Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lense
Contact Lense

If you are not very excited about wearing glasses, contact lenses are the perfect solution. You will not even notice them on your face, but your sight will be much better. 

If you have never had contact lenses before, getting them might be intimidating because you are not sure how to clean and use them.

Once you tried them, you will never go back to wearing bulky glasses. Here are some tips for how to properly take care of your contact lenses.


Cleaning tips 

Cleaning depends on which type of lenses you have. But generally, you should always keep your contact lenses clean, or you can have vision problems. 

Before handling your contact lenses, make sure that your hands are clean. Also, find a natural soap, and avoid the ones that have added perfume or scents. They can leave traces on your hands. If they get to your contact lenses and your eyes, it can make your mission blurry, or your eyes can get irritated. 


For cleaning your lenses, you will need special solutions and cleaners. Your doctor will recommend some products, but you can also choose them by yourself. If you are not sure which products to buy, here are the best contact solutions you can find.  

Never wash your lenses with tap water. It is home to get a that can cause irritation or infection, or hurt your vision. Although even distilled water can have some nasty little bugs, it is preferred when it comes to cleaning your lenses. 

Wash your lenses every time before using them. Let them dry and gently apply them. 


Do not sleep with your contact lenses

Unless your doctor says that it is absolutely necessary, you should never wear your contact lenses when going to bed. Usually, your doctor will set a limit on how many hours daily you should wear your contact lenses, and when you should take them off (like exercising, for example). Wearing your contact lenses while sleeping increases your risk of getting an eye infection. 

woman wearing contact lense
woman wearing contact lense

Replace your contact regularly 

Just like anything made of plastic, the lenses can wear off, and the material can become compromised. You should replace your lenses and the case in which you keep them regularly. 

If your vision is cloudy, and you are feeling the irritation or discomfort, it means that it is time to replace your contact lenses. If you see any bends or dents in your lenses, then you should definitely replace them. 


Take breaks

It is not recommended to wear your contact lenses every day. That is why you should probably have your glasses just in case. Your doctor will advise you to have a break from wearing the contact lenses at least a day per week. 


Position your lens properly when applying them

If you are a first-time lens user, using your lens can be a daunting task. Although putting them inside-out won’t hurt your eyes, here is how you can always know if you are applying them correctly. 

Put the lens on the tip of your index finger. If it makes a perfect U shape, then it means that they are turned to a proper side. If the U shape has the top edges flare out, that means that the lens are inside-out.


Avoid touching your lens with your nails

Never touch your lens with your nails. You should always apply them with the tip of your index finger. Also, avoid having long nails because you can damage your lens or hurt your eyes when holding or applying them. 


Develop a routine

Although it may seem hard and a lot of work, after getting in the habit of cleaning by applying your lenses, it all starts being very natural to you. Be patient and do not be scared of wearing your lens. 

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