Tips To Help Your Fitness Motivation In 2019

Fitness Motivation

If you’ve ever begun an exercise program and then given up after a few weeks you’re not the only one! In fact most people begin fitness programs that they never complete – often because the results take too long to show but mostly because they just get bored.

If you’re making getting fit your new year’s resolution, here are 7 top tips to encourage you to stay motivated.

1.Set Yourself Some Goals

If you have something to work towards, you’re more likely to stick to your program. Knowing what you need to achieve helps you to progress. It’s important, however, to start small and work up to bigger goals. There’s no point in setting a long-range goal straight away – saying you’re going to lose 50 pounds as your goal is too ambitious and sets you up for failure. Set a realistic short-term target. For example, you might set a goal to walk for ten minutes every day. You can then increase that to thirty minutes a day. Your long-range target could be to walk for 5k.

2.Making It Fun

This is for fitness enthusiasts and those who rarely exercise alike – if your workout isn’t fun you just won’t stick with it. Find an activity or sport that excites you. But remember to vary your routine otherwise even the most exciting activity will become boring. Why not try something you’ve never tried before. There are some surprising forms of exercise which will help you get fit but which won’t feel like you’re exercising – ballroom dancing or trampolining anyone?

3.Be Active Every Day

It can be hard to fit exercise into your life, but it’s important not to make excuses. Exercise is important so make time to schedule a daily workout just as you schedule other regular activities. You can add in lots of physical activities as part of your regular routine – don’t take the elevator – walk the stairs instead. If you’re watching your kids play football, don’t sit in the bleachers, walk the side-lines instead. When you’re watching TV, do it while riding a stationary bike. Sitting for too long will affect your well-being, even if you’re getting plenty of exercise otherwise. So if you have a sedentary occupation try to fit in regular breaks through your workday where you move around – walk to the coffee machine or stand and pace during telephone conversations.

4.Put It In Writing

If you’re hoping to get fit or lose weight, it’s important to put your goals down in writing. Once you’ve committed it to paper, you’ll find that you’re more motivated every time you look at it. Pin it on the noticeboard or on the fridge. You can also keep your own exercise diary. Note everything you did in each session, the length of time you spent exercising and the way you felt afterwards. By tracking progress in this way, you’ll see how you’re moving forward to your goal.

5.Exercise with Neighbours Or Friends

There’s no need to exercise alone. Invite your family members, neighbours or friends to join in whenever you exercise. Working out with others helps you to stay motivated and when you exercise with other people you have more encouragement to keep going. You can all motivate each other.

6.Plan Rewards

Nothing keeps you motivated more than a reward for getting through an exercise session. After each one, savor just how good you feel after working out. This helps you to stay committed in the long term. Reward yourself with something external too. If you reach one of your exercise goals, give yourself a little healthy treat – perhaps a healthy smoothie in your favourite café or, if you reach a long term target, a new fitness outfit or pair of sneakers.

7.Stay Flexible

If you really are very busy and don’t have time to exercise on one day, feel free to take a break. It’s important to be kind to yourself. If you’re feeling unwell, there’s no point in pushing yourself to work out. However, don’t fall off track – once you’re able to get back to working out you should do it right away. Now that you’re ready, it’s time to start exercising. Set your targets, choose a fun activity and remember those occasional rewards. You’ll soon be on your way to achieving your goals.

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