Bio-identical Replacement Therapy; Treating Hormone Troubles

Are you looking for Bio-identical Replacement Therapy for  treating hormone troubles by using natural hormones; then you are at a right place.

Natural Hormones Bio-identical Replacement :

Also called as Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the treatment that refers to using hormones, which are identical on the molecular level with the endogenous hormones.

The therapy uses supplemental doses of hormones having chemical structurally identical to the hormones that the human body produces naturally. It treats the symptoms of menopause, peri-menopause and post-menopause.


How this Treatment works?

We can buy bio-identical hormones  from a compounding pharmacy too. A cocktail of hormones requires according to the condition of the individual patient. If you have them from a conventional pharmacy, then you will find them in a number of set of doses.

Many of the Bio-identical hormones are made from the soybean and wild yams, containing compounds, which are chemically processed and they are converted into the identical replicas of the hormones, which are produced by the human body.

Effects of the Treatment?

The Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is not something that reverses aging. The goal of the therapy is to maintain a sound level hormone so that the symptoms are alleviated and the risk of acquiring various diseases is reduced. The benefits which you will experience after the treatment include increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss, and even improved libido.

Before opting the treatment, it is important to learn which hormones to replenish, specialized tests and training is required for this purpose . The patient has to undergo extensive training in diagnoses, treatment, monitoring and adjustment in the level of hormones accordingly.

Is the Bio-identical Hormones Safe?

Yes, the Bio-identical hormones are completely safe and they are effective too because they are identical to the molecular structure of the hormones present in the human body. The therapy is free from the risks with the synthetic hormones.


Furthermore, Studies have revealed that the natural hormone optimization has long-term health benefits. You will see reduction is diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, aging and senility.

Uses of the Bio-identical Hormones:

Undoubtedly, the bio-identical hormone therapy has many uses. People are using this treatment for the following purposes:

  • Menopause

The hormone level starts to drop, when menopause happens. Problems like fatigue, weight gain, reduction in the sex drive, insomnia, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, depression and anxiety occur. With the Bio-identical hormone therapy, you can reduce and alleviate the symptoms.

  • Testosterone Production in Men


The testosterone production in men can be addressed with this therapy too. The testosterone level starts declining after the age of 40. The reduction in the testosterone level causes reduction in the libido, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression and even cause osteoporosis.

With this therapy, you can increase your testosterone level, and eventually the energy level, libido, improve in the erectile function and even your mood.

  • Breast Cancer

The WHI study has shown the ratio of breast cancer among women was high who didn’t receive bioidentical hormones. With the estrogen only hormone replacement therapy, there had been a decrease in the risk of breast cancer among women.

What are you waiting for, if you are going down on the hormones, it is time that you go for the Natural Hormones Bioidentical Replacement Therapy too!

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