Last-minute Gifts for Your Tech-Obsessed Family Member

The holidays seem to come faster and faster every year — and this year, they might have simply passed you by. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to get meaningful gifts for your loved ones, and you might even be able to score some after-holiday deals on amazing stuff. Still, you should act fast to capture the holiday spirit with your presents and to ensure that your loved ones feel appropriately cherished during this time of year.

For those family members who are tech-obsessed, you might consider giving them one of the following unique, interesting and useful techy gifts for their last-minute or late holiday celebrations:

Smart Otoscope With Live VideoSmart Otoscope With Live Video

An otoscope is a medical tool typically used by doctors and nurses and nervous mothers of toddlers to peer into the ear canal, usually in search of signs of infection or blockage. Yet, it is rare that a person ever gets to see inside their own unreachable orifices, and if your family member is the curious type, they might jump at the opportunity to see inside their own ear. You can give them this gift with a smart otoscope equipped with a minuscule camera that sends live video to a connected device. Many people use the otoscope to give their ear canals a good, thorough cleaning, though otolaryngologists insist this isn’t necessary. Instead, you might encourage your loved one to explore their own body with this fun and interesting tool.

Natural and Convenient Screen Cleaner

Mobile devices are notoriously some of the dirtiest objects in the home, and almost no one takes the time to clean their grimy screens properly. If left soiled, devices can not only become vectors for harmful viruses and bacteria but also experience reductions in performance, so tech lovers need the right tools to keep their gadgets looking and feeling shiny and new. You might buy for your family member a bottle of Screen Mom cleaning spray or a packet of screen cleaning wipes that use an all-natural formula to remove all dirt and grime in seconds.

Gaming Mouse Designed for Large HandsGaming Mouse Designed for Large Hands

No serious gamer is using a touchpad, but most computer mice — even those built for serious gamers — are surprisingly small in size. If your family member is known for their larger paws, they might feel seriously impaired in their gaming ability as a result of their diminutive equipment. You might be able to make their gaming dreams come true with the gift of a wireless Corsair gaming mouse designed for large hands. With this equipped, your loved one will no longer feel their fingers cramping up at a critical gaming moment, which could make all the difference for their esports career.

Space-efficient Charging Stand

Wireless, rechargeable gadgets are the new norm, and for all sorts of good reasons. However, many tech lovers who have amassed a cadre of everyday rechargeable gear have discovered a new problem: charging space. It can be difficult to fit in so many rechargeables onto one small nightstand, so your family member might benefit from av Belkin charging stand. These tools allow users to charge several items at once, and because they take advantage of vertical space, they can fit easily on any cramped nightstand or dresser.

High-quality Cybersecurity SubscriptionHigh-quality Cybersecurity Subscription

Cybersecurity should be a concern for everyone, but those who have filled their homes with a bevy of smart, connected tech should be especially worried about their potential of succumbing to a cyberattack. You might help ease your loved one’s fears with an annual subscription for a TrendMicro home security product. Long a leader in the cybersecurity space, this U.S.-based cybersecurity brand continues to defend against the most sophisticated online threats, which means your family member can use their smart tech with less worry.

Portable and Durable Solar Charger

There is often a surprising overlap between people who are obsessed with the latest tech gadgets and people who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. You can give your family members the opportunity to explore both passions at once with a portable solar charger from BigBlue. Foldable, lightweight, dust-proof, and waterproof, this charger can power up to three devices at once as long as it is in a good amount of sunlight. Your loved one might take it hiking, backpacking, camping — or maybe just into their backyard for an afternoon outside.

You might have missed the window to order a jaw-dropping holiday present in time for the big day, but that doesn’t mean your loved ones don’t deserve to be celebrated with thoughtful gifts. The tech lover in your family will love most of the gifts listed above, even if they come a few days after the holiday.

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