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TrueCare24; Medicare for Your Comfort

TrueCare24; Medicare for Your Comfort

There are only a few services like Truecare24 that provide medicare for the patients. We are familiar with the medical system of today and don’t want to waste our time waiting for a doctor.

Are you familiar with their 60 minutes home clinician service? Well, if you’re not then this article is for you. This TrueCare24 medicare for you feature contains the astonishing services they are giving to people and changing the future of healthcare in America.

TrueCare24; Medicare for You; Rapid Response

Urgent Care is provided just for a phone call. If you do not feel like visiting a clinic and want the clinician to visit your home, then it is extremely easy. They are just going to attend your call, coordinate with you and send the health professional to your place without any hassle.

No Queue

Like other clinics, there is no need to wait for long. Only what you have to do is, make a phone call and share the issue. They will send it within 60 minutes. It’s not a one-man show, the whole health team is waiting for your phone call and to give your best service. Doctor House Calls are available to provide urgent care.

TrueCare24; Medicare for You; Non- Emergency Low-Cost Treatment

In California and other states, the non-emergency treatment cost is going up every year. I have personally seen many people who are paying high insurance costs just to avail the facilities. With TrueCare24, you do not have to pay a lot for Doctor House Calls.

Best Health Insurance Plans for Your Family

Experience & Professional

Find a Doctor on TrueCare24

Emergency Room is also available for patients in critical conditions. A team of health professionals is there to provide a facility for every class income group. They are going to take care of you till you are not fine through advanced communication services like video calls and phone calls.

Call a Doctor

Request a House call to a doctor on TrueCare24

It’s extremely easy to reach a doctor with just one phone call. After taking the service or before taking the service, if you want to interact with a doctor, then it’s extremely easy. Whereas, in other health centers, one has to pay lots of bucks to get few minutes from the doctor.

Child-Friendly Service

The doctors and nurses are so humble. If your child is suffering from fever and you just need to consult with a doctor, don’t hesitate to require a visit. You can do the same thing by visiting their website and ask for Urgent Care. The doctor will come right away for your service.

Subscribe for Monthly Package

After reading this, many of you must be thinking of a way to get regular contact with the clinician. Yes, the facility is available for you. With just $99, you can subscribe to the package for a contact with a health professional and take a prescription.

You can contact them through phone or a video call too. Each month billing would be $15. Similarly, if you want a doctor at home, then the single visit will cost $199. Remember it also includes complimentary follow up too. The availability of these services is different in different cities. Don’t forget to share on Facebook.

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