Why Black Wedding Invitations Set The Tone For Your Classic Wedding?

Black wedding invitations? Are you sure? Why not?

The color black is usually associated with death, mourning, evil, and taboo & mystery. But the color may also be associated with formality, power, and elegance for those with different views.

Over the years, we have witnessed many newlyweds breaking tradition and seeking to create a black invitation for their wedding. Here are the facts about why black wedding invitations set the tone for your classic wedding; and tips on the best color combos with black.

Can Wedding Invitations be in Black?

Can Wedding Invitations be in Black

As we told you, the trend has been happening for years! But we are not encouraging you to do the same. We think that the idea is quite distinctive, but it will enhance more curiosity of guests.

If you desire to make a statement at your wedding: where guests will have the impact of seeing your unique concept of the ceremony and actual nuptials: black wedding invitations are a sure way to keep them more interested in the event.

Whether it is a black text accent or full black background: the hue sets off other colors creating an eye-catching wedding invite. Black wedding invitations have set the tone in wedding invites because few couples do it. If you prefer black wedding invites, you might like these wedding stationery design samples.

Do Your Wedding Invitations Have To Match Your Motif?

There is no rule that wedding invites should match perfectly with the colors you use for your wedding. But you can at least have an effort to ensure the colors tie with your wedding colors for uniformity. You see, a wedding color scheme has always helped out setting the tone for the big day.

When you are amazed by a black color motif, combining it with the color white denotes sophistication and simplicity. Additionally, your wedding stationeries may not match the color of your bridesmaid dresses. Their dresses may have the same hues as the color of flowers on the big day or the centerpieces in the reception.

Why Do Black Weddings Invite To Set The Tone For Classic Weddings?

Why Do Black Weddings Invite To Set The Tone For Classic Weddings

It happened in recent years. Many couples are establishing a trend that others do not dare to follow. More newly-weds and couples-to-be are now seeing “Black” as the new Ivory! Black can play a vital role in the styling of the big day.

At many wedding receptions that we attended, we saw black tablecloths: to black gloss dancefloors.

Although there are no real black flowers, some weddings use very dark shades of purple. They believed that the dark color symbolizes elegance, mystery, and power. Black is also the perfect choice for vintage-inspired or glamorous weddings. Remember the black & white photos of old?

Aside from white, the black background for wedding invitations also blends well with gold. Here are the best samples of black wedding invitations that will surely catch the eyes of your guests.

8 Other Colors That Go Well With Black Invitations

8 Other Colors That Go Well With Black Invitations

Aside from gold and white, some colors (and combinations) blend well with black wedding invitations. But you can do any combo you want or stick to black only: it is your choice. The following lists are just some of the most popular today.

  1. Gold and silver
  2. White and blue
  3. Green
  4. Burgundy
  5. White + Green
  6. Peach
  7. Purple + White
  8. Light gray + Silver

17 Ways You Can Incorporate Black Into Your Wedding Scenario

17 Ways You Can Incorporate Black Into Your Wedding Scenario

Aside from utilizing black as the color of your wedding stationeries, you can also use the color in various items on your big day. Like the following:

  1. Shoes
  2. Tulle
  3. Balloons
  4. Leather jackets
  5. Flowers
  6. Candy bars
  7. Hats
  8. Lace
  9. Pearls
  10. Earrings
  11. Crystal Champagne Glasses
  12. Birdcages
  13. Cake
  14. Veil
  15. Makeup
  16. Carpet
  17. Candles


Again, there is no rule stating that your wedding invites should match the colors you will use at your wedding. But black wedding invitations set the tone for your classic wedding.

We also reiterate that the color black seems to symbolize power, elegance, and mystery. The hue is becoming more stylish and classical because it caters to different wedding vibes.

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