Car Rental: 6 Non-Obvious Lifehacks For Traveling With Children

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Most people are already used to the European method of travel: to fly to the destination country by plane, and already on the spot to rent a car and explore its surroundings. But this method can be mastered at home, as well as for long trips, since it is becoming easier to rent a car, and there are more and more places where you want to go.

We give some very important tips for those who decide to spend their summer holidays this way. Be sure to study them, especially before planning a long trip with children.

1. Private or Rented Car. What to Choose?Private or Rented Car

Which car to travel by – your own or rented? The question is about the condition of your car and your financial capabilities. If comfort is more expensive for you than money, then a rented one is better. Because “everything is included.” Don’t hesitate to lease a car; in that case, you take full insurance and a high-class car from a well-known rental company. Moreover, in some countries, such as the UAE, the car hire business is one of the most reliable industries. So if you visit the mentioned country, be sure to try a luxury car rental Dubai, and if something happens on the road, your car will simply be replaced.

The main thing is that you have the right child car seat. Because in many countries, its absence can unpleasantly surprise the police. And you will have to fork out. And child seats are also disciplined. The children should get used to it – they got into the car, and new rules began. The children are sitting in the car seat, the parents are strapped in, the main driver is the driver, and everyone listens and does not distract.

2. Consider the Landscape

Travelers often take a city car without calculating that they will also drive through the mountains. A small car with an engine capacity of up to 1.2 liters can handle four passengers with a wheelchair very poorly. For a comfortable ride in the mountains at full load, it is better to take a car with an engine capacity of at least 1.4 liters for mechanics, and at least 1.6 liters for an automatic. In addition, you should remember the specifics of mountain roads: they are narrow, and slow-moving vehicles are often found on them. The roads themselves are winding, and the driver needs more space to overtake, for example, a tractor or a local bus. Therefore, a powerful car is needed to be able to overtake on a short stretch.

3. Two Small Cars Are More Profitable Than One Minivan or MinibusCar vs Mini Van

Another option for a large company is to rent two passenger cars. It often comes out noticeably cheaper than renting a minivan or minibus.

If you are traveling abroad with two families, especially take two cars. As they say, friends get to know each other on a trip. Different interests and preferences may arise. One company wants to go for a walk in the city, another to a wild beach; some want to go to a museum, others to a shopping mall.

4. Include The Need For Stops In The Route

When planning a route, it is essential to take into account that a child can only travel in a car for a limited time. Put extra time and interesting stopping points in the plan. So it will be easier for the child to withstand a long journey, and you will save unnecessary hassle. Forget deadlines.

5. Rent is Cheaper than a TransferIs Rent car is Cheaper than a Transfer?

There is no universal answer to the question of what is still cheaper – to rent a car for the whole period or to take it sometimes for a few days. It all depends on the value of “a few days” and “the whole period.” If you choose between two orders for two days and one order for eight days, then it is two days cheaper to take a car. And if between 2 + 2 days versus six days, it is more profitable to take for the whole period.

6. Take A Guide In a Rented Car

A rented car also gives another bonus: taking an individual guide to your car is advantageous. Usually, individual excursions are expensive, but transport and gasoline make up the lion’s share of the price. With a higher probability, it will be twice as cheap to hire a guide for a day who will ride with you in a car and tell you about the country and the places you are passing through.

And finally, the main commandment of trips with children is that as you prepare for a trip, you will spend it. Well, the second commandment – have you prepared? Now relax and have fun!

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