Big Data Virtualization and Its Uses in Electricity and Utilities

Big Data Virtualization and Its Uses in Electricity and Utilities

Technology has become a huge tool for making companies next-generation juggernauts. In some cases, some businesses are dragged kicking and screaming into making such changes. Other companies realize that accepting technological innovation can be helpful to their financial bottom line in the long run.

One technological marvel which is being used by many companies to move forward is data virtualization. This occurs when software acts as a sort of bridge across multiple, varied data sources. It helps to bring critical decision-making data together in one virtual space for easy access. Today we’ll focus on how this system can be used to help energy providers.

Customer Service

When utilizing the service of data virtualization, the big data that is being distributed through such a system can have major uses when it comes to customer service. Let’s say that you are trying to set up an electricity infrastructure roadmap for areas run by the NSW government. You’re trying to figure out where your power stations, data storage locations, and offsite energy storage locations are going to be built. You want to ensure that you build a network infrastructure that will provide customers in the NSW run area with the expansive benefits of a modern electricity system. When customers compare electricity NSW, you want your company to be the one which they ultimately rely on for service. You can ensure this by using data virtualization to build a network infrastructure of reliable energy data for your users.

Using data virtualization allows you to improve on your maintenance and repair of power stations, and energy storage facilities. With optimizing upstream energy production also, customers are being provided with a constant source of renewable energy, depending on the provider. This gives a customer the peace of mind that when they sign a long-term energy service agreements that their energy needs are being taken care of. Data virtualization also provides a database about a customer’s energy usage, helping companies to know how much electricity a customer uses over time. Staying abreast of what a customer needs helps an energy provider to perform at peak capacity. Data virtualization has become extremely helpful with tackling customer service-related matters for electricity companies.

Big Data Virtualization and Its Uses in Electricity and Utilities

Internal Communication

Many companies have found ways to keep in touch effectively and efficiently during day-to-day activities. The amount of data that is distributed between workers at businesses can be staggering to the layman. Data virtualization helps with such dissemination of information on a minute-by-minute basis. The usage of big data virtualization in internal communications is key to keeping many new generation energy providers connected.

Data virtualization allows for internal optimization of energy production between plants, it helps with the cross analyzation of offshore platform data, and it provides SAP master data quality between branches of an energy company. With the dissemination of such information through internal means, energy companies in places like South Australia can stick to their end of long-term energy service agreements that they’ve made with their customers. Improving internal communication amongst energy and other utility providers is a great way that data virtualization can be used.

External Communication

Big Data Virtualization and Its Uses in Electricity and Utilities

Much of the work which energy providers do is in the field. Technicians, engineers, sales reps, and other associated positions do a lot of work to keep electrical network infrastructures operating at peak capacity. One of the ways in which data virtualization helps with this is by giving these workers access to the mounds and mounds of digital data about these energy networks. This form of external communication gives workers the ability to better perform their duties in the field when it comes maybe repairing a broken electrical transformer, doing maintenance on a power station in the field, or helping to figure out an electrical problem at a customer’s house. Data virtualization helps to communicate the data needed to those field workers when a job requires it.

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