The Data Points You Need in a Dog Bite Injury Case

Data Points You Need in a Dog Bite Injury Case

If a dog injures you and it belongs to someone else, there are specific data points that you should report to the lawyer immediately or in writing. These data points will give you a better opportunity to receive compensation while also providing your lawyer with all the information they need to build their case.

Use any of these data points as the basis for your claim:

1. The Dog’s Behavior

The Dog Behavior

If it was on a leash and friendly, then this will often be enough for the judge to decide that you have no case. However, if the dog was aggressive or out of control when it attacked you, this proves that you have a case. What the judge considers to be aggressive may depend upon the circumstances involved. In places where there is the danger of attacks from other dogs, then the behavior of that dog may be inadmissible as evidence.

You should also document if the dog has bitten other people in the past. So, if a dog is known to be aggressive and there are witnesses around who saw what happened, you can use these witnesses as evidence for an incident of provocation. When you speak to your lawyer, tell him there were witnesses, and you can name them if needed.

2. The Dog

dog bite a men

Did the dog bite or attack you? In this case, you will likely require a diagnosis from your doctor to show that an animal bit you. The dog that bit you should be certified for rabies. If the dog received a post-exposure vaccination from the vet and the bite reaction was minimal, check with the vet’s office to confirm. If the bite was severe, the animal should be quarantined for ten days to determine its rabies status. The animal must also be in a bite collar or muzzled at all times.

The size of the dog is also essential. Smaller dogs can bite harder than bigger ones, so you should scrutinize this aspect.

3. The Dog’s Owner

dog with his owner

The set-up of the home is something to consider as well carefully. Many people think that when a dog bites, it’s because children mistreat it or adults handle it roughly. It’s also possible that the animal was penned or confined in an enclosure by the owner, which made it agitated and even more hostile.

If you did not provoke it and had no reason to believe it would attack or bite you, there is a high chance that it was not the owner’s fault. However, if you or your kids instigated it, you and the property owner would certainly be liable for negligence.

4. The Location

dog chivying a men

Is the dog kept in an open area? Did it escape while you were in the yard, walking with it, or petting it? For example, if the dog owner left their dog at home and did not take care to lock it in a cage or inside a house, then there is a high chance that they were negligent. They should have foreseen that there was a possibility of someone entering the property and being attacked or bitten by the dog.


If you get injuries in a dog bite incident, you must contact an attorney to help build your claim and recover your losses. If you want to learn more about dog bite lawsuits, consult a personal injury lawyer who can help you with your lawsuit.

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