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US Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator for Men and Women

US Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator for Men and Women
Army Body Fat Calculator
Enter your height
Neck circumference
Waist circumference

Whether you want to join the US Navy or just want to check your body fat, the US Navy Body Fat Calculator provides accurate estimates of the amount of fat in an individual’s body. The calculation was made by the US Navy decades ago for those men who wanted to join the Navy. The formula made calculating the body’s fat content possible without requiring hefty equipment.

To join the US Navy, it is important to keep in mind the essential fitness criteria that apply to both males and females, including height, weight, body fat, physical strength, etc. In this blog post, you will learn how to use a Navy body fat calculator based on certain parameters. Know that we have only designed this calculator, but the US Navy originally introduced the formula that runs it. This calculator will help you track down your progress if you want to join the US Navy.

How do You use the US Navy Body Fat Calculator?

Just follow these simple steps, and the calculator will produce immediate results based on your physical parameters.

  • Select your gender.
  • Select the system of units to enter measurements, i.e., imperial or metric.
  • Enter your age.
  • Enter your height in the given unit.
  • Enter your neck circumference in the given unit.
  • Enter your waist circumference in the given unit.
  • Enter calculate.

The results will appear, representing the allowed body fat percentage in the US Navy. Whether you are overweight or underweight, you can easily predict through this calculator if you are eligible to join US Navy personnel.

The Formula Used to Calculate Body Fat %age for the US NavyBody Fat %age for the US Navy

Marcie Beckett and James Hodgdon formulated the formula used in the US Navy Body Fat Calculator decades ago. This formula is used as a standard by the US Navy to calculate the body fat in both males and females.

For women,

Density = -0.350 × Log10(abdomen + hip + neck) + 0.221 × Log10(height) + 1.296 BF%

BF% = 100 × [(4.95/density) – 4.5]

For men,

Density = -0.191 × Log10 (abdomen – neck) + 0.155 × Log10(height) + 1.032 BF%

BF% = 100 × [(4.95/density) – 4.5]

The screening test to join the US Navy not only considers the body fat in an individual but also other parameters, including height, weight, and body composition. You should be aware of the height and weight allowed by the US Navy before appearing in the physical assessment. It is also noteworthy that the body fat percentage applies to only those candidates who do not meet the weight criteria regarding their height.

How Can I Take Measurements to Enter into the US Navy Body Fat Calculator?Measurements to Enter into the US Navy Body Fat Calculator

Since the US Navy rules regarding a candidate’s selection are strict, you should be precise when entering the body measurements such as neck, hip, and waist circumference. Here are a few ways that can help you take your measurements accurately.

Follow these steps when measuring your neck circumference, or you may ask someone else to take the measurements:

  • Stand straight and relax.
  • Take a precise measuring tape and measure the neck circumference right below the larynx.
  • When measuring, do not take measurements from the shoulder muscles.

Follow these steps to measure the waist circumference:

  • Stand straight with your feet together.
  • When taking measurements, wear minimal clothes so the results can be accurate.
  • Put your arms on the side.
  • Exhale when taking measurements.
  • Take the measurement at the smallest waist circumference.
  • Write down the measurement and take another measurement for minimum error. Find the average measurement from both the results.

Follow the given steps to measure the hip circumference:

  • Stand straight in front of the mirror with your feet together.
  • Exhale when taking measurements.
  • Take horizontal measurements from the heaviest part of the buttock.
  • Take all these measurements twice so there are highly accurate results. This tool needs to be more precise and should not be used for medical purposes.

Body Fat Percentage Ranges for Different Fat Categories

Types of fat



Athletes6% to 13%14% to 20%
Essential body fat2% to 5%10% to 13%
Fit14% to 17%21% to 24%
ObeseOver 26%Over 32%
Acceptable18% to 25%25% to 31%

With the body mass percentage, it becomes easier to determine if the individual has a healthy fat mass or is obese.

Allowed Body Fat Percentage by the US NavyAllowed Body Fat Percentage by the US Navy

After taking the required measurements for different candidates, the body fat percentage is determined for both males and females. The decision of candidate selection is heavily based on the fat content inside the individual’s body. Look at the given chart where we have enlisted the body fat %age allowed by the US Navy.




18 to 21 years old22%33%
22 to 29 years old23%34%
30 to 39 years old24%35%
Over 40 years old26%36%

Bottom Line

Each person experiences body fat accumulation at a different rate, which is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics and lifestyle, such as eating too much and not exercising or having a sedentary lifestyle. Some people may find it more difficult to lose body fat accumulated in the abdomen, while some have it in their buttocks. With the use of the US Navy Body Fat Calculator, you can determine how much fat storage you have in your body. This is not a highly accurate tool, but since it only requires a few outputs, it is popularly used to track the body fat %age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Navy body fat calculator accurate?

The US Navy body fat calculator is the least accurate method to measure body fat but requires just a piece of minimal equipment. The accuracy estimate of using this calculator is only 3 to 4%.

Is 30 percent body fat ok?

A total of 30% of body fat lies in the healthy range for both men and women. For women between 20 and 39, the healthy body fat %age should be 21% to 32%, while this % should be from 8% to 19% for men.

How much body fat is attractive?

The body fat between 21 and 33% is considered attractive for women, while the body fat between 8 and 21% is considered attractive for men.

What does 10 percent body fat look like?

If you have 10 percent body fat, you will be able to show muscles and six-pack abs. If you want to achieve these physical attributes, a body fat of 10 percent will look good.

What is the most accurate test to measure body fat percentage?

The underwater test or hydrostatic test is considered the most accurate to measure the body fat percentage, but due to high cost and lesser availability of resources, it is not possible to measure progress frequently using this tool.

Can I have zero body fat percentage?

No, you can never have zero body fat percentage. People can have lower body fat percentages, but 0% body fat is not achievable. You need to have essential fat to carry your body functions.

Which measures are required to enter into the US Navy body fat %age calculator?

You will be required to put gender, waist circumference, neck circumference, and height into the US Navy body fat percentage calculator. Take these measurements precisely to ensure minimum error.

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