The Top Teeth Whitening Tips

A brilliant set of pearly whites is a strong indicator of beauty in our society. From grinning celebrities with the whitest of teeth to fiction that portrays people with discolored teeth as villains, it’s enough to make anyone wonder how they can get whiter teeth. Between natural remedies, teeth whitening products and procedures at the dental office, there are several methods that might help you get the pearly whites of your dreams.

Why teeth turn yellow

But first, there are a number of reasons why your teeth may turn yellow. Identifying the reason could help you treat it better. Some of the top reasons include:

Dietary habits: Drinking coffee or tea, or eating a poor diet with high acidic foods like soda, candy and a high amount of citrus fruits, can affect teeth whitening. Along similar lines, smoking can also cause teeth to yellow.

Dry mouth: If you have less saliva, your mouth naturally rinses itself less, leading to staining from debris. Medications, or even breathing through your mouth due to nasal congestion, can cause this condition.

Medical issues: Sometimes meds like antibiotics can cause teeth to yellow. Nutritional deficiencies or certain illnesses can also cause yellowing teeth. Talk to your doctor if you’re not sure about the meds you are taking or have other concerns.

Aging: Sometimes simple aging can have an effect as enamel brakes down, or genetic factors can play a role as you get older.

Teeth whitening products

There are so many teeth whitening products on the market it can be dizzying. From mouthwashes to toothpastes to strips, you have your share of options you can try. You may want to talk with a cosmetic dentist about which over-the-counter option may be right for you.

Natural methods

If you’d like to try the natural route, there are several ways you can potentially reduce teeth stains at home. The easiest is to identify if you have any bad habits listed above, like drinking too much coffee. Try to adjust those habits to take care of the root cause.

There are also a lot of home remedies out there for teeth whitening. The best method to try first is to drink more water. That will flush stain-causing debris from your teeth and reduce the amount of staining beverages you drink. Also, brush right after eating or drinking if you’re trying to reduce staining.

Dental procedures

A trip to the dentist could mean whiter teeth. There are product lines like PearlinBrite. This line of teeth whitening products includes an enhancer gel, toothpaste, lip balms and the Nano-Silver Toothbrush. Each of these work best after Dr. Linhart’s PearlinBrite laser tooth whitening system, an effective teeth whitening method.


This proprietary method uses three different gels on the teeth, which are activated by two lasers. The gels have Energy Transfer Crystals (ETC) that absorb the lasers’ energy and transfer it to the hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. The hydrogen peroxide then enters a more efficient “excited” state and removes stains from the teeth.


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