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4 Diaper Facts That Will Shock You

Diapers are something you wouldn’t want to mess with. They are stressful to change, expensive, and usually a battle with your crying baby, however, they are super important. But let us not forget to thank the genius mind who created diapers that make our baby’s mess a little more convenient to manage. We all know what the basic use of a diaper is. We are knowledgeable on how to replace them and how to properly put them away once they are full. Diapers are a basic thing when we are talking about parenting but there are amazing facts about diapers that people still don’t know.

Fact 1 – The Inventor Of Diaper

Marion Donovan created the first diaper

Baby diapers first appeared in 1946 when a woman invented a boater designed diaper because of an unhealthy lifestyle and shortage of cotton used as a cover for infants caused by the raging World War II. The woman named Marion Donovan created the first diaper using a cloth inserted into shower curtain plastic.

She was given four patents for her invention of diaper designs which included the utilization of plastic snaps to replace the dangerous safety pins. Without her invention, can you imagine how hard parenting would be right now?

Fact 2 – Diapers Are Really Expensive

Baby Diapers Cost on Average

You are probably right when you are set on the fact that all baby maintenance items cost a lot of money. It is presumed that a baby can consume 6000 diapers on average before they learn how to use the toilet.

Most of us parents would only worry about regular baby checkups and baby formula prices but if you total up your diaper expenses you would have $750 per year per child on average. To cut back on your diaper expenses, use cloth diapers when you are at home and just wash them. Using cloth diapers would only cost you about $250 per year per child. When you are going out, that will only be the time to use disposable diapers.

Fact 3 – Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses of Diapers

Diapers are made to be super absorbent which is ideal for temporarily stopping leaking faucets while you are preparing to fix the leak or while you are out getting materials to patch it up. Clever individuals also noticed that it is perfect for water flowing through your doors during floods.

Ever experienced dropping a book in a water puddle or just spilled some water on it? Get a diaper and spread it out between the wet pages of your book. Put it out in the sun or just lay it in front of your electric fan. The gel made of sodium polyacrylate which is found inside of the diaper will suck the moisture out and your book is as good as new.

Cakes made of diapers are currently a trend now. A diaper cake is a simple arrangement of diapers to look like a traditional tiered cake. Diaper cakes are used as a gorgeous gift to bring to a baby shower or a fun way to reveal the gender of a baby to your family.

Rangers use baby diapers as a cheap breathable bandage on horses that have abscesses or hoof infections. They put the infected hoof inside the diaper that contains homemade remedies to relieve the pain and make the abscess heal faster.

Fact 4 – Lasts A Lifetime

Lifetime of a Baby Diaper

No one has ever lived long enough to witness how long it would take for a disposable diaper to completely decompose. Researchers believe that it would take generations before it all goes down. A diaper’s estimated lifespan basing on the materials it is made would be about 200 to 400 years. This is one reason why diapers are a threat to nature.

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