Things That One Should Keep In Mind For A Long Term Relationship

There is absolutely no rule book in this whole world which can give you some assured tips to make your respective partners happy. And relationships are usually more about love and less about luck. You have to really work hard to make your relationship work because things will not happen on its own.

There are times when women are usually feeling cranky and miserable, the best thing to do would be to hide chocolates in and around the house. It can be under the couch cushion or may be above the kitchen cupboard or inside the dressing table drawer to ensure that it brings instant comfort to the her and will make her feel that you even care about her too.

Mornings are usually vulnerable for both of you. She has always been the one who has been waking up early in the morning and making breakfast for you. On an anniversary day you can get a wedding anniversary cake from Ferns n Petals for her in the morning along with a simple breakfast which could be bread and omelette to develop peace in a relationship.

Some simple statements can do great wonders for you. If she is inside the home already and you ask, ‘Is there something that I can do for you.’ I am sure that it will instantly put a smile on her face since relationships are all about sharing the load with each other and making them comfortable too. The more you express your concern for her the greater are the chances that she will feel blessed to have you by her side.

Arriving at a common decision can be the hardest thing to do so how about playing it safe and playing the 5-3-1 choices. In this one person will give you five choices out of which the other person has to eliminate 2 of them and the first person has to again eliminate 2 more choices leaving you with one making it easier for you to come at a mutual decision.

Many men prefer to have a list ready with them, every time their partner says that they want a particular thing desperately they just add it to their existing list and gift it to them on their special occasion. I remember once I told my partner that I liked a particular flavour cake and he got me my favorite flavoured cake for anniversary to make me feel special.

These are just some of the tips that one should keep in mind for a long term relationship.

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