The Best Inversion Tables

Best Inversion Tables

Our tiring and work-loaded lifestyles leave us with a lot of physical exertion and back pain. Inversion therapy is a method that is increasingly being used to treat back pain. This treatment method involves turning upside down using a particular device, known as an inversion table. This helps to stretch the back and strengthens the abdominal muscles. An inversion table can be very useful in helping you recover, relax, and treat muscle and joint pain.

Getting the right inversion table is essential for self-treating yourself effectively and safely. Inversion tables are differently designed to fit the needs of the people, so you’d need to thoroughly search to find the one that best meets your needs. In search of the best inversion table? You’re at the right place. Let’s explore inversion tables and some of the best ones for you.

The Best Options for Inversion Tables

If you’re searching for the best inversion tables, here are some of the best options for you. Let’s have a look.

1. Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion TableBody Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table

BodyVision IT9550 Deluxe is rated as the best and most affordable inversion table in the market that comes with a foam headrest (removable) and backrest, targeting back and neck pain. These features make it the best inversion table on amazon. The lumbar support pad is removable and adjustable, targeting the upper, middle, lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Every foot of the inversion table has a smooth cap, preventing scuff marks on the floor. With the rear inversion bar, you get inversions of 20, 40, 60, or 90 degrees, ensuring that you don’t invert more than needed. The 4-point heavy-duty stance steel frame offers stability even on an unleveled floor. The scratch-resistant powder on the steel tube frame ensures long-term, uninterrupted use. The four high-density foam leg rollers prevent pinching for safe and comfortable use. The Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe supports a slimmed-down, space-saving design and easy carry with its lightweight and foldable design.


  • Height selector for easy height adjustment
  • Space-saving design offers portability and convenient storage
  • Supports adjustable lumbar support pad
  • High-density, adjustable foam leg rollers prevent tightness and pinching
  • Headrest and backrest made with foam for comfort


  • It may not be suitable for those over 6 feet tall.

2. Innova Health and Fitness Inversion Table ITX9600Innova Health and Fitness Inversion Table ITX9600

This Inversion table sciatica supports a unique design best suited for tackling neck pain. This table prioritizes everything you need; comfort, safety, and ease of use. Innova ITX9600 inversion table supports a thick padded, large-size backrest pad for accommodating all body sizes. With the three-position adjustable headrest pad and foam handles, you can easily relax when using it.

With the height adjustment tube, you can easily adjust the size to fit your body height and weight distribution. With the six-angle pinpoint system, this inversion allows you to hold up at six different points comfortably. The inversion points range from 15 degrees to complete 90 degrees. The accurate balance system ensures an easy and safe inversion experience.

Innova inversion table ITX9600 has an extremely sturdy frame with a wide stance, offering high stability and balance. The padded, soft foam handlebars provide a great way to keep your balance as you begin inverting with the table.


  • Three-position adjustable headset for relaxing inversion
  • Soft, padded handlebars offer a comfortable grip
  • A thick backrest suited for all body sizes
  • Sturdy frame offering balance and stability
  • True-balance system for easy inversion


  • May take up some more space

3. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Health and Fitness Massage and Heat Inversion TableInnova ITM4800 Advanced Health and Fitness Massage and Heat Inversion Table

For those searching for an inversion table to help with their neck and back pain, Innova ITM4800 Massage and heat inversion table support all the best features to target these areas. This massage inversion table is unique as it supports vibration and isolated heat massage features, unlike other options. The massage and heat lumber support bar can be adjusted to target the areas of the back and the neck where the massage is needed.

Innova ITM4800 inversion table can accommodate a height range between 4’10” and 6’6” with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. With the ankle-locking system and rear and front U-shaped holders, you can enjoy secure and relaxed inversion. This inversion table also had a thick, adjustable headset and a thick backrest for easy and comfortable inversion. The backrest is padded and large to accommodate everyone.

With the center of gravity set to waist level, you can safely return to the standing position. The ankle holds have a long adjustment bar to adjust the tightness as needed quickly.


