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What Color Jewelry Goes with Green Dress? (Different Options)

What Color Jewelry Goes with Green Dress

Everyone likes to dress up and look good regardless of the event. Since there is no one style followed today, people have the freedom to decide the color and style for an event. With the winter and fall seasons just around the corner, green tends to be a popular color.

Green is a versatile yet bold color with multiple color variations and undertones. Girls genuinely love the color and enjoy wearing it with luxury jewelry.

Suppose you wear the perfect green dress for an event; what’s the next question? What jewelry for green dress? There’s no fixed answer, but we have recommendations for you! We won’t keep you waiting; let’s dive in.

Why do I Need a Green Dress?

a girl wearing a green dress
a girl wearing a green dress

Green is a bold, eye-catching color that will grab a lot of attention. You can plan to carry a green-colored dress as a way to make your unique fashion statement and stand out from the crowd. Many people will opt for a green dress because it’s a royal, deep, and rich color that makes you look perfectly dressed for a formal event.

Moreover, green is a pretty vintage and classic color, not too bright or tacky. Wearing a green dress, you can make your signature statement at an event while always looking your best.

What are the Shades of Green I Can Carry?

With the green color, the shades options are endless. As we mentioned, green is a versatile color, so that you can bring in almost every shade to your wardrobe. From yellow and darker green undertones to pastel, pale, dark, and rich, green dresses have a wide variety.

Here are some of the shades of green you can style:

  • Mint
  • Lime
  • Spring Green
  • Sage
  • Turquoise 
  • Hunter
  • Emerald
  • Forest 
  • Olive
  • Chartreuse 
  • Pine
  • Jade 

Where Can I Wear a Green Dress?

a girl wearing a green dress
a girl wearing a green dress

With the royalty and uniqueness of the color, green color can hardly not be suited for a particular event. Whether it’s parties or the festive season, green is the perfect color to flaunt. Here are some occasions where wearing a green dress is an ideal choice.

Wedding Events

Sage, mint, Lime, forest, hunter, and emerald shades of green are just the perfect option for a winter or fall wedding. Green is a very royal and formal color, perfect for wedding events.


Green is a unique color that makes you stand out from the rest. A perfect color to wear to a party if you want to make your statement and stand out from the crowd.

Festive Season

Nothing screams the festive season better than the green color. Wearing a green dress is the perfect attire for the festive season. You can pair it up with bold-colored jewelry with multiple shades of green to pull off the perfect look.

We’ve mentioned a few events where you can carry such a perfect color. What about school graduation or office party? You can not make a better color choice than green!

Green Dress and Jewelry Color Contrast

blue necklace
blue necklace

How can you find the perfect contrast of green? Well, you have a simple yet exciting tactic for that. Remember that green is a bold color and is among the secondary colors.

For a green-colored dress, you can go with contrasting jewelry like yellow or blue. If that doesn’t work, you’ll like a hint of reds or pinks to go with a green dress.

When it comes to jewelry with a green dress, the options, again, are endless. Most women wear green dresses with metallic jewelry. You also have several options, like gold, copper, and silver. Metallic hues are a perfect combination with a green dress.

Contrasting Jewelry for Emerald Green Dress

heart shaped silver necklace with heart shaped earrings
heart shaped silver necklace with heart-shaped earrings

Emerald green is a very royal color that is complemented perfectly with silver-colored jewelry. Whether you wish to wear a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace, make sure to add a touch of silver to complete the perfect look.

Matching Jewelry for Dark Green Dress

pink necklace
pink necklace

Dark green shades like hunter, teal, and emerald have an intense blueish undertone which can be cooled down with a lighter or cooler jewelry shade like gold, white, lilacs, or blues. If your outfit has bluish hues in green, the best is to choose deep lilac or blue-colored jewelry.

Alternatively, if your dress has warm green tones, you can go with rose or pink-colored jewelry. Metallic jewelry can enhance the overall look of a dark green dress.

Matching Jewelry for Light Green Dress

coral jewelry
coral jewelry

If you’re going for lighter shades of green like mint, sage, or lime, the jewelry you wear alongside can include shades like gold, rose, pink, or red.

Since light green is more of a summer season shade, you can choose to get a little brighter. Red, ivory, or coral jewelry pieces are perfect for a lime green dress!

