The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean Freight Services

If we look at history, we know that seas have been a major source of transportation and travel around the world. For the most part, many businesses require the transportation of products overseas. If you need to transport your products using this method, there are several advantages and disadvantages that you should know about. Before taking a decision, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using Ocean freight shipping. Let’s explore these benefits and disadvantages.

Ocean freight shipping?

Ocean freight refers to the type of transportation where products or cargo are carried through the sea. Ocean freight or Maritime transport is known to handle 90% of the global trade. If your business requires carrying great volumes without any deadlines, this shipping method is the best option. You can find multiple ocean freight shipping options like Madhoo.

The Advantages

Ocean Freight Shipping

Using the Ocean freight shipping method has several benefits that encourage businesses to use this method for transporting their products. Here are some of the advantages of top ocean freight services wholesaler.

1. The Costs Involved

While ocean freight shipping can take a lot of time, it costs much less than other transport methods like an air courier. The price difference is great. Ocean shipping tends to be around four to six times less expensive than air travel. While you have to consider the size of the plane and the weight to carry with air travel, a commercial boat may carry a great amount of cargo easily. So, ocean freight shipping is more economical and affordable compared to road, air, and rail travel.

2. Safe for The Environment

Product shipping using the ocean freight method is much more environment friendly because ships are a carbon-efficient method of transportation. Emitting lesser exhaust grams per tonne, this method tends to be much safer for the environment than other methods like air transport, where a lot of carbon dioxide is released.

3. It Can Carry Heavy Cargo

The best part of ocean freight shipping is that it can carry heavy, oversized, and bulky cargo that cannot be carried with any other method. To transport heavy products like iron or steel products, grains, or wood chips, airplane transportation can get very impractical, so ocean shipping is the best option.

4. A Safe Option

Another advantage of using the ocean freight service is that ships can safely transport dangerous material. This field is well-prepared for handling these commodities. Moreover, ocean shipping accidents and disasters are also decreasing over time. As the accident risks are lower, this method of transportation tends to be a safer method of transport. The containers are also locked and sealed for transportation, thus ensuring safety.

5. Low Maintenance Costs

In contrast to other transportation methods like rail and air, the maintenance costs of water transportation are lower. This is also a major reason the shipping costs are low.

The Disadvantages

Disadvantages of ocean freight services

While ocean freight shipping offers multiple benefits, it may not be suitable for some people because of the disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages that need to be looked at.

1. The Speed of Travel Slow

One drawback of using ocean freight shipping is that it is time-consuming, so those who have deadlines cannot use it. While other methods like air travel take around 2-3 days, ocean freight may sometimes take a month.

2. Risk Involved

Because the time from shipping to delivery is higher, the risk involved is also greater. Moreover, the obstructions in weather and delays can also cause loss of damage to cargo.

3. Lacking Infrastructure

One of the most evident drawbacks of using this method is that most areas do not have the necessary facilities or terminals and ports needed for receiving large cargo-carrying ships. So, ocean freight can be troublesome or difficult in some cases because of the lack of infrastructure.


Considering the advantages and disadvantages of ocean freight shipping, we can see why this method is popular and has been used so often over the years. If you want to use Ocean Freight shipping services, you will find many others. If you are running a business that requires heavy cargo transportation, ocean shipping is a safe, convenient, eco-friendly, and low-cost option for you.

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