  • Built-in massage and heat function for superior comfort
  • It supports an adjustable headset for comfort
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for safe inverting
  • The Center of gravity is set at waist level, allowing easy inversion
  • Extra-long adjustment bar for adjusting the tightness easily


  • The ankle grips may feel a little uncomfortable

4. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Airsoft no Pinch and SureLock SystemExerpeutic Inversion Table with Airsoft no pinch and SureLock system

Safety is one of the most important things when getting an inversion table. The Exerpeutic inversion table offers the best features of inversion therapy with the best protection you could ask for. The ankle holds are securely held with the SHERLOCK double lock ratchet system, preventing loosening of the holds. AIRSOFT ankle holders offer unmatched comfort when you start inverting. Using the AIRSOFT technology, air flows through different chambers to set your ankles/legs in place. You won’t feel any pain or pinches when you’re inverting.

The 3-position rear crossbar of this inversion table spreads across the legs, letting you cover every inversion angle quickly. This way, the risk of over-inverting is significantly reduced beyond your comfort level. This adjustment system eliminates the need for the modern strap system.

The easy-reach, palm-activated adjustable lock ratchet system offers excellent safety and security when inverting. If you need a safe inversion table, this is just the right one.


  • SURELOCK double lock ratchet system for 100% safe inverting
  • AIRSOFT chambers to secure ankles without the unnecessary stress and pinching
  • The rear crossbar lets you safely reverse without overinvesting beyond comfort levels
  •  Padded ankle grips for a firm hold
  • Ankle straps are roomy and comfortable


  • It may be hard to fold and store the inversion table.

5. IronMan 4000 highest Weight Capacity Inversion TableIronMan 4000 highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

If you’re someone who has a higher weight than most people, this inversion table is the best option because it supports a high weight capacity. For those with a weight above 300 pounds and who want a heavy-duty and extra stable inversion table, Ironman 4000, the most elevated weight capacity inversion table, is the best choice. It also supports a greater height capacity.

The sturdiness of the inversion table helps reduce back stress and stimulates circulation. It also supports a removable lumbar pillow for extra comfort and support while inverting. The molded ankle cushions hold the ankles comfortably and securely, while the palm-activated handle is easy to reach to tighten the ankle holds. The backrest has a comfortable, padded foam memory with scratch-resistant vinyl for durability. Another unique thing about this inversion table is that it is easily folded for convenient storage.


  • Very sturdy and durable inversion table
  • It supports a high weight limit of up to 350 pounds
  • Best suited for tall users
  • The removable lumbar pillow offers extra lower back comfort
  • It can invert up to 90 degrees
  • The tough non-skid, rubber floor stabilizers ensure safety
  • For superior comfort, this inversion table has a vinyl-covered, memory foam backrest
  • Easily foldable for storage


  • It is a costly option

6. Teeter Fitspine LX9 Inversion TableTeeter Fitspine LX9 Inversion Table

Teeter Fitspine LX9 inversion table is made with heat-treated steel and is a high-gauge table that ensures durability and longevity. The amazing and unique thing about this inversion table is that it comes 85% assembled, so you don’t have to do much yourself. With the micro-adjusting lever, a simple button push can get the perfect fit for the best support and comfort.

Teeter Fitspine LX9’s ergo-embrace ensures it fits your ankles and legs perfectly. The thick foam liners distribute the pressure, offering the best comfort. The boarding platform supported by this inversion table makes an exit and entry more accessible than ever. With the grip-and-stretch handles, you can get improved realignment and decompression. Want to do the inversion therapy yourself? No problem. The Teeter Fitstpne LX9 inversion table comes with the Teeter Move app with guided sessions, how-to-do videos, and tutorials to guide you through the process of inversion therapy.


  • Unmatched support and comfort with grip-and-stretch handholds
  • Acupressure nodes for trigger point relief
  • It also comes with a convenient storage caddy for portability
  • The micro-adjusting level allows you to adjust for ultimate support and comfort
  • Engro-embrace supports are designed to fit the shape of your ankles and legs for comfort
  • The boarding platform makes an exit and entry easier
  • Teeter Move App gives you the inversion therapy coaching you need at the ease of your home.
  • Easy to assemble and set


  • Little expensive

7. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table

Health Gear ITM5500, advanced technology inversion table, is the best inversion table with heat and massage functions. Heat tends to be the most effective treatment for dealing with neck and back pain. This inversion table supports a removable vibrating and heating massage pad that may be programmed and set using a handheld control. You can use the height adjustor to adjust the weight and size per your need.

