Why Japan Should Be Your Next Spot After Rehab

Why Japan Should Be Your Next Spot After Rehab

Suffering from addiction is one of the most brutal experiences you’ll ever go to, but if you’ve done something about it and are going through the recovery process, then that is the best possible thing you can do with your life. And of course, that should be rewarded.

You’ll have worked hard to get clean, passing through rehabilitation clinics around the country and the hard work doesn’t stop there, entering the world where temptation can be in your face and you try and find a routine that will keep you on track.

However, after such a period, you may well feel you need a holiday. Of course, going to a part of the world that is unknown to you can potentially cause relapse, with temptation around and a lack of a support network. However, that isn’t always the case in all parts of the world and all types of holidays.

Enter, Japan. And more specifically, the wonderful spiritual getaways you’ll find that can provide a place of calm, and concentration and really help with the recovery process.

Immersing yourself in nature, yoga, and meditation, here are some of the best retreats in Japan for you to enjoy after rehab…

Mount Mitoku

Mount Mitoku

Mount Mitoku is a sacred and well preserved temple complex that is home to Japan’s “most dangerous national treasure”. The Nageiredo Temple dangles over a 900-metre high cliff, but there’s nothing scary about it and for hundreds of years people have been visiting to find their inner peace.

Dating back to the Heian period, you can enjoy plenty of activities to calm you and continue on a successful pathway that will bring a healthier and happier life.

Izumo Taisha

According to folk legend, eight million Shinto gods make an annual journey to Izumo Taisha and if it’s good enough for them, Japan’s second most important shrine is certainly worth of your visit.

Located on the beautiful, rugged coastline along the Sea of Japan, it’s well known for a space of calm and collection, and is perfect for visiting all year round to continue your journey in finding a new you.

Naritasan Sinsho-ji Temple

Naritasan Sinsho-ji Temple

Located in Chiba’s historic city of Narita, it is close to Tokyo and perfect for a bit of escapism. The Naritasan Shinsho-ji temple sees many people visit each year and even just a stroll around the beautiful gardens is really enough to evoke feelings of calm and tranquillity.

Founded in 940, it’s an escape like no other, and the perfect stop off for those looking to do a bit of a tour of Japan.

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

What could be the best place to eat piquant Japanese food than in Japan? If you’re a sushi lover or someone who has heard a lot about Japanese delicacies or wants to try fresh Japanese cuisine, this is just another reason to find a toothsome escape in Japan.

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide due to its flavors being traditional and the evolution that this cuisine has gone through during the past few decades. From their mouth-watering Kaiseki meals to Ramen or Onigiri with authentic Japanese flavors, every food item has a traditional flavor attached to it.

If you consider yourself a food lover, Japan is the place to be in. Tokyo has some delectable street food and not just that, the city has the most three-star restaurants than any other city in the world.

So if you’re thinking about planning your visit to Japan, this is going to be a phenomenal yet tastiest experience for a lifetime.

Japanese Culture and History

Japanese Culture and History

Japan is a country rich in culture and radiant in its traditions. From historical Zen gardens to soulful Buddhist temples, Japan is the land of graceful and momentous landmarks which is a precious heritage of this land. While wandering around these places, you will get an insight into the country’s values and culture.

Visiting the heritage sites in Japan, you will understand why this country has so much association with its broad cultural values and how it is connected to the entire humanity. There are almost 80,000 temples and Shinto shrines in Japan and visiting these sites will give you a peaceful mental state.

The diverse culture of Japan stands among the most influential cultures on the planet earth, owing to the wide spread of its culture. Present-day Japanese culture is a pleasant amalgam of modernity and tradition that can be seen through the upbringing of individuals belonging to different walks of life. From Samurai to Sumo wrestling, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Japan which are pretty much helpful in strengthening the mental health


Planning a trip to Japan is going to be an unforgettable experience especially if you want to strengthen your inner peace. From enjoying their festivals, carnivals, and shopping centers to indulging in Japanese delicacies, there is so much to explore in the applauded land of Japan.

Japan has so much richness and colors in its culture that are waiting for you to uncover the beauty of this country. Explore and unveil the exquisiteness of Japan that is surreal, unparalleled, and incredible in every aspect of life. Treat yourself with the authenticity and ethnicity of Japan that is guaranteed to leave you to spell bounded.

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