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4 Easy Newborn Photography Poses To Try On Your Next Session

Newborn Photography

One key element when it comes to a stunning newborn photo is the child’s pose. Posing a newborn is a skill that can be honed through practice. And though it is a bit intimidating to move the fragile baby around, the right pose can help your photo’s composition.

For someone who is only starting in newborn photography, it’s highly recommended to start with the easy poses first before you explore highly complicated ones. But on some occasions, you can hire newborn photos services. This way, you can confidently move the baby without putting any stress on the newborn.

Safety and Comfort Always

One of the things that you always have to remember is to keep the baby safe and comfortable always.

Always be conscious of the position of the neck and the head of the baby. And unlike adults or older children that can verbalize their concerns, babies cry hoping their caregiver can understand them. It means that you have to move the baby slowly whenever you are changing their pose.

To make things easy, it’s highly recommended to get an assistant for these newborn photography sessions.

The assistant should know how to rearrange the props in such a way that it gives you the look that you need for your composition without compromising safety and comfort.

Plus, the assistant should be there to support the baby if needed.

So what are the best newborn photography poses that you can try for your next session?

1. Back Pose

Back Pose Baby

The simplest and most natural pose for any baby photo is the back pose. It’s a usual pose, especially for a baby who is sleeping soundly.

To set everything up, lay the baby flat on his or her back and have her hands somewhere around his or her sternum or tummy.

To set this pose, you’ll have to ensure that the baby is relaxed. Be sure that the room temperature isn’t too hot or too cold for the baby. Also, might as well make the room smell good.

Some photographers use calming music to get the baby to sleep making it easier for them to set the baby up for this particular pose.

And also, be sure to have the right cushion and pillows to support the baby’s back.

When having this pose, photographers are given the freedom to use close-up shots or have a full-body shot of the baby.

Does it mean that you can only use this pose for babies who are sleeping? Not necessarily. The back pose can still be a great choice even if the baby is awake.

Here, you can start capturing the baby’s eyes or have him or her look into the camera.

2. Side-Lying Pose

Side Lying Pose

The side-lying position is a position of comfort for anyone, especially for babies.

However, if you plan on taking photos of the baby on his or her side, it might be a good idea to do this after having the baby on his or her tummy.

From there, you can slowly get the baby to his or her side. You can place the hands right below the chin or have them together.

If you will look at baby-related products, the side-lying pose is one of the most utilized poses for newborn photography. While the baby is relaxed, the photographer can shoot and play around with different props surrounding the baby.

Also, the side-lying position gives the photographer the chance to see the baby’s fats and the contour of the newborn.

But before you proceed to place the baby in a side-lying position, make sure that the back is supported by a pillow or that someone outside the frame is spotting the baby.

3. Prone/Tummy Position

Prone or Tummy Position Newborn Photography

The prone position or the tummy pose is another popular newborn photography pose. It’s often a good way to transition towards other poses such as the side-lying position.

When getting the baby to the tummy position, it’s always a good idea to have the necessary pillows to make the child as comfortable as possible.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of babies sleep in this position. It means that you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to getting the baby in this pose.

However, you also want to be cautious, especially when positioning the head and neck.

It’s common to shoot from the side and highlight the face of the baby in this position, however; you can also get creative.

Since the baby is still looking at his or her side, you can get a good angle directly above. Here, you can include props in your composition.

4. Mother (and/or Father) and Child

A Child and Mother Together in a Photograph

Newborn babies can’t sit on their own. They haven’t developed the gross motor skills to sit and pose beautifully without assistance.

However, this can also be an opportunity to involve the parents during the photoshoot.

The good thing about having the parent involved is that it could instantly work as a family photo as well. It could cement the moment when the little bundle of joy entered their lives.

Plus, babies are comfortable when they can smell the familiar scent of their parents. It means that it’s easier to keep them calm throughout the session.

However, keep in mind that it’s also tricky to choose this type of pose. Since the parent is going to be part of the photograph, it’s a good idea to also decide what the parent is going to wear.

But as a rule of thumb, the clothes of the parent shouldn’t be distracting to the overall composition of the photograph.


Don’t be afraid to explore different positions whenever you are doing newborn photography sessions. These four simple poses are easy to do. Plus, you can take advantage of using these poses especially when the baby is relaxed and sleeping.

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