Gel Nail Polish Removal: A DIY Guide for Removing Gel Nail Polish with Sugar

Gel Nail Polish Removal

The ease of application and longevity have made gel polishing popular among females. The gel polish, popularly known as ‘gel manicure,’ is the latest nail grooming sensation in salons people are drooling over, and the fact that the gel-based nails stay for 2 to 3 weeks is another reason to invest in these nails.

If you are a fan of gel nail polish but are curious about its removal, this blog post will help you find interesting ways to remove it with sugar. Keep reading to know the guidelines, but first, let’s explain what gel nail polish actually is and what makes it better than regular nails.

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail paint is composed of organic polymers and chromophores with varied concentrations depending on the color scale. After the paint is applied to the nails, a UV or LED light is put on the nails through a device for one minute. It establishes a bond between the color pigment and the nails. Due to polymers and resins in their composition, you can expect gel paints to stay for longer. The sturdier and smoother finishing of the gel nail polish has grabbed the hype despite being highly-priced.

The highly pigmented glossy finish and the sturdier composition make gel nail polish last longer if you take good care of your nails. Many females are obsessed with this ultra-modern way of nail grooming, and with its indestructible configuration, it is not easy to take the gel out of your nails. If you are tired of these nails or your manicure has expired, you may remove the gel polish with an effort slightly more than just swiping acetone.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

If you have got gel paint on your nails, refrain from filing or picking it as it can severely damage the nail cuticles. If removed correctly, the gel does not leave any stain behind or damage the cuticles. Chipped nails do not look good to anybody, so it is suggested not to go for the gel-removing methods, which result in ripping off your nails.

If you have spent 4 to 6 weeks with gel polish and now calling to quit, you may remove it at home with a magical household ingredient, i.e., SUGAR. Since sugar can absorb the gel polish as clumps, it works as an affordable and accessible household ingredient to remove the gel from the nails. This DIY gel polish remover method is affordable, and you don’t have to visit the salon to invest in expensive gel-removing methods. By applying granulated sugar on the gel nails, you will easily take these out without damaging your skin, and since it does not require extra effort, anybody can try this at home without any professional assistance.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the procedure.

Grind Sugar

Take almost two tablespoons of sugar and grind it for 20 seconds. Sugar shouldn’t be ground into a fine powder, nor should it have a particle-like formation; rather, the texture should be in-between.

Do the Nail Filing

Next, you will be required to do the nail filing of the upper coat of gel polish. Do not file the nails harshly; you must file gently with light strokes. The mild filing helps in removing the topmost coat of gel polish.

Prepare the Sugar Mixture

Mix the ground sugar with the oil of your choice (preferably cuticle oil or coconut oil) and form a homogenous mixture while ensuring there are no bubbles. Give the sugar some time to melt so it is completely melted with the oil.

Soak the Cotton Balls

Next, make tiny cotton balls for your nails and soak these balls in a homogenous mixture of sugar.

Start Rubbing

Take out the cotton ball and start rubbing the gel polish gently. Sugar works as an excellent skin exfoliator, and with the mixture you are applying on your nails, the tiny sugar particles will effectively scrub the gel and take it out. The oil helps in soothing the skin, and together, these ingredients ensure that the gel content is out of your nails without damaging the skin.

Rinse if Off

Once the gel polish is completely out of your nails, wash both your hands with warm water and soap. After the treatment, do not forget to hydrate your skin and put some cuticle oil on your nails so they may look shinier and fresher. If any gel residue is left on the nail, repeat the process on that nail.

How to Condition Your Nails After the Gel Nail Polish is Removed?How to Condition Your Nails After the Gel Nail Polish is Removed

Since the gel polish creates a strong bonding with the nails, you need to take extra care of your nails after removing the gel. You may follow a post-gel-removing nail care routine to keep your nails shining and condition these in the best way possible.

  • Buff or gently file your nails if any gel residue is left. Clean the edges for smoother oil absorption.
  • Put some cuticle oil on each nail and massage well around the nail cuticle to ensure strength and maximum hydration. It is recommended to use hydrating oils such as coconut oil, cuticle oil, or jojoba oil. It will lock in the moisture for longer and prevent your nails from any further damage.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails after the gel is removed, and rest your nails so they may breathe freely.
  • Treat your nails with some petroleum jelly for a week to provide your nails with some added protection.

Alternative Methods to Remove Gel Nail Polish SafelyAlternative Methods to Remove Gel Nail Polish Safely

Although sugar is an easily accessible and affordable household item, if you want to opt for other options to remove the gel from your nails safely, there you have it.

Acetone Jars

Acetone jars are easily available in drugstores and comprise sponges soaked in acetone. You have to put your nails inside the jar, soak these into the sponges and gently twist the fingers. The gel paint will instantly come out; if the residue is left, you may use an orange stick to let it out of your nails.

Double Boiler Technique

Gently file your nails to remove the glossy coat of the gel nail polish. Fill a large bowl with hot water and place it in a small bowl. Pour in it acetone according to the 2/3rd part of the smaller bowl. Soak your fingers inside the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. After the treatment, apply moisturizer so the skin does not get dry.

Bottom Line

Since there are plenty of readily available gel nail kits, applying gel nail polish at home is simple. Despite the advantages, it also drastically weakens and makes your nails more prone to splitting your nails. Furthermore, trying to remove gel polish on your own can be frustrating. But don’t worry, with these accessible and inexpensive methods mentioned above, it is easier to remove gel nail polish easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use acetone to remove gel nail polish?

Acetone can be used to gel nail polish, but due to its chemical composition, it can be harsh on the nails.

Is acetone the only way to remove gel polish?

Although acetone is the most effective way to remove gel nail polish, there are other ways to try to remove the gel nail paint, such as sugar oil solution, acetone jars, and hot water.

How long does gel nail polish last?

Gel nail polish is more long-lasting than regular nails and lasts 6 to 7 days without cracking or chipping.

Why is it important to treat your nails with cuticle oils after removing gel nail polish?

Since gel nail polish establishes an adhesive bonding with the nails, removing the gel from the nails might leave the skin dry. Treating nails with cuticle oil helps in replenishing and hydrating the nails and adds more strength to them.

Why is nail biting harmful?

Many nail care products, including nail polishes and gel nails, contain toxins that put people who bite their nails at risk if they paint them. The toxic compounds in the composition can harm the body if consumed for an extended period of time.

Why is sugar effectively used in removing gel nail polish at home?

Sugar has exceptional exfoliation properties and absorbs the nail content from the gel nail paint without treating your nails with harsh chemicals or expensive nail removal methods.

Why is it important to hydrate your nails after removing the gel nail polish?

After removing the gel nail polish, it is important to mositurize the nails and finger tips as the skin may become more prone to damage after the gel is removed. After treating your nails with hydrating lotions and creams help locking in the moisture and replenishes the skin.

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