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Three Best Health Apps to Monitor Vitals and Improve Health


Health is the most precious asset for every individual and therefore healthcare has great importance. It is not only about physical health, but also about mental health. You can live a beautiful and joyful life if you are healthy and fit. 

We humans do a great deal of effort to protect ourselves from different diseases even we invest all of our wealth so that we can get treatment. Because we know that in the end, the single most important factor in our life is our health. 

Rather than paying for expensive medicines and healthcare facilities after getting sick, I suggest taking early steps to stay fit. Actually, I was looking for an app to monitor my vitals and found a website that you can visit here. So, that site clicked my mind to write about some useful Health Apps.

These are not only good to check and monitor vitals, but also you can take earl measures to keep yourself fit. I am sure you will find some help from that site as well. So, in this article, I am going to discuss some of the best and useful health apps.

How to Monitor Vitals with the help of Health Apps and improve Health?

Best Health App

Before moving towards the list of the best health apps, I just want to let you what these vitals are and how they affect our health. Once you will learn about this term, you will surely understand how you can improve your health and the measures you are supposed to take. 

Vitals are the medical signs that a doctor examines in any patient when he/she goes for consultation or checkup. However, you will find medical assistants in every hospital with every doctor to check vitals. Even they will investigate and ask you to give more information about your health. 

So, you can get better and proper treatment from the doctor. However, they have authentic and medically approved tools and other equipment to check your vitals. Therefore, they usually get almost accurate results and start the treatment accordingly. 

These medical signs include blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiratory, height, and weight. There are different standard rates set for each and every vital. So, you get treatment when there is an imbalance in any vital.

However, due to advancements in technology, we have different kinds of tools and even apps to monitor our vitals. You cannot only monitor vitals, but also you have the option to count steps, set workout plans, and so on. These apps allow us to keep ourselves healthy and fit. 

But self-medication is more lethal than any other disease which is why I recommend you to consult your doctor in any medical emergence. Further, these tools cannot give you accurate results sometimes. Therefore, it is better for you to keep visiting an authentic healthcare facility near to you. 

Careplex Vitals

Careplex Vitals

Careplex Vitals is an app that you can use on high-end smartphones as well as on tablets. It allows you to monitor your vitals through the sensors. Most high-end phones support such apps and this app is mainly designed for such devices. 

This application is designed by Careplix Healthcare. It allows you to monitor all the signs through its sensors. Furthermore, you can create a diary and keep it to monitor your health. So, you can consult a doctor before it gets late. 

Track your health with this app and stay fit. There is an important feature that is specifically designed for the COVID-19 victims. There you will find the options to scan respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. These are essential signs that medical staff usually examine in COVID-19 patients.    

However, there are more things that are important to examine in these patients. So, therefore, you must not consider it a full and final report. That is why I again emphasize on you to visit the doctor and always get proper and authentic medication.

Samsung Health Monitor

Samsung Health Monitor

Samsung Health Monitor app is also designed to check vitals and monitor your health. Along with that, you can also have the option to track your steps. You can create a whole workout plan through it and follow that plan accordingly. 

It is an official tool that is designed by Samsung itself. You can use it mostly on your smartwatches that are produced by the same company. However, you can also use it on some of the smartphones from the same brand. 

So, later you can configure them with your wearable devices such as smartwatch to get accurate results. It is a free feature or an app that you can download and use for free. You will find it in the Play Store or on the official App Store for Samsung phones.

Puml Better Health


Puml Better Health is a tool that is designed to create a workout plan and count the steps. As you know that exercise is important to stay healthy and fit. There are so many exercises that you can do to keep yourself fit. 

This tool allows you to make workout plans and monitor that plan every day. You can also count the steps. Further, you can increase the distance and steps as recommended by the app. However, there you can challenge other people on the app.

Because it is a kind of social networking app where there are hundreds of thousands of users. You can connect with them and give them challenges. Furthermore, you can win cash rewards. So, it is not only keeping you fit but also allows you to earn some cash as well. 


I would recommend you to do everything to keep yourself healthy and fit. In the end, the only thing that you need is your own will. These Health apps can only assist you to fulfill your aim easily. So, nothing is more important than this precious life. So, take good care of yourself and consult a doctor or visit the nearest healthcare facility because self-medication is risky.

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