Your Guide to Hosting a PostPandemic 4th of July Party

friends enjoying PostPandemic 4th of July Party

As the threat of COVID-19 gradually recedes in the face of widespread vaccinations, many people are looking forward to resuming social gatherings this summer, especially for the 4th of July holiday when nearly one-third of eligible Americans are set to have received at least one COVID-19 shot.

However, while this 4th of July is expected to look a lot more normal than last year’s, with Buffalo chicken wings and other fun foods in abundance, you should still take some minor precautions when planning an Independence Day celebration out of consideration for your guests.

While there is almost no chance of a fully vaccinated person contracting the coronavirus or spreading it to others, some are not yet comfortable abandoning pandemic measures they have lived under for over a year, and you should be respectful of their feelings.

Furthermore, unvaccinated people, including children who are not yet eligible, and partially vaccinated people are still at significant risk of infection.

Ideas to Host Post-Pandemic 4th July Party

Here are some ideas to make your post-pandemic party safe and fun for everyone:

#1. Have the Party Outdoors

family enjoying 4th July party

In many families, it is traditional to hold an outdoor 4th of July picnic anyway, so this shouldn’t be a big change from what your guests are used to. Outdoor gatherings also have a couple of significant advantages relating to the prevention of infection with the coronavirus.

Research has shown that the virus spreads less effectively outside due to the constantly circulating air, and having the party outdoors can help you to spread out a little and give your vulnerable guests a little more space.

#2. Throw a Small Party

party table

While fully vaccinated people are safe to gather in large groups, there is still a risk to unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people the more people there are.

So this year, you might want to have a small gathering, say about 20 people or so, and save the big neighborhood bash for next year.

In some ways, a small party can be even more fun than a large gathering. While a large party gives you the opportunity to see more people, a small one allows you to spend more time in conversation with each of your guests.

#3. Get Some Best Chicken Wings Delivered to You From Papa John’s

platter of chicken wings with ketchup

Chicken wings are especially fun for an outdoor summer party. Papa John’s has several varieties available for chicken wing delivery:

  • BBQ wings
  • Buffalo wings
  • Honey chipotle wings
  • Un-sauced roasted wings

No matter your guests’ tastes or preferences, there is an option to appeal to them.

How To Make a Delicious Buffalo Wing Center Piece?

a platter of buffalo wings

When you’ve made a commitment to yourself, such as, “I’m going to find the best wings near me for my 4th of July party,” and you fulfill that promise, you probably won’t have to do much extra to encourage people to eat them.

However, a nice presentation never hurts, and Buffalo wings can be arranged into an attractive centerpiece for the table. Try putting the bowl of dipping sauce in the middle of the dish and arranging the wings in a pattern around it, perhaps alternating with the celery.

Be sure to provide a spoon for the dipping sauce and tongs for the wings to prevent the spread of germs.

With a few safety precautions and the delivery of delicious food, you and your guests can have an extra-special 4th of July celebration this year.

Here are some more tips to host the 4th July party.

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