The Benefits of Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Screens

What are the benefits of Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Screens

If you need to secure your home but still want fresh air circulating throughout, stainless steel screens may be viable. This may be a new concept for many, but stainless-steel screens offer new opportunities that make your home more comfortable and safe throughout the year. This is especially true if you live in a climate that is mild during part of the year.

At Steel Advantage in Phoenix, AZ, our qualified team is ready to talk to you about the best options for your home and comfort. With new technological advances, you can have window screens that filter out bugs, mosquitoes and provide solar protection while still giving you and your family the safety and ventilation that you need.

What are Security Screens?

Security Screens

One of the greatest misconceptions about stainless steel security screens is that your doors won’t be truly secure. With adequately fitted doors or window screens, you will have the peace of mind that your family is safe while still having the free movement of natural air that you are looking for. This is because security screens and insect screens are fundamentally different. While an insect screen may keep unwanted bugs out, it cannot provide you with the security you are looking for.

Security screens constructed out of stainless-steel mesh are designed to prevent forced entry while still providing the proper airflow for the home. You can fit these types of screens for various doors and window sizes based on your needs. When considering the proper airflow for your home, look at the areas where you want screens installed. Stainless steel screens provide the strongest weather-resistant protection that will last for years.

Are Security Screens Secure?

Are Security Screens Secure

Stainless steel window and door screens are designed while keeping security in mind. Due to their construction, they are also durable and never rust, even in the most humid and rainy environments. This means that you can leave windows and doors open for ventilation while still knowing that your home is secure from any intruders. This also benefits you by enjoying your garden or backyard view while in your home working or relaxing.

High-quality stainless steel security screens will be constructed from durable wire mesh. This level of excellence means that the product will withstand any break-in attempts while still providing the quality of life that you are looking for. The bottom line is that you will have the ventilation and views you are seeking without compromising the security of your family.

How Long Do Stainless Steel Mesh Screens Last?

When you decide to purchase stainless steel mesh screens, the most crucial consideration is buying quality materials from a trusted vendor. This means that these security screens will last for many years to come once installed, despite the weather conditions. Properly constructed stainless steel security screens won’t rust over time. This also means that you will also have excellent visibility during your lifetime. They are also easy to keep clean with occasional dusting.

What are Some Other Benefits of Security Screens?

There are many benefits to installing stainless steel security screens. Perhaps the two most important for homeowners is the knowledge that their home is secure from break-ins while still providing adequate ventilation throughout the house. But another significant benefit is that the home will be protected from mosquitoes and other insects. This can prevent diseases such as dengue.

Another extremely positive benefit is the welcome ventilation of the home while not obscuring outdoor views. Homeowners can reduce their energy needs while still having the airflow needed to make the house comfortable and secure.

Stainless steel security screens make perfect sense for homes with pets or small children. They can prevent accidents from occurring from high windows or balconies. It can be a positive protective barrier that keeps even the smallest family members safe from dangerous situations. High-quality stainless steel security screens are also designed to withstand scratching from pets.

While homeowners are looking to secure their homes, they also want to enjoy the views of their outside areas and maintain proper ventilation. This is where stainless steel security screens can provide the best benefits. They provide all of these things while still being aesthetically pleasing. Visually, they fade into the background while keeping the home comfortable and secure.

At Advantage Steel, our team is ready to help you decide if stainless steel security screens are the right option for you and your family. From our offices in Phoenix, AZ, we can provide you with suitable options to fit your lifestyle and security needs.  Taking advantage of your home’s security and proper ventilation allows your family to enjoy the house even more safely.

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