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What Hair Color looks Good on Brown Skin? (8 Different Options)

What Hair Color looks Good on Brown Skin - a brown skin girl
a brown skin girl

Bringing out a change in oneself is becoming more common these days. When the going gets tough, and one requires a break and a fresh start, people of this generation, often tend to bring about a change. This certainly is cheaper than therapy and brings a sense of calm, freshness, and a new wave of confidence and hope in oneself.

The change that results in making one feel therapeutic can be of any kind, it can be a change of wardrobe, a change of job, a change of one’s routine, or any other thing, but the most common, trendy of them all is the change of hair color.

If one changes their hair color, it just doesn’t provide them a new look; it gives them a unique perspective and makes people look at them in a different manner. This is also why people choose their new hair color precisely; they go through many choices and pick the one that suits them the most.

There are many choices for fair skin, but people often face the dilemma of brown skin. Don’t worry! This article has got your back.

Color Choices for Brown Skin Tone

People think there are just a few hair colors suited for brown skin, but this is just a myth. There is a wide range of colors, from light and breezy to vibrant and radiant colors. You can style your hair to have a unique look. Some of the colors that go with brown skin are listed below,

1. Chocolate Brown

a girl with chocolate brown hair color
a girl with chocolate brown hair color

Let’s start with something simple yet elegant. Chocolate brown suits all types of skin tones but pairs best with brown skin tones.

This color is perfect for any season, whether one’s enjoying the sun rays on their hair or walking through a park in winter with a toque or beanie on their head and chocolate brown hair falling on shoulders, making everyone delighted by having a look at them.

2. Chunky Highlights

a girl having chunky highlights hair
a girl having chunky highlighted hair

Chunky highlights had been quite popular in the 90s, and this trend is now gaining popularity. For brown skin tones, chunky highlights tend to provide a sun-kissed style for their hair. When one clicks a picture with this hair color, it looks like they are enjoying summer vacations all year.

3. Burgundy Highlights

a girl having Burgundy Highlights hair
a girl having Burgundy Highlighted hair

If one’s looking for a bold look that makes people notice them twice, black hair with burgundy highlights is all one needs. If you already have black hair, this combination saves you from dyeing every hair.

You only need to provide highlights to your hair, and the color does it all. This hair color combination suits people with brown skin tones and curly or wavy hairstyles best.

4. Copper Red

a girl having cooper red hair color
a girl having copper red hair color

If one’s looking for a color that will make their hair pop, the best option they can have is copper red. One can have copper red highlights mixed with their black hair that gives their fur a beautiful look, or they can dye their hair copper red.

Dyeing their hair copper red completely will make their coat shine from afar on a sunny day, and their bold look is noticeable even on a beanie winter day.

5. Ash Blonde

a girl having ash blonde highlights
a girl having ash blonde highlights

How can one forget the infamous blonde shade when discussing which color the brown skin tone suits? The go-to color for any woman is Ash Blonde.

Of course, blonde has many variations, but this color has its roots in every shadow. Hence every shade of blonde color, dark or light, ash or brown, goes elegantly with brown skin tone.

6. Jet Black

a girl having jet black hair
a girl having jet black hair

The change one needs to represent can also be of the simplest form. If one has brown hair, blonde, or any color not black, they can dye their hair jet black.

There is a great wave of change in making your hair dead straight with jet black color. It depicts your fresh start and determination towards one’s newfound life, making them the boss.

7. Rose Gold Highlights

a girl having rose gold hair highlights
a girl having rose gold hair highlights

If one wants to change their hair color to a different one but doesn’t want a bolder or brighter look, having highlights of Rose Gold hair is the perfect look for them. It brings out the natural beauty in someone’s personality and gives them a cute character.

8. Grey

a girl having grey hair color
a girl having grey hair color

Last but not least, a brown skin tone with grey hair color is perfect for bringing out a gothic, bold, and daring change in one’s life.

This color changes one’s perspective into a more confident side and adds a keen yet humble sense of superiority to one’s personality. This color is becoming a new and better replacement for black, giving tough competition to blonde.

Actors with Brown Hair and Their Colors

Here are some actors with brown hair and their hair color:



Beyonce has changed her hair color many times over the period, but one can never forget the golden blonde that provided her with a goddess look and made her the symbol of blonde hair.



Zendaya has a lighter skin tone with a different color every year, and every year, she leaves her fan in awe of her beauty. She has experimented with many hair colors, such as ash brown, ombre, blonde, copper red, and many others, and each color has made her look even more beautiful.



Rihanna has not just experimented with different hairstyles but different colors as well. She had come up with many stunning looks, giving her a new personality each time. Whether her hair is brown, grey, red, or blonde, each time, they make a statement each time.


Change is quite essential for someone to have a therapeutic breakthrough in their life. Thus, the right hair color tone is reasonably necessary to bring out the right kind of hope, happiness, and confidence in one’s life.

Moreover, who doesn’t like looking good? That’s what a hair color matching one’s skin tone does; it makes one look like a king or a queen.


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