Top 4 Reasons to Do DNA Testing

We all have specific sequence of DNA in our chromosomes. This sequence helps in the prediction of the physical and behavioral traits; we owe to our parents. These traits are transferred to us via these DNA sequence. The study of chromosomal structure or DNA sequence can help in solving many mysteries. They are called DNA testing.

DNA testing is basically a test in which human body cells are studied deeply to diagnose its DNA sequencing. It also helps in the case if any mutation occurs in the cell. The chromosomal sequence can be matched to other person to know the relation between the two people.

Our DNA sequence provides us the whole information about our structure, dominancy of a behavior, or our ancestral history. We get the sequence from our parents, that’s why most of our traits are common to our parents. The amazing part is we can easily distinguish our history or origin by the latest technologies. A home DNA test kit can help you take the sample at your own. You don’t even need to go to the lab. Buy a kit, take the sample, and send the kit back to the lab. You will get your results in a few days.

DNA testing can be done for a number of reasons. Here are the top 4 reasons to test:

  1. Determine your nutritional compatibility.

Our genetic makeup is largely influenced by genetics. Genetic analysis can help determine your risk of contracting certain diseases, and a preventive plan can be devised from there. A person’s genetic background can affect their susceptibility to certain nutrients just as it does to illnesses.

Nutrigenomics investigates the connection between these factors. Various foods have different effects on individuals, so it should come as no surprise that they will affect people differently. For Instance, an allergic person might experience chest pain when eating nuts while another might not. The DNA also determines how quickly we digest different substances and how fast our metabolism is.

The most suitable diet for each individual can be determined by studying genetics or taking a DNA test. During the test, you will know if your body responds to certain nutrients, find out if you have previously unknown allergies, and determine your metabolic rate. Dietary habits may be found to not be optimal prior to the test.


  1. Become aware of your health risks.

There are some diseases that are more likely to affect certain people than others. Your genes are determined by what your parents pass on to you. A carrier gene is extremely likely to pass on to you, so if you don’t have the proper living conditions you are more likely to contract the illness.

If you undergo a DNA test, you will learn which genetic mutations are present in your body, and how likely you are to contract diseases or develop health problems. With this information, you can make an informed decision about prevention and discuss it with your doctor. Changes in lifestyle and behavior may be required, as well as adopting a new diet. The most appropriate diet for you depends on your genetic makeup.


  1.  Determine paternity and inheritance rights

If you have a child and do not know the father, what would you do? Using a DNA test is one of the best ways to find out who the biological father is and obtain child support. A father can also request a DNA test if he is refused access to see his child by a mother, and the results of that test can be used to establish paternity and to gain access to his child. This is one of the most common motivations for DNA testing. DNA testing is also beneficial for the kids to claim their inheritance rights. The righteous heirs of a property can be found by performing a DNA test.

An ancestor’s DNA is tested in situations where someone claims to be the heir to the deceased parent’s children. If there is a doubt whether that person is actually a relative of the deceased parent, DNA tests are done.


  1. Discover the ancestral history

There has always been a fascination with ancestral history. A DNA test for ancestry can help you connect with your ancestors and learn more about their past.

Finding out the percentages that make up our ethnicity after taking a family history DNA test is one of the most exciting parts of receiving results.  The term is also designated as genetic ancestry testing or genetic genealogy, in this study people are interested in finding in their family background. Where their ancestors belong to? You will be amazed to know that you can even predict the area from which your early ancestors belong. DNA testing assists you find this. Maybe it revealed to you, your ancestors were basically from Egypt or Greek.

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