Braces Removal Guide: Procedure, Pain, and Post-Care Tips for a Perfect Smile

How long does it take to get braces off

You are done with your braces treatment, and now you are ready to see your newer and fresher smiling teeth. The excitement is real, but it might bring with it a lot of ifs and but’s and many whats. You are surely excited for your braces to get de-bonded from those brackets, and the day has finally arrived. You must be concerned about the brace’s removal procedure and its length. To help you know everything about the procedure of braces removal, this blog post brings a helping guide for you.

Dental braces are an orthodontic way to get your teeth straightened and aligned in perfect symmetry. If you have gaps between your teeth or have any misalignment, your dentist may suggest you opt for metal bracing. However, hesed veneers can also be used as an alternative to the bracing, and it totally depends upon which treatment you want to go for. According to these dentists in Avon Lake OH, as a rule of thumb, severe cases of misalignment require metal braces. Once you have put your metal braces on, it takes a few months for teeth to align in the right symmetry with gentle pressure. After the time to get rid of the pressure of metal braces has arrived, your orthodontist will recommend you a thorough dental examination.

For some, the braces removal process can be painful and discomforting, while for some, it does not even feel like getting their braces removed. The discomfort is due to the release of pressure that the teeth are enduring during all this time, and once the pressure of metal braces is put on from the teeth, your teeth get de-stressed. This is the reason why people with sensitive teeth feel discomfort during braces removal. However, the pain can be controlled by taking pain relievers.

The Braces Removal ProcessBraces Removal Process

Taking out the braces is simpler than putting them on and is quite a straightforward procedure.

  • Your orthodontist will thoroughly examine your teeth to see if the teeth are perfectly aligned, and braces are ready to take out.
  • Using special metal braces removal, he will loosen the brackets, which make the braces, along with the wires, pop out.
  • To remove the adhesive glue, the orthodontist performs thorough teeth cleaning to remove any residue of braces glue or plaque left on the teeth.
  • The scrapping of the bracket adhesive is usually performed using a plier or dental drill. The teeth are polished to add shine to the enamel.
  • A thorough X-ray examination and digital photographs of your mouth are taken to analyze the results of braces. The retainer is recommended based on the outcome and bite impression, which helps your teeth maintain alignment after braces. Your orthodontist may suggest you a permanent or temporary retainer based on the teeth’ requirements.

How Much Time does the Braces Removal Process Require?Time does the Braces Removal Process Require

The entire braces removal process and retainer fitting take almost an hour, depending upon your dental condition. A qualified orthodontist performs each step carefully after a thorough examination. The braces removal procedure is not time-consuming, but the cleaning and polishing procedure takes time. The adhesive glue is removed within 5 to 10 minutes. Moreover, taking digital impressions might take time longer than expected as the retainer is customized based on these images.

With the right tools and experience of skilled orthodontists, the braces removal process becomes easier and more comfortable. During the procedure, those with cold sensitivity might feel unpleasant or have soreness in the gums, but the sensation is temporary.

What to Expect after the Braces are Removed?What to Expect after the Braces are Removed

Once your metal braces are removed, you can show your hard-earned smile to the world. You probably are nervous and excited simultaneously, and the mixed emotions are quite normal. However, you need to take special care if you do not want your teeth to go through the process of bracing once again.

  • The food that you used to avoid while you had your braces on should not be taken immediately after the braces are removed.
  • Mild bleeding is quite normal after the braces are removed, so do not worry if you see any blood coming out of the gums.
  • After the braces are removed, there might be some discoloration on your teeth, but it does not stay for longer and fades with time.
  • Don’t worry if you have got puffy gums, as the puffiness will be resolved two months after the braces removal.
  • Brushing and flossing should be done regularly, and make sure that you floss all the plaque and food residue at least once a day.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Remember to visit your oral hygienist regularly to ensure your oral health.
  • Do not forget to wear retainers for the time prescribed by your dentist. Always thoroughly clean your retainers to avoid any contamination.
  • Clean your mouth with water when you consume sugary items, tea, or coffee to avoid staining the teeth.
  • Avoid consuming food such as hard candy, hard bread, popcorn, and raw veggies if you feel puffiness in the gums.

Bottom Line

After your braces are removed, taking care of your teeth becomes even more important. Following an oral hygienic routine is necessary to get long-lasting results from bracing. The major concerns about braces are having straight and properly aligned teeth and avoiding stains. So, once the braces are removed and you get those perfect results, it is important to maintain them by following a proper post-orthodontic routine. If you want to maintain that shiny and glossy smile forever, you must take special care of your teeth so your pearly smile does not fade away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the braces removal process painful?

The process of removing braces can be painful and slightly discomforting, but the situation is not the same for everyone. People with sensitive teeth feel more pain while getting their braces out. The pain occurs due to the release of pressure from the teeth, which was caused due to wearing the metal braces.

Which time do the braces hurt the most?

The metal braces usually hurt when fixing the wires or while putting on the brackets. The pain lasts only a few days to a week.

What is the need to wear a retainer after the braces are removed?

After removing the braces, the teeth are more likely to revert from their newly aligned position. Wearing a temporary or permanent retainer is important to keep your teeth in their newly aligned position. You may be required to wear the retainers for three months and then gradually shift to overnight. You need to wear retainers if you want to prevent wearing braces for the second time.

How is the retainer prescribed?

The retainers are prescribed based on your bite impression and the digital photos taken during the X-ray examination. These customized retainers are prescribed to wear permanently for 2 to 3 months, and you may also struggle a bit initially while having them on.

Can I remove my braces at home?

It is strictly forbidden to remove your braces at home because you don’t have the right dental tools to do the process, and also, you don’t have the right dental examination to analyze when these should be taken out.

Can I remove the braces and glue myself at home?

Scrubbing braces glue at home without the aid of proper dental tools is not a good idea. It can actually damage your teeth’ enamel and make your teeth stained.

What is Fiberotomy?

Fibertomy is the dental treatment that is performed after the braces are removed to keep the teeth in their newly aligned position.

How much does it cost to have braces removed?

Removing metal braces costs between $400 to $1000, depending upon the experience and skills of the orthodontist and the condition of your teeth. However, the price is excluded from the other procedures such as X-rays, digital photographs, etc., so the price may go higher.

Is there any age limit for putting on the braces?

There is no specific age limit for putting on the braces.

Why do I feel discoloration on my teeth after the braces are removed?

The discoloration on teeth after the braces removal is due to plaque buildup, especially at the brackets, which results in a thick layer of calculus on the teeth. When you do not brush your teeth regularly while you have your braces on, the plaque contamination may result in tooth decay, leading to stained or discolored teeth after the braces removal.

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