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Steve Burns Biography and Net Worth

Who doesn’t know about the Blue’s Clues star? If you are a 90s child, you must like Steve Burns or Steve Micheal Burns as your favorite hero. Although the show was a huge success, things got dramatically changed when the news of Steve’s leaving the show circulated around the world.

So what made him leave the show and disappear from people’s eyes? What is the career and education of Steve Burns? How were his circumstances, and where is he now? What about Steve Burns’s Net Worth? This post will answer everything about Steve Burns and many other interesting facts.

Let’s begin.

Early Life & Education

Early Life and Education of Steve Burns

Steve, the dashing boy, was born on October 9, 1973. He belongs to Pennsylvania, in a small town named Boyertown, and has two sisters; they all got their early education from a local school in Boyertown. In his early childhood, he used to make rock music and participated in many competitions. In 1991, when he finished college, he, fortunately, got a scholarship and entered DeSales University in his country.

Interestingly, he got admission to the degree of Theater, but he dropped out in just the second year due to some situation. It may be because he knew he could act well and so didn’t require a degree; he left his studies and moved to New York and started his professional life.

He chose acting to be his professional career. He started as a voice-over for several TV commercials, and then he got a chance to work in movies.

Steve Burns is 48 years of age now. After going through an audition process, he got all the fame when he first showed up in Blue’s Clues in 1995.


Career of Steve Burns

The career of Steve Burns had already been started when he came to New York and started doing films. His famous movies include Life in the Street, Law and Order, and Homicide. But these films never got him as much fame as the children’s show did.

Steve Burns got the chance to give an audition for a children’s show. Without knowing that this show would turn his life, he just randomly gave the audition. Without having any preparation before the audition, he just wore a wig of very long hair, and the army wore out pants and an earring.

He tried to look funny as the show was for small kids. To his luck and surprise, he won the audition among the other 100 participants and got selected. This was nothing but amazing and a huge success. This show was Blue’s Clues, particularly for pre-school kids.

Blue was a dog who had to act alongside Steve in this show. The show got so much success in no time that even the mothers with their children in their early teens started watching the show.

Many people asked about how he felt about this huge success and if there was something that he disliked. He said the only tricky thing was to act on a blue screen as it felt like performing at the base of a swimming pool.

Steve Burns in Blues Clues Show

Who knew that Steve Burns would leave the show one day so suddenly and leave everyone in awe. It happened after the 100 episodes of the show when people were so used to watching the show. He convinced the show owners to replace him with Donovan Patton, who was already performing as his brother in the show.

After leaving Blue’s Clues, Steve Burns performed as a voice-over artist for another children’s play, called Roll Play. He did this show from the year of 2006 to 2010. Steve Burns also played with small bands in his early school and college. He was a rock musician, and the interesting fact is that he got this interest from his father’s gift.

His father brought him a toy guitar when he was a child, which made him go further in music. After leaving Blue’s Clues, he started giving time to his passion for music. He worked with David Fridmann and Steve Drozd. They made his mind towards writing his own songs. Moreover, he learned about developing different sounds from them and then released his first album named Dust Mites in 2003.

He kept on working, and then the second album was released in 2009. Its name was “Deep Sea Recovery,” and people loved it. The interesting fact is that he initiated his own band with the title of “Steve Burns and the Struggles” in 2009, and this band consisted of all these old friends from 2003.

Reason Behind Leaving Blue’s Clues

Reason Behind Leaving Blue’s Clues

There were many personal reasons associated with leaving a successful show. He said in an interview that he felt like the show had already been expanded so much. He added that he had full hair on his scalp when he started doing the show, and in the end, he was almost bald.

He started the show when he was just 29 years old, and performing 100 episodes made him worn out. Moreover, many of his show mates had already left and were doing other things, so he too wanted to move on and try new things.

Personal Life

Personal life of Steve Burns

Many people are curious to know about Steve Burn’s wife or if he has some children. But till now, there’s no one he showed up as either his wife or a girlfriend. He never talked about this thing in any of his interviews and never shared if he is already living a married life.

As he stays reserved and never talks about his married life, people think he is not a family person. Moreover, many people have seen him with many girlfriends, and he had many relationships in the past.

He plays guitar as a hobby and does a beautiful job as a guitarist in his free time. He loves pets and has a lovely dog known as Mickey, and has been living in his own house in Brooklyn.

Net Worth

Steve Burns Net Worth

Steve Burns has made a very handsome amount as he has been a singer, actor, voice-over artist, and even a host. He has a big mansion in Brooklyn, so what about his exact net worth? His net worth is around $10 Million. Steve Burns is still single, so People Magazine has announced him as one of America’s most worthy bachelors.


Is Steve Burns married to Lunette?

He never announced in any interviews and on social media about his married life.  Though he has been with many girlfriends throughout his career, he never talked about someone he loved.

Is Steve Burns still Alive?

Some time ago, there came many rumors of Steve Burns’s death. The people took it so seriously that he had to personally talk to the public to make sure about him being alive and enjoying his life.

Does Steve Burns love to hunt people as well?

In an interview, he said that people discourage hunting humans but keep rabbits and kittens in cages. This shows he is entirely against putting kittens and rabbits in cages rather than hunting people.

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