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Why Does My Hair Get Greasy After One Day?


Your attractive personality creates a positive image in the mind of an unknown person to whom you met. The hair’s looks and styles contribute half of your personality. Some people have the problem of greasy hair, which affects their look and appearance. This type of hair makes you conscious, just like oily and acne skin. If you are facing the issue of a greasy hair problem, then give a glance at this article to get the solution to your problem.

Causes of Greasy Hair

1. Change in Diet

food which is the major cause of greasy hairs

When a change in diet and lifestyle occurs, it leads to affects your hair as well. The health of hair becomes down and gets oily always. The dairy and high glycemic diet contribute to the production of oily hair.

2. Use of Heavy Products

The use of shampoo and conditioner has an essential role in the health of hair. Sometimes shampoo adds too much moisture to your hair which affects your hair health and damages it. So, to maintain the health of hair, avoid using heavy moisturizing products on hair.

3. Puberty, Pregnancy, and Menopause

When you reach puberty, pregnancy, and menopause stage, your hormone undergoes different changes. Sebum is controlled by hormones, and sudden change in oil production is due to hormonal changes, which take place at different stages of life. We see that sebum production increases at the puberty stage, and then it lowers afterward.

4. Disease

The disease is one of the causes of excessive sebum production in the hair. Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disease in which scaly greasy patches are formed on the skin.

5. Seasonal Changes

The change in season is also one of the factors, which increase oil production by over-activating the sebum glands.

6. Frequent Hair Styling

Frequent Hair Styling

The people who comb and style their hair a lot face this greasy issue. The frequent combing and hairstyling promote the activation of the glands and oil production.

7. Dirty Comb

The dirty hairbrush full of styling products, hairs, and dust become one of the causes of the production of greasy effects on your hair. So brush used for combing should be clean and free from every type of dirt. The brush clogged with hair transfers the grease from it to the washed hair.

8. Over Conditioning


Excessive use of conditioner and applying it on the scalp rather than ends of hair promotes the production of greasiness in your hair.

9. Hair Towel & Scarfs/Hats

The people who use hats or scarves also suffer from this greasy problem. The hats, scarfs, and towels used without washing pick up the sebum from the scalp. So if you use them without a wash, it will grease your hair.

How Can We Get Rid of Greasy Hair?

There are a few ways by which we can get free from greasy hair:

1. Application of Shampoo


If you shampoo your hair often or little your hair will get greasy. People, who have a high production of grease in hair, should shampoo their hair daily. On the other side, washing more than once a day activates the glands that produce more oil as well. The anti-dandruff shampoo is used for removing dandruff, bacteria, and fungus. The use of shampoo having salicylic acid prevents the production of excess sebum and flakes on the scalp. Shampoo having anionic surfactant bind sebum and water and removes excess oil with the combined application of shampoo and water. For example, Laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate.

2. Gentle Scrubbing

Gentle scrubbing is necessary for avoiding the activation of glands. These glands at activation secrete the oils from the skin that makes the hair greasy.

3. Conditioning

The conditioner should apply carefully to hair for moisturization. Apply the conditioner at the ends of the hair, not on the scalp, to prevent it from being greasy.

4. Avoid Applying Frequent Hand on Hair


The use of hands-on hair continuously will promote the production of oil by activating the glands. So, avoid using hands-on hair to prevent them from being greasy.

5. Drying Hair

Oil-absorbing powder and dry shampoo are used for drying the hair quickly. It prevents the production of oil and grease in hair.

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