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Milica krstić biography

Life is unpredictable. No one on earth knows where their fate takes them. In every part of life, the fate of people and their destination has an unpredictable or unknown relation. If we talk about the marriage part of life, no one knows whom they pair with for spending their life.

We heard about the life of many celebrities, celebrity couples, and their relationships. People mostly wanted to know about the life of celebrity couples. They wanted to know all odds and even from their life. Now we shall discuss the life of the famous celebrity couple which got double and triple the popularity of getting married. The most important thing is, they are even now living happily, despite the presence of a prominent physical difference of height.

Milica Krstic Biography
Full nameMilica krstić
Nick namedMili
Sexual orientationstraight
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorDark brown
SpouseBoban Marjanovic
ChildrenVuk and peter
Milica net worth5 million dollar

Milica Krstić and Boban Marjanovic

One of the famous couples in 2014, Milica Krstić, a woman of average height, ties in a bond with a man of 7.4 feet and becomes famous. For most people, this is an unexpected relationship. The existence of this relationship proves that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Milica krstić and Boban Marjanovic relationship

The Early Life of Milica Krstić

She is the popular celebrity wife of famous basketball star, Boban Marjanovic. She was born in Serbia in 1991. Milica Krstić age is 31 in 2021. Zoran Krstić is the name of her father. She has only one brother’s name, Milos. The name of her mother is not known yet. She avoids exposing her life and tries to cover her family and their matters from the public. That is why there is not enough information from her early life.

Early Life of Milica Krstić

Milica Krstić and Boban Marjanovic Relationship

Milica krstić and Boban Marjanovic relationship was started with a friendship. This was done on the day when they had met at a birthday party in Serbia. From that spot, their chemistry had matched. After that meeting, they had started their relationship. Their relationship lasts for six months. After that, both decided to get married at the beach in Mexico. This marriage was a dream marriage that two people decided on in their romantic conversation in bed. The reason is, after ten days they married again in their home town in their proper religious way. This marriage results in enough popularity at those times.

Milica krstić and Boban Marjanovic

The Milica Krstić’s height is 5.5 inches (1.67m). The height of her husband is 7.4 (20.24m). Despite this physical difference, their relationship has survived for the last six years. Their relationship is always strong and fresh to other people even today.

Boban Marjanovic

The Dallas Mavericks is a famous basketball star. His other name is Boban Marjanovic. Boban Marjanovic was born on 15th August 1988 in Serbia. He was raised in SR Serbia and SFR Yugoslavia. Smilja Marjanovic was his mother’s name. His father is not known yet by anyone. He has a good height. His height makes it fit for the basketball team. He started his career in basketball at the age of 14.

Boban Marjanović Career

He showed his talent in several basketball teams such as CSKA Moscow, Mega Vizura, Crvena Zvezda, San Antonio Spurs, and Detroit Pistons. He played his first signed contract for CSKA Moscow. He got the gold medal in the FIBA U-19 World Cup and U-20 Championship and made the name of his country famous in the world. He is the second tallest person on the basketball court in the world. He had a sparkling career as a basketball player in the NBA (national basketball association).

Milica Krstić Profession

She has kept her life private and tries to stay away from the public and cameras. Despite this, she has worked as an actress in two Serbian TV shows. She did not work continuously as an artist yet she was one of the top models. She is seldom on the TV screen.

She did the famous show emergency center and the other is a long sitcom named Sindjelici. She has also done some photoshoots. She does regular workouts to maintain her beautiful body curves.

Family Life

The married life of Milica krstić and Boban Marjanovic is healthy and happy. The couple is enjoying a successful marriage with their two beautiful sons. The elder son was born in 2011. His name is Vuk. She gave birth to her younger son in 2015 December. His name is Petar. The young children are inspired by their father’s talent and career. They also want to make a name like his father on the basketball court.

Family Life of Milica krstić

Social Media Life

The couple got attracted to social media and got the attention of their fans. Milica krstić got 30 thousand followers on Instagram. Their followers and fans like their posts and adorable pictures of their dinners and vacations, which they have often posted.

She has multiple social media accounts, which shows his vigilance on a social media platform such as (@mrsbobi)

Milica krstić Instagram

If you want to know the prevailing events and other information from her life, visit her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Milica Krstić Net Worth

If we analyze her career, she is not the type of artist who remains on the TV screen. Her husband earns enough money, which is around 20$ million. Boban Marjanovic’s net worth is astonishing. The assets of her husband are more than enough. This is the reason why she seldom does work on TV. Her figure creates appealing images that mesmerize any mind. It proves that she can be a good artist and model.

Her husband earns seven million dollars yearly from Dallas Maverick. The Maverick also gives him a bonus of 3.5 billion dollars. Like his wife, Boban also has done a film, john wick 3. This project also has given him handsome money. The Serbian couple knows how to use money wisely. They bought a Wrangler jeep and many cars. They spend their vacation in exotic landscapes of the world.

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