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Why cellulite is not good for girls?

Cellulite is a physical condition which affects or change larger portion of a female’s body as compared to men.It occurs in women when the estrogen level in their body starts decreasing and as soon as they move closer to their menopause phase.

At what region of body do women get cellulites?

Cellulite in women body tend to occur around the buttocks, saddlebags and most commonly around the knees. Girls have three basic levels of fats accumulated in the areas around triceps and stomach.

Reasons why girls get cellulite

The tension begins when thin outer walls of the connective tissue starts to thicken, thus becoming rigid, stiff and fibrous. The wall’s thickness and stiffness crushes all the fat present inside the connective tissues, thus causing the unequal and rough curves of cellulite on different parts of body or outside skin.

Girls get cellulites more than boys because they have different kinds of receptors i.e. the adrenergic receptors. When these receptors are stimulated the other, receptors called the alpha receptors will start producing fat. Similarly, when the beta receptors in women body are stimulated, the fats are broken down. In girls, there are about nine alpha receptors for each of the beta receptor.

Can cellulites be removed from skin?

There is no such remedy o remove these rough spots and curves from body, what we call cellulites. If someone have cellulites on their skin then, there is not much he can do to remove it or to do away with it, though he can reduce the appearance of cellulites in some way, if he/she desires to get a smoother and clear look.


There are some alternatives to it as well. There are some Machines that can treat and reduce cellulite. Those machines work on radioactive waves that tend to break up all the excess and unequal fat on the skin.

Vacuum rolling

Vacuum rolling is also used for the same purpose. When it was introduced in corner store it was Endermologie. During the process of rolling and vacuuming the process of blood circulation is increased which assist body cells to break down the extra fat, thus giving out the clear and smooth skin. It is the safest and most appropriate treatment for treating cellulites and people with cellulites on their skin must approach this treatment.


This is more assured and propitious treatment and the US Food and Drug Administration (FADA) have also approved this treatment. Subcision includes the smoothing and breaking down of fat along with trimming the fibrous and rigid walls of connective tissues.

Cellulites are the spots and layer of fats on skin generally found on the buttocks and knee regions of the body. It is not good for girls because women are more prone to it than boys because they have two basic receptors for that. Women body have receptors o produce more fats that in turn produce cellulites on their bodies. Hence, it is not good for them and they must look for the medical treatments to reduce them.

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