There’s Only 24 Hours in a Day: 7 Tips for Spending Less Time on Chores

House chores by family
House chores by family

Few people enjoy chores, but many spend hours each week on domestic duties. There are almost always more enjoyable, interesting things to do, and there are ways of freeing up time for them. Keep the following seven tips in mind and you will have more time to spend as you please.

  1. Get Some Help

Your time is valuable, so using it for chores is not always the best option. Hiring a maid agency to clean up around the house can easily be the single best way to improve your overall quality of life.

Some people feel that relying on a maid service would be too luxurious or even frivolous, but the numbers often suggest otherwise. For a modest investment, you can free yourself of the need to even think about certain chores, never mind actually take care of them.

If your budget is already stretched so tight that no additional spending can be accommodated, it might be better to put off calling a cleaning service. Have even a bit of room for discretionary spending, though, and paying for a bit of help around the house can end up being the best possible investment.

  1. Get Organized

Gurus like Marie Kondo have convinced millions that keeping up with household organization pays off. That is true not just of everyday routines, but also of the time it takes to clean up later on.

A well-organized house will always be easier to keep that way than one that is constantly veering between extremes. Learning to better organize your home will allow you to put it in back in order more quickly every time it needs it.

  1. Work More Efficiently

Household chores seem so distasteful to many people that they prefer not to think about them. Unfortunately, that often leads to inefficiency, which adds to the time it takes to complete a set of chores.

housewife busy in house chores

Becoming more organized helps ward off such problems, but so does adopting a more thoughtful approach to the work itself. Identify any sorts of redundancy or avoidable repetition in your chore-related routines and you can cut down on the time they take.

  1. Stick to a Schedule

One of the reasons why chores sometimes seem to take so long is that they get put off until inauspicious times. If you stick to a regular schedule for your chores, you will learn to recognize and avoid needless delays and slowdowns. As the simplest way to become conscious of just how much time you devote to chores, sticking to a regular schedule will help you power through them more quickly.

  1. Accept Some Imperfection

Even people who prize cleanliness and organization the most can always tolerate certain levels of dirt and disorder. It is not necessary to allow your home to become a pigsty, but become comfortable with a modest amount of imperfection and you will not need to spend as much time cleaning.

  1. Buy Better Tools

Some people struggle for years with old, worn-out vacuums or dusters that cause problems and slow down housework. Replace your aging, outdated cleaning implements with shiny new ones and you might just finish your chores more quickly.

  1. Become Less Messy

Tackling chores is a way of making up for messes made earlier on. Become more conscious of how your routine activities impact your home’s condition and you will need to clean less.

Always Keep the Goal in Sight

Even people who dislike doing chores the most often make little effort to minimize the time spent on them. Keep the seven tips above in mind and you should find yourself with more free time for activities you actually enjoy.

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