The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction


Studies indicate that erectile dysfunction affects around 18 million men above the age of 20 in the US. Even though the condition becomes more prevalent with age, it can affect any man at any age. This condition is mainly associated with an underlying physical or psychological problem.

About 40 percent of men are reported to have experienced erectile dysfunction at least once before they reach 40. Yet, even though millions of men across the globe suffer from this condition, few can actually admit to putting any effort towards seeking treatment.

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction is not an easy topic to discuss as a good number of men fear stigmatization. Some of the most typical causes of ED are stress and relatively low self-confidence. However, talking to a professional on how to resolve the issue is paramount to gaining back control over your sex life. Here are all truths about erectile dysfunction that you should know.

Erectile Dysfunction Defined

Erection Problem

ED is the incapability to keep or get an erection long enough to have sex. To understand how erectile dysfunction occurs, you need to know what is happening when it does.

Once a man experiences arousal, the brain transmits the signals to the blood vessels in the penis, making them widen. As a result, blood enters and stays in the penis, triggering pressure that then traps the blood in the penis. Then, the penis is erect due to the pressure. However, if there is insufficient blood flow to the penis or inadequate pressure to trap the blood in the penis, erectile dysfunction can occur.

What are the Causes of ED?

Men’s arousal is a complex process that requires various body elements to come into play. Arousal starts in the brain, then moves to the blood, and finally down to the penis; therefore, certain muscle groups and blood vessels are involved. If any one of the body elements responsible for an erection is affected, then the entire process could experience a dysfunction. Erections can be affected by emotions, hormones, diet, and a range of underlying health conditions. In most cases, however, the reasons for ED are grouped into two: emotional and physical.

Emotional Causes


For a long time, it was believed that erectile dysfunction was caused mainly by psychological factors. Even though recent studies have proven that the condition can be caused by physical issues, emotional forces are equally at play. It is more complicated since the physical causes of ED might also affect you emotionally, thus worsening the condition.

Depression, anxiety, and stress can have a significant effect on the sex urge, thus triggering ED. Emotional causes are responsible in most cases of erectile dysfunction in men below the age of 40.

Physical Causes


There are various physical factors that can trigger erectile dysfunction. These factors include, 

  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Nerve signal problems
  • Some prescription medications
  • Low testosterone levels

Your lifestyle choices can increase the chances of getting ED due to the physical toll these habits take on your body. For example, lifestyle habits like drug abuse, excessive drinking of alcohol, and smoking are great contributors to the physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

How ED is Treated


Seeking medical help should be the first thing to do when you experience the effects of ED. A medical expert will diagnose any worrying medical issue that might be lurking before they start chipping away the various causes.

There are two courses of treatment for this condition based on whether you want to be treated psychologically or physically: talk therapy and medication. Medication that can stimulate blood flow and relieves the causes of erectile dysfunction can be prescribed. Some of these medications include Cialis and Viagra. Other medications are administered via penile suppositories or through injection.

Make sure you discuss the available options with your doctor. They will assist you in finding the best treatment method that will help you get back to your normal sex life without any side effects.

Talk therapy will be helpful if the condition is caused by stress, depression, or anxiety. Most men with this condition benefit greatly from cognitive behavioral therapy that helps them identify the negative things that might cause anxiety, attitudes about sex, and relationship problems that cause a strain on their sex life.

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