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Why to Prefer Bunk Bed with Stairs Instead of Ladder?

Bunk bed is the smartest choice that is opted by smart parents who know the needs of their child and give them a chance to let them grow in an environment where they can develop their cognitive and mental abilities. For best environment cleaned room carpet and comfortable bunk beds are must.

But if you make it more creative, it will be a source of fun in addition to giving him comfy and cozy nest.

Maximize Area

Bunk beds are being used since long times to maximize the area of a small room that enhances the creativity of your child.

Why to Prefer Bunk Bed with Stairs Instead of Ladder?


Bunk bed let your children develop mutual understanding. If two children have to share a common room, there isn’t any best choice rather than a bunk bed with stairs because this gives them liberty to share a common room without placing two beds for more than one child.

Loft with Stairs

Bunk bed or loft bed can be shared by two children in a common room and bunk bed with stairs give them liberty to share upper bunk by the elder one and lower bunk by younger one.

Formerly ladders were used to access the upper bunk. But as with the advancement in time it has been replaced with stairs.

As everything has its pros and cons, even stairs are unsafe for children therefore a proper supervision is needed to ensure the safety of your child. Therefore, never compromise with the safety measures and consider a bunk bed with stairs surrounded by guard rails all around.

Climbing Stairs

Stairs are generally used to get access to upper bunk but they also impart a classy look to an ordinary bunk. Kids find it exciting when they can climb the stairs up and down. In order to make it more attractive, you should consider stairs with different colors.

This will not only attract your little one but will also help you teach him/her about colors. As a security measure, go for the stairs that are wide enough to accommodate your kid laying or sitting on them freely.


To ensure the safety of your child you must check for some parameters like sturdiness of each step of stairs by shake test. Stairs must be chosen with wooden or plastic material in kids beds, so as to prevent from sharp edges.


Ladders are already out of demand now. However, you might see few of them selling at the market but you already are aware of perks of having stairs. So always consider a bunk bed with stairs for your child instead of ladder.

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