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Unlock Your Strength: Wilks Score Calculator for Accurate Weightlifting Analysis

Wilks Score Calculator
Wilks Score Calculator

We have designed the Wilks score calculator to help weightlifters analyze their weightlifting capacity based on their weight and gender, among other weightlifters. The formula to calculate the Wilks score was primarily introduced by the CEO of Powerlifting Australia, Robert Wilks it is a very complex formula representation, and for the sake of making the calculations easier for the consumers, we have devised this accurate Wilk score calculator.

How is Wilks’s Score Calculated?

To calculate Wilk’s score, you need to input a few parameters, and your score will appear within the blink of an eye.

  • Select Gender.
  • Enter the preferred unit system, i.e., lbs. or kgs.
  • Enter your total body weight.
  • Enter the weight that you have lifted.
  • Press Calculate.

The Wilks score will be displayed based on gender, allowing you to see your weightlifting score compared to other weightlifters with different body weights. The Wilks score is appreciated for its accurate evaluation of males and females based on their weights and weightlifting ability. It also helps compare men’s and women’s strength by considering their weightlifting capacities. For instance, if a man and woman weigh equally and lift the same amount of weight, the Wilks score will be higher for a woman. Since men biologically have stronger bodies, the Wilks score varies due to the gender factor.

What is Wilks Coefficient?Wilks Coefficient

Wilks score or Wilks coefficient estimates the strength of every weightlifter by considering gender and individual weightlifting capacity. The Wilks score has made it easier to measure the powerlifting strength of males and females and works effectively in producing results relative to each other. No matter how much weight you have or how sturdy you are physically, the Wilks formula is the right estimator of how much strength you endure than other powerlifters.

Wilks Score Chart

You may easily find out your Wilks score by using our fast Wilks score calculator. Based on the results, you may determine your capabilities as a powerlifter. The below-mentioned score chart helps you find your category based on the resultant Wilks score.

Wilks score


300You are powerlifting for one year, are stronger, and have the potential to improve your score
350 to 400You are stronger and are ready to participate in a national-level powerlifting competition
450You acquire the status of championship-level
500You are the best in the weightlifting category
550You are on the list of very few people who can have this level of Wilks score
600You are the greatest to achieve this master level of weightlifting

Wilks Formula

Assessing your Wilks score by using a formula can be overwhelming and time-consuming which is why the Wilks score calculators are designed. However, there is still an updated formula representation for Wilks score calculations, which is as follows:

Wilks Score = MWL · 600 / (a + b·w + c·w2 + d·w3 + e·w4 + f·w5)


MWL = maximum weight lifted

w = weight (kgs) of the individual

a to f = coefficients

The values of coefficients for both men and women are as follows:





Bottom Line

Using the Wilks score, you can determine whether you have been stronger following a training cycle. For instance, it may be challenging to determine whether you are actually growing stronger or whether your improved workout performance is simply a result of your higher body weight if your weight has increased along with your lifts. A Wilks calculator is the right way to track your performance and see which category you fall in regarding weightlifting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Wilks’s score interpret?

Wilks score interprets the strength of a weightlifter compared to other weightlifters across both genders, having different body weights. Robert Wilks, CEO of Powerlifting Australia, first devised Wilks score or Wilks coefficient.

Is a Wilks Score of 300 good?

The Wilks score of 300 is not too strong but shows that you can achieve a better score of 350 to 400.

What is a high Wilks Score?

The Wilks score of 350 to 400 is considered good, but the championship-level score is considered to be 450.

Who holds the record for the highest Wilks score?

Marianna Gasparyan is the highest Wilks score holder of all time, with the highest Wilks score of 720.67. The second top scorer is Stefi Cohen, with Wilks score of 698.11.

When was Wilks’ formula devised?

The Wilks formula was originally devised in 1994 by an Australian powerlifter, Robert Wilks.

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