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15 Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair

15 Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair

Hair dying has become a new fashion icon in the industry. Most of the models, actresses have dyed their hair. Nowadays strawberry blonde hair is in the trend. The most amazing part is celebrities have spiced up the blonde hair. For your convenience, I have jotted down a list of 15 celebrities with strawberry blonde hair.

1. Blake Lively

Blake lively look with strawberry blonde hairstyle

Blake Lively is one of the imminent celebrities of the industry. She is versatile beauty and who says only blonde color suits her. The orangery copper tones perfectly go with her fair skin tone. Further, she has mesmerizing hair with a line of curl by which any style can be made.

The secret behind her epic strawberry blonde hair is revealed. According to the hair expert i.e. O’Gonnor once lifted her natural base color to two shades lighter, to create a tone of either golden beige or a natural beige. This detailing leads to less demarcation when the natural hair color will grow in. Blake’s strawberry blonde hair perfectly goes with her routine and work life.

2. Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams' mesmerizing look with a strawberry blonde shade

Rachel McAdams has straight, smooth, and simple blonde long hair. She royally flaunts a glamorous combination of flawless, undone waves of ginger highlight. With this hair texture, any style can be made. For a formal night-out, she can easily go for classic up-do. If we talk about her rarest hair then, it’s natural red-color.

Her hair gives mesmerizing look with a strawberry blonde shade. This shade is a combination of true red and bleach blonde. And on Rachel McAdams fair skin tone it suits well. Further, she also knows how to slay in this shade. Not only this, but this color also suits her routine.

3. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher slaying with shades of strawberry blonde hair

Isla Fisher is a style icon. She perfectly knows how to slay with any outfit with strawberry blonde hair. In a recent event, she matches dark strawberry lip color with a metallic gown. So, if you are confused about how to slay with strawberry blonde hair then, you must go through from the wardrobe of Isla Fisher. That’s how you will get an idea of slaying with shades of strawberry blonde hair.

4. Emma Stone

Emma Stone with strawberry blonde hair

Emma Stone is a fashion icon of the industry. She royally carried any outfit with her strawberry blonde hair. In actuality, strawberry blonde hair actresses get in the limelight only if they know how to slay in it. Furthermore, if we talk about the Emma stone then trust me by following her style line you will never regret it. Just like in a recent event, she flawed with her strawberry blond hair by putting on a blue eye-liner and adding a bit of yellow in her outfit. Not only this, but it also seems like strawberry blonde color is made for her.

5. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain with wavy strawberry blonde hair

The queen of the fashion industry is Jessica Chastain. She knows how to give a bold look with strawberry blonde hairs. Her haircut is literally mind-blowing. She takes a portion of her natural hair down a bit and the same length on the upper portion for an amazing cut-color combination. Her fashion sense and how she carried her various outfits with this hair shade is marvelous. She is a real inspiration. She falls into the category of among the top stylish celebrities. The texture of Jessica Chastain’s hair is soft, luminous, and easy to style. She recently chopped her hair in romantic waves and it really makes her appearance more voguish. Further, her hairstyle and its color perfectly match with her personality and routine.

6. Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler with strawberry blonde hair dye

Amy Poehler is a famous name in the industry. If we talk about her hair color transformation then it’s epic. She changed her look by a mere alteration of color. She suddenly shifted from her signature hair color i.e. blonde to an amazing high-shine strawberry shade. This shift has amazed many celebrities. And this color also suits her. This new shade totally complements her complexion and eyes. Not only this, but her experience has motivated a lot of people. Signature hair color to strawberry blonde is literally a great expedition. Most of her fan following is due to her amazing sense of fashion. Further, her hair is sleek and a bit wavy.

7. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks carries strawberry blonde hair

Christina Hendricks is among those few celebrities that have an extra fair complexion. So, every hair color suits her. She can easily carry deep crimson to reddish blonde color without passing any remarks. Like all other celebrities, just after a color recommendation, they will start saying this suits me and this does not suit me…. So, Christina Hendricks has dyed her to strawberry blonde. Her hair shading style is different from others. Her hair roots are dark and the rest of the portion is light. Further side bangs with dark roots make her appearance chic and cool. Further, her hair texture is straight and sleek.

8. Amy Adams

Amy Adams with strawberry blonde hair

Amy Adams is always in the limelight. No matter, whether it’s a red carpet or television show. And the root cause behind it is her amazing dressing and her style. In a recent red carpet event, she has stolen the show by the dint of its fiery golden waves. Her hair color transformation has added more glam to its appearance. Further, her hairs are naturally curly and their original color is red. Not only this but in her interview, she said that the shift of hair color to strawberry blonde has increased her demand in the market. And this is how she starts getting more and more roles.

9.Claire Danes

Claire Danes with strawberry blonde short hair

Claire Danes is the epitome of strawberry blond hair for beginners. She acts as a cue for the starters especially if they want to dye their hair in the same shade which I mentioned prior. Further, in every event, she perfectly matches her outfit with her hair color and gives a killer look. Not only this, but she also acts as an inspiration for most of the youngsters. As they copy her for the fashion and style. Moreover, her natural hair color is blonde and has a few curls in her hair.

10. Katy Perry

Katy Perry with strawberry blonde hair

Katy Perry a well-known celebrity. She takes a bold risk to change her look. For the purpose of spin, she took a fresh, fierce, fine strawberry blonde hair look. Her fashion sense is marvelous and has never disappointed her followers with a bold look. Furthermore, her natural hair color is jet black and they are silky, long, and sleek. The reason for her sudden shift to blonde is that she wanted to regain the enjoyment of her career’s initial days.

11. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Long Straight Strawberry Blonde hairstyle

Cameron Diaz is a real diva. She introduced a new way of adopting strawberry blonde color in life. What did she do? She falls into the category of between blondes and betwixt. In a recent event, she tinted a few strands in a sun-kissed manner with a touch of red lipstick. Furthermore, the natural color of her hair is blonde and she shifted from one color to the other. This diverse range of experimentations made her style diva.

12. January Jones

January Jones with chic short strawberry blonde hair

January Jones is an amazing personality with a versatile beauty. Her hairs are wavy and blonde which amplifies her beauty. Furthermore, most of the time she went for a pretty and simple hairstyle and makeup and this makes her more beautiful. Not only this, but she loves to experiment with new and innovative looks on the red carpet. And the recent transformation of her hair color to strawberry blonde. She went for the hybrid of red-blonde color. This color is praised by her all followers. As this color suits her more than anything else.

13. Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett looking beautiful with Strawberry Blonde

Cate Blanchett is a person who knows how to mediate hair color and complexion. Have you ever observed that her face complexion has never washed out? And the reason is that she always goes for the natural-looking dimensions with subtle undertones. Furthermore, her natural hair color is sleek blonde. And her shift to strawberry blonde hair changed her look and style.

14. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams' strawberry blonde hairstyle

Michelle Williams is a style icon. She took hair styling and cutting to another dimension. Further, her sense of fashion and styling is above expectations. Only she has the talent to take the pixie perfection to a next level upholding a voguish copper color. Not only this, but she also went for matching brows along with dark roots. She picked the strawberry blonde color on her own. And it matches with her skin tone and routine of life. The reason she changed her hair color is that her roles as a celebrity demands change. So, in no time she jumped out of her comfort zone. And become an actress with strawberry blonde hair.

15. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman with strawberry blonde hairstyle

Nicole Kidman is one of the famous celebrity with an amazing fashion sense. In a recent event, with her strawberry blonde hair, she went for the center partition. Along with a blunt-cut of strawberry blonde hair strands. Her natural hairs are beach curl waves. So, with her new shade of hair, she experimented many strawberry blonde hairstyles and become an inspiration for many.

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