Green Dress Accessories and Jewelry Depending on the Event and Occasion

different kinds of jewelry
different kinds of jewelry

On different occasions, when you’re carrying a green dress, the color choice of your jewelry may also vary. Sometimes, you may want to play around with the colors, while for formal events, one color tone may work better.

Below, we’ve covered some ideas for carrying jewelry with a green dress on different occasions.

Dining, Formal, and Fancy Events

Silver and gold jewelry will work better to give an elegant look and perfect your personality if you wear a green dress to a formal or fancy event. This classy look is perfect for such events. Formal occasions require an elegant look, so intricate silver and gold jewelry will be good for the look.

Gold necklaces and rings add a good look to your attire, and silver jewelry can add a sense of elegance.

Summertime, Casual, and Informal Events

Summer is the time for colors and vibrancy! Nothing speaks summer more than a green dress with brightly colored jewelry.

If you’re wearing a green-colored dress to a summer picnic, or an informal, casual event, the best option for jewelry is bright colors like pink or red bracelets or rings. The color blends and shades are entirely up to you.

Combining green with bright-colored jewelry pulls off a bold, edgy, and confident look. When it comes to casual and informal events, people go for the colors they like.

While some prefer bright red and its shades with a green dress, others may choose jewelry of the same shade as their green dress.

Professional and Office Settings

Finally, a green dress is also a perfect color to carry to an office event. In this case, however, the jewelry color and style may vary.

Since the office and professional setting is often more on the formal end, you can opt for white or black jewelry to get a good look.

How Many Jewelry Pieces to Wear with a Green-Colored Dress?

a girl wearing jewelry with a green dress
a girl wearing jewelry with a green dress

As we discussed earlier, green is a bold and daunting color that doesn’t need much styling. So, it’s best to stick with minimalist jewelry. At the elementary level, you can go with the three standard accessories; a necklace, earrings, and a ring. You can add a stylish bracelet if you want to go a little overboard.

Whatever you choose, the jewelry piece should complement your dress and shouldn’t look overloaded. Yet, there is no limit on how many jewelry pieces you should wear, but we suggest you stick with the minimum.

Here are some exciting tips for you:

  • Go with the minimalistic rule; wear a minimum number of jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, or earrings.
  • Add a bracelet if you think you need more than these three jewelry items.
  • Refrain from overloading or underloading your look. Achieve an enhanced look but keep your jewelry distinct from the dress.
  • Three to four accessories are more than enough to carry with a green dress, whether the event is formal or informal. Stay within this limit.
  • Make sure to maintain a balanced and beautiful look; your accessories should match your dress and complete the entire look and style.
  • At the day’s end, the choice is entirely yours; but keep in mind these tips above if you want people to appreciate your look.


So, what jewelry is best to be worn with a green-colored dress? With the discussion above, we can clearly say that there is no fixed answer, yet you have multiple options available.

Green is a bold and versatile color that opens its doors to various options. The jewelry you choose to wear with a green dress depends on the type of event you’re attending.

If you’re preparing for a formal event, your best bet is an emerald green dress with jewelry like silver, copper, or gold. Yet, if you’re attending an informal event, you can always go for brighter colors like reds and pinks.

Yet, the idea is not to overdo or underdo your look. At the end of the day, you have to maintain a flat and minimalistic style. But it all comes down to you. Happy styling!


Does silver or gold jewelry go better with a green dress?

If your green dress has a lighter tone and touch, it’s best to go with gold jewelry because it looks better. Silver jewelry can give a dull look.

When is silver jewelry good with a green dress?

If your dress has a deeper tone of green, like emerald, medium blue, or turquoise, silver jewelry can complement the look pretty well.

Can I wear silver or gold jewelry with a mint green dress?

Silver and gold jewelry is the perfect match for a mint green address. While silver adds a fresh look, gold balances the coolness of the color, adding a touch of warmth. You can also wear light pink with mint.

What is the green shade for 2022?

The year 2022 also brings in a variety of shades of green, but the prominent one tends to be emerald green for this year. Yet pale and dusty greens are also trending and may soon make their way to the fashion industry.

What jewelry color goes best with a green dress?

If you want a neutral look, white or silver jewelry will look great. But if you want to add a touch of grace, silver and gold jewelry is perfect for the job. Alternatively, if you’re up for an informal look, you can opt for bright colors like pink or red.


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