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Jamarcus Russell – Wiki, Bio, NFL Career & Net Worth

Jamarcus Russell - Wiki, Bio, NFL Career & Net Worth

Jamarcus Russell is a former footballer quarterback from America who played in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders for a few years. This legendary NFL player made a net worth of $4 million and landed himself into various financial and legal troubles later.

In this blog post, we have gathered information on the personal and professional life of Jamarcus. Is he a rich person? How did he invest his money? Let’s find out everything below.

Jamarcus Russell Biography & Career

Jamarcus was born on 9th August 1985 in Mobile, Alabama, to parents Bobby Lloyd and Zina L. Russell-Anderson. He attended Lillie B. Williamson High School for four years. The NFL’s former running back, Marshawn Lynch, is his first cousin, so it is easy to say that from where his interest in sports came from. One of his uncles, Ray Ray Russell, was a radio host in Alabama. During his time in high school, his football performance became notable, with 180 completed passes out of 324 passes. He was popular for not missing any game, and during his senior year, he completed passes for 3,332 yards with 22 touchdowns. Jamarcus set a record for 10,774 during his time in high school, which is still an unbeatable record.

Jamarcus Russell

Soon after finishing high school, he was admitted to Louisiana State University and started quarterback football soon after winning Sugar Bowl, Russell created the hype. His performance was impressive throughout, making him enter the NFL Draft 2007. He gained massive recognition for his arm strength and was eventually picked by the Oakland Raiders for $68 million for six years. During his initial matches with the Oakland Raiders, he couldn’t pull out his real strength but showed the potential of a true star. He also reserved his spot in the 2008 season, and the team finished the season with a victory.

Jamarcus Russell Won Sugar Bowl

In 2009, Jamarcus again reserved his position as a quarterback, but the team lost the match to Kansas City Chiefs. His performance remained disappointing throughout the season, and he finished the season with lower quarterback ratings. Ultimately, he was released by the Oakland Raiders in 2010. Due to his overweight and poor performances till this point, the experts started calling his career ‘over.’ Although he appeared practicing with various NFL teams, he didn’t appear again in the NFL matches again. His pick in the NFL draft is among history’s biggest busts.

Among the 31 total games he played, he had a completion percentage of 52%, a total of 18 touchdowns, and 23 interceptions. His body size and non-serious attitude towards the sports didn’t let him play with another team again, which ended his NFL career.

Jamarcus Russell’s Financial and Career Troubles

In 2010, when the Oakland Raiders released Jamarcus, he filed a lawsuit against the team to pay him $9 million as per agreement. The series of lawsuits and countersuits continued between both parties until the Raiders agreed to pay him $3 million simply to get rid of an expensive player. Like the controversies surrounding his professional career, his financial career also suffers from many troubles. His home in Oakland, which he owned for $4 million, was taken away because he could not pay the mortgage payments. He was also arrested in her hometown, Mobile, for illegally possessing drugs. He was even charged with taking a drug throughout his time with the NFL. Due to all these troubles, Russell was never picked by any other team in the NFL. He even wished to play for free for one year, but it didn’t qualify him for being picked again by any of the NFL teams.

Jamarcus Russell’s Personal Life

Jamarcus’s father, Bobby, was a machine operator, while his mother, Zina, was a secretary at a law agency. His exceptional performance at the high school makes him participate in the state championship game. His performance at the university made him win Sugar Bowl Most Valuable Player in the year 2007. Russell has never been open about his personal life, and none of his affairs have come into the limelight ever. He is currently single and worked as a quarterbacks coach at Williamson High School.

Jamarcus Russell Coaching at Williamson

Jamarcus Russell’s Net worth

Russell has had a very short career in the NFL, but he has done various endorsements worth $40 million. His dealing with Oakland Raiders in 2007 was almost $68 million for 6 years, out of which $32 million was guaranteed to be received at the time of contract signing. Throughout his time with Oakland, he received $39 million. After the series of lawsuits between the Oakland Raiders and Russell, he received $3 million from the team. The mansion in Oakland that he purchased in 2007 was taken back from him in 2011. Currently, he owns a house in Mobile, Alabama, and spends his fortune in real estate. As for now, the net worth of Jamarcus Russell is reported to be $4 million, besides all the controversies in his short-lived NFL career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full name of Jamarcus Russell?

His full name is Jamarcus Trenell Russell.

What is the height of Jamarcus Russell?

The height of Jamarcus Russell is 6 feet 6 inches.

What is the weight of Jamarcus Russell?

The weight of Jamarcus Russell is 118 kilograms.

What is the zodiac sign of Jamarcus Russell?

The zodiac sign of Jamarcus Russell is Leo.

Why did Oakland Raiders release Jamarcus Russell?

Due to the poor performance of Jamarcus in the NFL season 2009, his overweight, and poor attitude towards the sports, Oakland Raiders decided to release Jamarcus Russell in 2010.

What is the age of Jamarcus Russell?

Jamarcus Russell is 37 years old.

What was the debut year of Jamarcus Russell?

Jamarcus Russell debuted his career with Oakland Raiders in 2007.

Did Jamarcus Russell ever win a game?

Jamarcus’s career with Oakland Raiders come to an end with only seven wins, 18 touchdowns, and 23 interceptions.

How fast was Jamarcus Russell?

Jamarcus was fast enough to throw at a speed of 4.83 seconds.

Who is the biggest Raider bust?

Jamarcus Russell is the biggest Oakland Raiders bust to date.

Is JaMarcus Russell still getting paid by the Raiders?

No, the Oakland Raiders were no longer paying Jamarcus Russell and got rid of this expensive player by paying him $3 million in the lawsuit filed by Jamarcus.

How far could JaMarcus Russell throw?

Jamarcus Russell has a maximum air throw of 80 yards.

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