkable strategy to reduce heat penetration and sunlight. They are highly recommended during summer, as they can cut down your cooling bills by an impressive 80%. Typically, awnings are designed to provide coverage to the windows and block the sunlight. They do an efficient job without altering the interior of your room and disturbing the decoration of the windows.

Metal and canvas awnings are widely popular and commonly installed by homeowners. However, you can explore other fabrics and materials. For instance, synthetic fabrics have become increasingly popular with modern-day homeowners. People appreciate water-repellent awnings, made with polyvinyl and acrylic laminates that offer greater lifespan and protection against mildew. Opaque fabrics with richer hues are highly effective at blocking out the sun.

Final Word

Blocking out the sunlight isn’t so difficult after all. You simply need to choose the right window treatment for your home décor and sunlight penetration preferences.

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