Why Choose a Leather Dog Collar

When you take a stroll down the street and you see a dog roaming around, you’re wondering for sure whether it has a master or it’s just one of the poor homeless dogs. Judging from its looks, you can see several hints that it has an owner. It has a clean, healthy-looking fur. It is in good shape. It doesn’t look starved. It has some dog accessories such as collar. With these clues, you can tell that there’s someone taking care of it.

Talking about dog collars, you might think that it’s only worn around the dog’s neck for the sake of accessory. It serves several uses actually. For example, it usually bears the dog’s ID tag and medical information such as anti-rabies vaccination tags. Find out more about rabies.

Just in case, it runs away or gets astray, people would easily identify that this dog has a home and an owner.

Another reason why a dog collar is needed is that a leash is often attached to it. These accessories are necessary for walking and training the dog. Also, the government in many countries require pet owners to attach these accessories to their dogs.

So, a dog collar isn’t just meant for cute dog fashion. Putting this around the neck of your dog makes you a law-abiding citizen and a responsible pet owner.

Common Problems with Dog Collars

As a fur parent, especially, if you’re a first-time dog owner, you might be having some concerns whether certain accessories would be safe for your furry friend or not. It’s actually commendable that you think that way. It just shows how dear your dog is to you.

We totally understand your worries, so we’ve rounded up some common dog collar problems you should be wory about.

  • Skin Irritation

Some dogs are allergic to certain collar materials. One obvious sign is when it scratches its neck a lot and small wounds start appearing around its neck. The same result happens when the collar is too tight. A dog may experience certain problems such as infection and hair loss. Read more here:

To make sure that the dog collar is neither too tight nor too lose, you should be able to place your thumb between the collar and the neck of your dog. That’s the basic rule. It is also recommended to remove the collar every once in a while, for example, every night. It’s a safer option since you can’t supervise your dog’s safety for a couple of hours. Besides, it allows the skin restrained by the collar to cool down.

  • Choking and Suffocation

Imagine wearing a necklace that’s too tight. Just the thought of it makes you feel as if you can’t breathe! It’s exactly how your dog feels when you put a collar that is too tight. It can lead to choking and suffocation. Another mistake that some pet owners make is when they fail to replace the puppy-size collar when the dog has already outgrown it. Always check the growth progress of a puppy to ensure that its collar is still right for its size.

Another situation that might lead to strangulation is when a dog tries to jump somewhere and its collar gets hitched on a fence, branch, or anything, and it accidentally gets hanged.

So, just like the advice on the previous item, remove the collar from time to time, especially on prolonged hours when you can’t monitor your dog, for example when you need to leave home or when you’re going to sleep.

Also, if possible, remove possible hazard zones, or don’t put your dog on leash in the areas where choking and suffocation might happen.

  • Injuries

Similar to us humans, a dog’s neck is a sensitive body part. So, when a dog on leash constantly pulls hard, it might lead to serious health problems later on. These include damage on the thyroid and salivary glands. The same case is true when you frequently pull your dog by its collar or by its leash when it gets stubborn or cranky.

When it comes to determining whether you’ve placed the collar the right way, here are the general safety rules:

  • You should be able to place your thumb between the collar and the dog’s neck.
  • Do not use the types of collars that reinforce prolonged punishment. These collars have been viewed by animal rights advocates and pet lovers as questionable or even cruel.
  • Choose the right collar material for your dog. That’s actually what we’re going to talk about in a bit.
  • Remove possible hazards around the area where you put your dog on leash.
  • Don’t allow your dog to outgrow its collar. Choose appropriate size to avoid choking, injuries, and skin irritation. Measure around your dog’s neck and add two inches to its size.
  • Remove the collar from time to time.


Advantages of a Leather Dog Collar

There are many kinds of dog collar and choosing one could be a confusing task. It’s really difficult to select what’s ideal when there are many choices available. The most common are leather dog collars, nylon collars, faux leather, suede, and metal chains. All of these have both advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, what makes leather stand out?


  1. Leather is one of the most durable products out there.

Almost all leather products are reliable, including dog collars. With proper care and maintenance, leather can last up to many years. It is one of the best products out there when it comes to durability. However, take note, that not all appearing as leather is genuine leather. Carefully inspect whether it is authentic or not. Only the genuine ones could definitely achieve your expectation.

The only downside we find with this material is that it can be pricey. This is why many pet owners prefer the less expensive choices such as nylon. But, given the number of years it would last, you can say that it’s a great buy after all. You actually save in the long run. So, this choice is really practical.

Of course, though, it will be more suitable for adult dogs than puppies. Puppies keep growing, and they can really grow rapidly that you’ll hardly notice, they’ve actually outgrown their current collar. On the other hand, dogs that have reached their full growth would be able to use a leather collar for a long time.

brown leather collar for dog

  1. Most dogs are not sensitive to leather.

Now, here comes the problem that most dogs suffer from: skin irritation. This super common problem is caused by one usual culprit—dog collar. Especially when worn too tight, a collar can cause infection, wounds, and hair loss. Dog collars of the wrong type for your dog can exacerbate skin irritation.

Visit this site to know more about dog allergies.

The good news is, leather which is a natural material, is suitable for almost every dog. Genuine leather is typically mild on the skin and fur, so most dogs are not sensitive to it. This means that collars made of authentic leather can guarantee fur parents that their beloved dogs won’t suffer from skin irritation and discomfort while wearing it. So, even puppies deserve leather collars. It is beneficial for delicate and sensitive skin and fur.

Of course, this would still depend upon your dog’s sensitivity to certain materials. If you notice that it causes allergic reaction and skin irritation to your dog, better switch to another type of collar made of different material. Observe how your dog reacts to it. As mentioned however, it is rare situation that dogs are allergic to genuine leather. In fact, it’s the best dog collar material out there, given that it’s breathable and comfortable to wear.

leather dog collar

  1. Leather is classic and stylish.

The classic beauty of leather never fades. It is absolutely stylish and fashionable. Leather looks good on humans and it’s lovely on pets, too. It’s how versatile this material is. Collars made of leather can make any dog more cute, charming, adorable, and picture-perfect.

Take note though that leather needs proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, it can get smelly over time. You need to regularly clean it with damp cloth. In case there are stubborn stains, you can also put a small amount of mild soap and brush it until stains fade. Remove soap with another clean damp cloth. Then, dry it with an absorbent cloth. Once dried, apply conditioner, oil, or preservative that is specifically intended for leather.

It is advised to remove a leather collar when giving your dog a bath. Unlike other materials, leather is not too good to handle water. It’s more durable and long-lasting the less it gets soaked.


Being a durable, hypoallergic, classic, and stylish material, leather is one of the best materials for dog collars. It’s a great buy and a practical choice in the long run. It is suitable for every kind of dog. Just take good care of it, clean it properly, and avoid soaking it in water too often. Your dog will surely love this collar for a long time.

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