The four-position pin system allows the table to be held at different angles, including 20, 40, 60, or 90 degrees. It also has a higher weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Portability and easy storage are possible with the folding up flat feature. Moreover, a set of wheels on the front legs is also included so you can roll it easily. The vibrating massage pad is portable and lightweight, so it can be attached to this inversion table or removed as needed.


  • Ergonomic design memory-style foam backrest for comfort
  • Remote-controlled and removable full-back vibrating and heat massage pad
  • Ankle support system with high-density rollers for comfort and minimized pinching
  • Very long locking arm for minimizing back bending
  • Supports excellent massage and heat functions
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds


  • This inversion table can be on the expensive side

What to Look In An Inversion Table?What to Look In An Inversion Table

With the options above for the best inversion tables, it may be hard to select the best one. Here are a few things to consider when buying the best inversion table.

1. Functionality

A good inversion table is comfortable and lets you hang upside down and stretch comfortably without any hindrance caused by the machine. The best inversion table will be easy-to-use and more functional, offering good warranties and safety certifications.

2. Durability/Built Quality

Since it’s about hanging upside down, you need full assurance that you won’t fall and hurt yourself. It may be a little scary to use it for the first time. The best inversion tables are exceptionally built, ensuring safety standards.

3. The Features

Different inversion tables have different features. You may be getting a different set of features based on the table you are buying. The most important features to look out for include beds, ankle locks, folding features for easy storage, etc.

4. Comfort

Most people complain that their feet hurt after using inversion tables. The thing is that it shouldn’t be like this. A good inversion table will be comfortable, and you shouldn’t experience discomfort once you’re used to it. When getting an inversion table, be sure to bring a comfortable one.

5. Price

Inversion tables are relatively inexpensive compared to other options for back pain relief. Still, you must be careful when choosing one because you wouldn’t want to pay more than required. Search all your options thoroughly, and compare the features and the prices before deciding.

6. The Weight/Size Limitations

Every inversion table has a specific weight and height limitation. Most inversion tables have a maximum 350 weight capacity and a height range between 4 ft 11 inches to 6ft 6 inches. You wouldn’t want to collapse in the middle of using the inversion table, so consider these numbers. Also, look for straps and cushions that fit well with your body. You can get adjustable elements mainly to ensure a good fit.

7. Safety

Since inversion tables need to be used at home, safety is essential. Safety is a priority because when inverted, you find yourself at the mercy of the machine. So, when you get an inversion table, get one that is safe for use. Your doctor may guide you on whether or not it’s safe to use an inversion table as per your condition.

8. Add-Ons

Some inversion tables may offer additional features like heat or massage functions that can help ease back and muscle pain. Some models have the added heat feature to soothe back spasms. If it falls within your range, get an inversion table with add-ons for best use and handling.


As you have seen above, inversion therapy tends to be very beneficial, especially with the right equipment. Finding the best one may be challenging with so many inversion tables for sale. We hope that our list of the best inversion tables proves helpful in helping you select the best one for you. We have also given a complete guide on the things to consider when buying one.


What are Inversion table benefits?

There are several benefits to using inversion tables because they help improve spinal health and offer short-term relief from scoliosis, sciatica, and back pain. Using inversion therapy with an inversion table can also improve flexibility and reduce the need for surgery.

When to not use an inversion table?

Since inversion tables turn you upside down and cause more pressure and blood to flow to the head, those with circulation disorders and hypertension should not use an inversion table. The force also goes to the eyes, so those suffering from glaucoma should avoid it.

Can inversion tables help with sciatica?

Many people suffering from sciatica and lower back pain have found inversion therapy performed using inversion tables a very suitable way to relieve pain. Most people agree that inversion tables can help with sciatica.

Are inversion tables handy?

Multiple studies have shown that inversion therapy with inversion tables can help reduce back pain, and pain from sciatica improves blood circulation to the brain, speeding the process of healing compression damage.

Can inversion tables hurt the back?

If you do it correctly, inversion tables won’t hurt your back. Start slowly and do not directly invert to 180 degrees. Going as far as 60 degrees will give you a 100% pressure reduction on your spine.

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