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10 Unnatural Hair Color Ideas for Cool Skin Tone

Unnatural Hair Color Ideas for Cool Skin Tone - assorted hair colors

Cool hair skin tones these days are much more than varying the shades of brown or chocolaty colors. They are something that really seems cool and even sound cool.

Here we have different color ideas for your hair that make your hair fabulous and bolder. Keep on reading to have excellent hair color ideas.

If you ask me for single unnatural hair color for cool skin tones, it will be hard to answer this question.

Having a cool and bold skin tone of your hair is not something relevant to a single color. We have diagnosed many colors that can give you the bold effect.

Other than my prescription, multiple things need to be added to the recommendation depending on your hair skin, and original color type. Expert help is necessary to tackle this situation.

1. Soft Golden Blondea girl having soft golden blonde hair color

This golden color is the upper extreme of the normal golden one. It gives a blonde and smooth, soft touch to your hair, presenting a beautiful color.

This color looks great when applied to complete hair or only the strips. It looks flawless and gives a soft and light texture to your hair.

2. Metallic Silver Blonde

a girl having metallic silver hair color

It is a little more litter than the original silver and provides metallic effects within your hair. That is a good pick if you like to have a light color on your hair.

It gives a beautiful silver and metallic combo, providing your hair with a fantastic texture and beautiful bold color.

3. Silver

a girl having silver hair color

Experiencing this color, you will find its difference from the metallic one. It is the darker shade of silver, providing an even tone and a darker color to your hair.

It looks exquisite as like those of royal hair color. It makes your hair bold and classy.

4. Rose Gold

a girl having rose gold hair color

Here is what a dark hair color lover will pursue. The rose gold is actually more than the pink or red rose. This color gives a bold look either applied to the strips or the whole hair.

It provides a golden blonde touch from the lower hair and a pinkish texture on the above, providing wonderful texture overall.

5. Turquoise

a girl having turquoise hair color

It is something like the combo of the greenish-blue color applied to your hair. It is relevant to a beautiful ornamental stone. This color looks more classy and bold when applied to the lighter-colored tone hair.

Taking care of the severity of the green pigment effect on your hair, you can have multiple dyes from this single color.

6. Baby Pink

a girl having baby pink hair color

Every one of us is aware of the baby pink color. But applying this color to the hair can be a bit of a thinking decision.

People may confuse this color with rose gold. But it is actually the darker version of the pure pink pigment. In contrast, the rose gold has a golden tint more associated with it.

7. Lilac

a girl having lilac hair color

That’s more like the lighter shade of purple. This color enhances your bold hair desire if you apply the silver touch on the lower hair. A complete lilac hair color provides you with a different identity.

It is much more than a simple purple color as it gives incredible silver reflection from the downside of the hair.

8. Mint Green

a girl having mint green hair color

It is something like the greenish waters you have often seen over the seas. It is the lighter version of the purest green. It is applied by minimizing the original hair color to provide a fantastic hair color approach.

The authentic yellow pigment, if not removed properly, can mess up the color. This will have a glossy effect on your hair.

9. Scarlet Red

a girl having scarlet red hair color

Have you ever planned to get the blonde red or the deep red-violet touch to your hair? Scarlet red is something different and more evolving than that.

It provides a beautiful color pigment to your hair with an orange touch and impressive shine. It is considered to be the darker version of red.

Here is a list of shampoos for red-colored hair, which will help to maintain your red hair color and prevent fading!

10. Copper Orange

a girl having copper orange hair color

Scarlet red provides a bit of shiny effect of the orange color to your hair. However, to maximize the orange pigment, copper orange is an attractive choice.

It doesn’t look awkward by having a complete orange head. The copper mimics the effect of orange and provides a tremendous impact on your hair.


We have seen a list of unnatural dyes that not only look unnatural but are pretty cool to your hair, providing your hair a completely natural treatment and pleasing effects.

If you want to dye your hair at home, read this article to get useful tips!

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