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Take care of your kidneys

How You Can Help Support National Kidney Month

March is known as National Kidney Month and it aims to promote awareness about kidney diseases and the risks associated with them. By spreading the message of kidney disease awareness, people can learn more about it and how they can avoid them. Getting everyone involved in promoting awareness is a big part of the campaign to help enable change within the community.

There are many ways in which people can spread the word and below are just some of the ways in which they can do so.

Learn More about Kidney Diseases and Their Risk Factors

Educating yourself about kidney diseases is perhaps one of the best ways to avoid contracting them. Those who have problems with their kidneys typically experience symptoms like vomiting, stomach pain, poor appetite, and weight loss. These symptoms can lead to a variety of diseases, which include diabetes, hypertension, glomerular diseases, and more.

Fortunately, many of these symptoms and illnesses can be avoided by simply sticking to a healthy lifestyle. However, if you’re already exhibiting some of these symptoms, being able to consult with a doctor as soon as you detect them is a big step towards treating them. So learning all of the best health practices will definitely pay off in the long run in avoiding many of these risky illnesses.

Join a Forum or Attend Meetings on Kidney Health

Just being aware of the effects and symptoms of kidney diseases is just one aspect of supporting the movement. If you want to be able to become a more active driver to the cause, then why not attend an online forum or attend actual meetings that discuss kidney health. These organized events are great ways to discuss and plan with other like-minded individuals on how you can further spread awareness for your campaign.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Promoting a cause has never been easier thanks to the power of the Internet. Social media is a great platform to make people aware of the symptoms and dangers of chronic kidney diseases. Twitter and Facebook are also great places to share your stories with others, especially if you’re going through these kinds of health problems. By sharing you experiences, you can help others become aware of how you’re handling your situation and help them step forward and confront their own problems.

Wear Promotional Material

Aside from letting your voice be heard online, you can also promote good kidney health in person by wearing promotional gear that advocates your cause. This can be something as simple as a wearing a personalized wristband or t-shirt with a message about kidney health or awareness.

This is especially effective if you wear it during a big event or mass gathering. You can also give away these materials during such an event to help spread the message. Apart from being increasing awareness about kidney diseases, you’ll be able to share a tangible expression of your advocacy to those attendees.

Take Care of Your Kidneys

Of course, one of the best ways to support National Kidney Month is by taking care of your own kidneys. There are various best practices that you can follow to promote a healthy lifestyle – many of which are quite easy to follow.

A big part of improving your kidneys’ health involves making healthy food choices and maintaining a non-sedentary lifestyle. By sticking to a balanced diet and engaging in steady physical activity every day, you’ll be able to avoid many of the symptoms that kidney diseases bring.

Spreading kidney disease awareness is a cumulative effort that requires everyone’s cooperation. Promoting this advocacy can be as simple as wearing accessories that support the campaign or by sharing the message across social media. When people know the risks that an unhealthy kidney can bring then people can safeguard against them and live healthier lives.

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UTI Symptoms

 Important Things To Learn About Urinary Tract Infection 

Urinary tract infection is a serious infection which causes contamination in urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys. There are four urinary tract from where urine passes through our body.

Normally kidneys flush urine through two ureters into our bladder. Bladder contains the urine from the kidney and it passes through the urethra, there is this tube that contains the urine in the bladder which is present outside of the body, if any part of this system will get infected, results in a Urinary tract infection.

A Urinary tract infection is a very serious infection that can grow into the lower abdomen and can cause problem in reproduction in human bodies and should be treated timely before it gets worst.


Normal pee is aseptic, when bacteria enter into the urine an infection can occur. A Urinary tract infection will start when urine leaves the body from the anus. Bacteria enter the urinary tract due to the process of urinating. Once it gets inside the urinary tract, the bacteria can make its way up into the bladder and a Urinary tract infection starts.


The bacteria E. Coli which is usually found in Urinary tract Infection. According to research the anus causes 90% of Urinary tract Infections. The remaining 10% of Urinary tract infections are habitually caused by pneumonia

Luckily, E. Coli bacteria caused Urinary tract infection can be treated quickly and effectively with a natural way called D-mannose.


The most common way the bacteria makes its way from about the rectum to the urinary system.

Females have shorter urethra making them more chances Urinary tract infections.


The bacteria can easily travel to the lower abdomen and then into the bladder where it can grow and cause painful infection. If action is not taken on time the infection can reach to the kidney.

Urinating the bladder regularly can clean the bacteria out of the urethra so it cannot make its way into the bladder and causes any intense damage.


It usually happens when the bacteria make its way from the bladder to the kidneys which can cause a kidney infection, at this point you will have to take medical need to see a doctor. In this situation, antibiotics would be required and potentially hospitalization.


A minor Urinary tract infection can turn out to be a serious blood or kidney infection so it should be taken in serious consideration without any delay consult a doctor or take antibiotics as prescribed the doctor to control the infection. The best way to get rid of the infection and to relieve symptoms like burning, pain and an urgent need to pee is to take antibiotics. These medications helps to kill the bacteria that caused the Urinary tract infection it is very important to take the medications on time so that one should get relieve and feel relaxed.

Also drinking cranberry juice helps to treat Urinary tract infection it enhances the immune system and your urinary tract.

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Brief Introduction of UTI and its treatments

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UTI is urinary tract infection that occurs due to an issue in the urinary tract. The chances of getting this infection are more in women. This can occur in any person and should be handled carefully. This normally happens in the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Most people are asked to wipe from front to back after going to the bathroom. This is advised because the tube used for transporting urine out of the body named urethra is placed really close to the anus. The bacteria have more chances of getting outside the large intestine and enter in the urethra. They can easily travel to the bladder in this way causing UTI. The kidneys are badly infected because of this. Some of the key details about UTIs are discussed in this article.

Symptoms of UTI

Some of the things need to be observed in order to identify that whether the person is suffering from UTI or not. Whenever the person goes for urination, if he feels burning, this has a better chance that the person is suffering from UTI. Also, if the person feels severe pressure and pain in the lower portion of the abdomen, it is also alarming. Most of the people have more and sever urge for urination even though they have very little amount each time. People who are suffering from UTI also feel shaky and tired. They often suffer from chills and fever.

Treatments for UTI

The treatments that are generally referred after identifying that the person is suffering from UTI are recommended from the doctor. The doctor analyzes the situation critically and then decides how to cure it. The urine sample is collected from the patient in whom the presence of bacteria causing UTI is tested. If the test results come out to be positive the treatment is started. In the process of treatment, the antibiotics are used that can kill the bacteria causing UTI. The complete cycle of medicine should be completed. Also, it is best to drink a large amount of water that will remove all the bacteria from the system. Heating pads are also used in order to slow down the pain in this process.

Multiple treatment options

One thing is for sure that antibiotics are used for the treatment of UTI. However, this treatment can be done in many ways. Either the person can take a slow dose of antibiotics for a long period of time so that the infection may not arise again. The infection is triggered mostly after having sex so a single dose may also be taken after that. Some people take the medicine for only 1 to 2 days whenever they experience any symptoms. There is also a urine kit available for home use through which the person can check whether he has any symptoms of UTI or not.

These were some of the important details about UTI that must be known by everyone so that they can encounter the situation if they have any such problem in life.

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